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Nintendo Conference Supposedly Planned for September

New hardware? A new game? Let’s hope we get a big announcement this September…

Do you remember last September’s Japanese 3DS event? That was the day we learnt about what the 3DS was truly going to be like – with StreetPass and SpotPass named and detailed, a Japanese release date and price announced and of course the reveal of the Virtual Console, the 3DS began to feel like a reality.

And according to the Wall Street Journal, the big N are currently planning a similar event for next month. Apparently, the “Nintendo Conference” has been announced for the 13th September, and is expected to include a big announcement for the 3DS – but what might it be?


Shame it's in Japan really - that means no Reggie...

Earlier today, we reported on rumours of a 3DS redesign. Now, I was initially very sceptical about this possibility, but could the announcement of a conference, and one taking place in the very near future at that, be a direct response by Nintendo to the rumours? Could we see a big reveal of a brand new 3DS game, or perhaps news on a revolutionary new online service?

One thing’s for sure though – the idea of a conference has done good things for Nintendo as a business. Their share prices have risen almost 10% over the last 24 hours, presumably as a response to both the redesign rumours and the news of the conference.

Full details are not clear yet, so this news should probably be treated as a rumour for now, but should it turn out to be true – what would you like to be announced at the Nintendo Conference?


By on 23 August 2011
Ace Attorney nut Sam started off in the world of gaming with a PSOne at the humble age of ten, but it wasn't until he discovered the beauty of Pokemon FireRed on his shiny new GBA-SP that he became obsessed with Nintendo.

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  1. nintendo3DS says:

    In japan? >.<

  2. JayJuly says:

    probably gonna be on the wii-U

  3. Orton155 says:

    JayJuly :
    probably gonna be on the wii-U

    That may be, but the article specifically says that there will be a big annoucement for the 3DS also so it is still a very interesting revelation. I personally hope it isn’t this redesign, sounds a bit early to me but it is nintendo, it does throw some curve balls here and there.

    nintendo3DS :
    In japan? >.<

    Yes, in japan.

  4. pasta power! says:

    OK. a new Ds? I mean, give the 3DS its time! leave it for a bit, Nintendo! it wasn’t a total fail! Not at all! Give it some more good games (and quick)! Launch more tv adds!

    i mean i got a dsi not too long before i got my 3ds…..but im not really looking forward to buying another, (and more games) in a year.

    plus nintendo really should be focusing a lot on making 3ds, and wii u games. not trying to multitask on like 4 different systems.

  5. C-Olimar says:

    Can I just quickly clarify to people, It is extremely unlikely that the console redesign rumours are true. Does anyone know if it would be easy for nintendo to get Game Boy advance games that used the wireless adaptor to use the 3DS wireless??

  6. PuAl says:

    If they do release a 3DS redesign then they’d better implement a 1:1 swap program, otherwise a lot of people are going to be very, very angry. Of course they do need to tweak the design to do away with wobbly hinges and screen scratching, but leaving existing customers out in the cold will be the final nail in their coffin for many.

  7. Kevin11 says:

    like an e3 2011 part 2

  8. robster says:

    why would nintendo make a redesign. they might make a conference about the 3dsxl. just a guess. maybe there doing exactly as the same as they did with the dsi.

  9. Tensen says:

    I doubt that stock pirce have risen in result to announcement, it’s way more likey caused by 3ds starting to sell well after price drop.

  10. MWNH says:

    Some more wiiu news, possible price? More info on the 20 free games and the dates they will come. And a big game for 3ds they didnt announce at E3. Possibly the early showing of smash bros? Or a new Metroid. But I hope its something that we have not been expecting too much, F-Zero 3D would be amazing!

  11. Tensen says:

    Personally I’d like to see an annoucement of new Mettroid or Zelda game (like a “new” = not a remake 😉 )

  12. Tom says:

    Would love more news on games like Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus, Luigi’s Mansion, etc. Release Dates would be nice to see at this conference

  13. Ktdude1000 says:

    Who remembers 3d video recording that has to be it

  14. Isaac says:

    @MWNH there is NO WAY they will show off the new smash bros., for one simple reason: it doesn’t exist. End of story.

    However, I’m hoping for full details of the ambassador programme, some serious details on LM2, AC3DS, SM3DL, and MK7, as well as some WiiU-related news.

    But what of this “extremely big game”? I think there are two possibilities. One is Majora’s Mask 3D. The other is Pokémon on 3DS.

