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Nintendo Confirms eShop Demo Of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon For America

Take a delve into some dungeons on the 7th of March!

Slowly but surely, the hands of time are turning, bringing with them the promise of Nintendo games aplenty. Back in the day, when mankind was young and so forth, waiting for a decent Nintendo game took ages, grand swathes of time laden with anticipation and discussion. This is still true to this day, but luckily Nintendo’s commitment to a more modern take on its digital distribution means the big games are getting demos more often.

Confirmed via the official Nintendo of America Twitter feed today is just such a demo for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity. Expect it in your eShops, America, in a matter of days!

Planning Permission

Like this, but in English. If they released the demo in Japanese it might not go down well.

There’s no confirmation as of yet as to precisely what the demo will contain. Well, obviously it’ll contain Pokémon Mystery Dungeon gameplay, but precisely which elements of gameplay are as yet unknown. Will we get to use the AR portal features? Pick our Pokémon protagonist? Delve into a random adventure? Explore the hub world? Iron a shirt for the prom?

OK, so maybe not the last one. Nonetheless, American 3DS fans eager to get their hands on this demo should look forward to March 7th, this coming Thursday, to beam this baby from the eShop into their handheld.

As springtime finally beckons, there’s plenty of 3DS goodness to be had, and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity is just one of the titles coming our way. Once the game is released, plenty of downloadable content has been promised by Nintendo to keep the adventure going, or supplement your coffers with abundant loot, or stuff your Pokémons’ faces with food.

Hopefully the American demo announcement for the game will soon be joined with confirmations for other regions. Let the planet unite in the compulsive desire to point their 3DS handhelds at circular objects!

By on 1 March 2013
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