    If it is Pokémon, though, the battles had better use real 3D models instead of sprites this time, and have decent animations.

  15. Gamer says:

    I think if they made a conference they will just announce more details on the wii u and a new game for the 3ds and I don’t think they will release a new 3DS because they will be just releasing the red 3DS.

  16. Rev says:

    If they announced a new DS design I think this would send shares plummeting and completely ruin them. The 3DS is just starting to get going properly with the price drop and good games, to announce one would be writing it off already. They’d not be that stupid

  17. Matthew Gray says:

    Majoras Mask 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Pokemon. Please, more news on SSB.

  18. cameron duenas says:

    if they do make a new system like the 3ds they better have some special program to all the people who boght the 3ds (like the ambassador program) but they should make the 3ds games work on the new system that would be awesome oh and better graphics.

  19. Charlie says:

    Hey did you guys forget about Nintendo being asked to design a phone? Could we see a phone that downloads games from the Eshop. After all Sony has that new Sony Ericson phone that is more like a portable gaming system. Nintendo has to know that the phone and tablets that are hot right now have to be a factor in slow 3DS sales. What do you think?

  20. Husnain says:

    i doubt it would be a redesign…maybe a new game? a brand new redesign to the OS? or something like youtube on the 3DS??

  21. george says:

    the nintendo 3dslite/3dsi

  22. Charlie says:

    Its going to be a 3D Smartphone with access to eShop

  23. sharky says:

    a gigantic software update that will give alot more features that r really possible…we cud get a messaging system so u cud message each other…and i personally wish they cud change the ui…I JUST HATE ITS SIMPLICITY….and maybe they cud get more better multitaskng…like at least 3 kind of apps running at once…and get better notifications kind of thingy….a email app…reggie said it himself that the 3ds is a ENTERTAINMENT DEVICE…NOT JUST A GAMING DEVICE….like the gameboy…AND YOUTUBE IS NEEEEEDDDDEEEEEDDDDDD FOR THE 3DS TO GO ON PAR WITH THE VITA….and skype and fb wudnt be that bad toooooooo0000ooo

  24. Jon says:

    I think the report said an extremely big 3DS GAME, not just something extremely big…

  25. based_graham says:

    I am going to go off and say Final Fantasy 7 and 8 3D with updated graphics 😛

  26. Mada says:

    Nintendo of Japan have plans to localise Reggie?

  27. PandaStripe says:

    Animal Crossing release date anyone? i hope they announce it there 😀

  28. Zelda fan. says:


  29. Luke Bramhall says:

    Something that won’t make me totally despise Nintendo if the re-design rumour is true ?

  30. C-Olimar says:

    @Mada LOL!

    If it is a ‘huge’ game announcement I doubt it will be another Zelda remake… if it really is huge It could only really be a new zelda or pokemon game…metroid at a push. The Pokemon company were given a 3DS development kit early, and since Super Pokemon Rumble was developed by Ambrella I think the next pokemon game could arrive next year, be it a remake or a new game.

  31. Kirby25493 says:

    Zelda fan. :

    Super Smash Brothers BRAWL 3D would make much more sense! I also think a NEW Kirby game would boost the sales.

  32. kalelrand1 says:

    contra or metroid or 3d video recorder please i want that

  33. Gleeok says:

    Revolutionary online system sounds awesome, that would surprise me. But… 3DS redesign? seriously? That is just pointless, the 3DS just started to sell well because of the price drop, that would simply kill it.

    The 2nd analog attachment rumors should be considered… and i don’t see any problems with it as long as it lets me use my powerplay battery extensor.

    Or maybe they will simply get in details with the 2012 1st party games line-up.

  34. sh06un says:

    If the 3DS, really IS gonna get a redesign …. I’ll be so pissed off. Not that I hate Nintendo or anything but I hope the rumored redesign doesn’t sell.

  35. LadyRazzi says:

    I hope a chat app will be added 2 the 3ds

  36. Kirbyfreak9000 says:

    This is going to be great. I hope Majora’s Mask 3D, a new Zelda game, SSB4, and many others get details.

  37. Mariomaster1 says:

    I’m gonna guess either an announcement of a “NEW!” major system update along with various new games and remakes of some fan favorites, such as Super Mario Sunshine and Metroid prime among others…….or just a bunch of unexpected mind freaking crazy ass awesmazing reveals regarding God know what!

  38. Premier says:

    They already have the Nintendo 3DS in progress of success. There’s A LOT of unannounced 3rd party games coming out for the Nintendo 3DS. NOW is not a good time to make such a drastic move. ANOTHER SYSTEM WITH THE ABILITY TO PLAY 3DS GAMES????? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!! If Nintendo do that, they would kill sales for their Nintendo 3DS, when it’s already getting good games. Don’t get me wrong, I really think seeing the Wii U and the DS U on the shelves together is a good image but, it’s not a good idea to abandon the 3DS. The 3DS is the third of it’s own kind (I meant was, the 3DS is the third of its kind, in size, shape, and technology) and it’s the 3DS. Without the 3D in the 3DS, the 3DS isn’t the 3DS. It’s like taking the poison out of a snake bite. It’s not legitimate. People need to learn what the, “3D Slider” is useful for. Nintendo, if you are gonna make a new 3DS, make it come out in 2013. Give the 3DS time.

  39. Dakota Fisher says:

    aww in japan i was really looking forward to it but oh well

  40. Kevin11 says:

    @Zeldafans.&@Mathew grey They’ll only tell all about Super Smash Brothers 3ds when Kid Icarus Uprising wich sucks im also excited when wii u comes also will have SSB for wii u…

  41. Aaron277 says:

    Movies on 3DS Cartridges? Like the UMD movie system for PSP?

  42. Chommy says:

    “what would you like to be announced at the Nintendo Conference?”

    A fair trade – my current 3ds for a revised 3ds – that’s what i would like to be announced.

  43. Marie says:

    Nintendo has already brushed off the rumors of the 3DS redesign.

  44. Cheesetastic says:


  45. 9 TIMES says:

    The redesign rumour is not true. Nintendo were interviewed by Official Nintendo magazine and they said that it was only a rumour and nothing more. ‘Phew!’

  46. IrishYort says:

    About the rumor, there has been a few insider leaks that point to the fact that it is very probable. Of course Ninty PR will dismiss it. A) because the current owners like myself will entirely lose any faith we have left and B) they need to sell out current stocks, and nobody will buy the current ones if there is a new redesigned one coming out because of the anemic games list and the expected new releases with the new system.

    Anyway the press conference is going to be game related, surely Kid Icarus is ready to be released early, it’s been practically done for 3 months so I’m guessing end of Sept release date revealed?! If nothing else, please Ninty release something “great” in Sept and Oct, while we wait for the big-uns in Nov and Dec.

  47. Lozridge says:

    Am I the only one to notice that September 13th will be Mario’s 26th birthday? I mean, it’s not quite as exciting as his 25th but still… So it could be something to do with Mario?

  48. IrishYort says:

    @Lozridge. Well noticed. Maybe they might be announcing Paper Mario 3D for the end of Sept. instead. Rather a good ol Mario game instead of the flying fairy thing Icarus. 🙂

  49. Adam Leavi says:

    Maybe they’ll get bought out by Google.

  50. MattBBS says:

    Brand new Metroid 3D, Brand New 3D Zelda and Brand new Fire Embalm 3D

  51. drls16 says:

    I would love to see the release dates for some of 3ds games. I hope they don’t announce any new DS. I got my 3DS in march so I really don’t want a new DS yet. Hopefully it will be something differenet.

  52. bob says:

    Kid Icarus release date pl0x.

  53. Edwardvalo says:

    Hopefully it’s like a Pokemon game or
    some cool thing to add on to the 3Ds like the second analog stick
    but NO new Ds. They better not. =(

  54. Ceapstet says:

    I’m hoping new Kirby 3DS game or metroid or something like that… Maybe Zelda or something… YouTube would be nice. Also wiiU price/release date.

  55. YouKnowMe says:

    Wii U NEEDS INFO. We need Specs, they need to announce they changed their mind about only one controller per console, we need a price and we need a better showing of the power of the system ..and THEN some of the cool things it could do with the controller screen. People need to be sold on it’s power first this time around.

    And while we’re at it.. Please give the system a color. White has this ” ..oh, okay” effect to it. Console owners “get” system’s based on the console shape and design. if it’s just a white box nobody will be impressed.

    Just my thoughts~ (Nintendopleasehireme)

  56. Taylor says:

    I’ll be pretty annoyed f they redesigned the 3ds, especially since I just bought it last week :/

  57. Aza1234 says:

    they better not release a new one even if its amazing i still wont get it. i got the 3ds on the day of release and im not saving up any more money to buy consoles im already thinking of buying a psvita. i just hope its somthing about an update for 3d video recording or a new line-up of games.

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