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Nintendo Music Sunday: The Reunion

The weekly feature on Nintendo music over the years giving three examples of great music from Nintendo consoles. This is the reunion and final edition. This will also be my final article on 3DS buzz.

Hello again my loyal listeners! It has been a long time since we last spoke about video game music, but at last our reunion has come. Although our reunion may be happening on a sad note, we shall not despair. We have had many good times together and seeing many of your familiar usernames giving me music and box art selections has brought a smile to my face many times. Today I have brought together a great selection of music for you that I hope you will all enjoy. I could not fit in each and every request and I am sorry for that but I hope this selection will make you all happy.  Let’s celebrate our reunion together! What better way to do that than with music? Without any further adieu, welcome to Nintendo Music Sunday: The Reunion!

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy- Suteki Da Ne


The first track that I bring to you on this sad day is an appropriately melancholic track. Suteki Da Ne from Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy X originally) is one of my favorite tracks in any Final Fantasy game. The Final Fantasy series holds a very special place in my heart and Final Fantasy X was one of the first games that I played that made me really feel emotional. The characters, the storytelling, and possibly more than anything, the soundtrack really brought me into that world in a way that no game ever had before.

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy- To Zanarkand


The next track that I bring to you today also originally comes from Final Fantasy X and was then put in Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy on the 3DS. To Zanarkand is probably the most memorable track in Final Fantasy X for many people. It is the first track that you hear playing in the game while Tidus stands on a hill telling the player, “This may be our last chance.” It is a very powerful scene and you can see that times are desperate. Despite this, the world around them, though seemingly a wasteland, is beautiful beyond belief. This track feels the same way in my mind. The track is sad for sure, but despite this, it sounds extremely beautiful. It sums up much of the later world of Final Fantasy X very well.

Thanks to RC for these two music selection!

Animal Crossing- K.K. Bossa


The next track that I bring you today comes from the Animal Crossing series! K.K. Bossa is played by K.K. Slider in all of the games. This track is notable among fans of the series as the only song to actually be given words. It is sung in Animalese in the games but there are lyrics for the track that can be looked up. People have sung the song themselves and I really enjoy hearing those renditions of the track as well. Below is someone singing K.K. Bossa in English and above is the original track.


I recommend giving both a listen!

Thanks to netbook for the music selection!

Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers- Tenkai Airport


The next track that I bring to you on this welcome opportunity is Tenkai Airport from the newly released Soul Hackers! I’m a big fan of the soundtrack in Soul Hackers so far. The cool techno pop vibe really mixes well with the futuristic city element. Tenkai Airport has a nice ephemeral feel to it. It makes me feel as though I am floating through the environment which, oddly enough, works well since the game is played from a first person perspective. The low key piano music mixes with the techno well to provide a sound that is upbeat but tinged with sadness as well. Be sure to check out the game if you like this because it comes with an arranged soundtrack that you can listen to at your leisure.

Fire Emblem: Awakening- ID (Purpose)


The next track that I bring you on this lucky day is ID (Purpose) from Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS! I was super unsure whether or not I would enjoy Fire Emblem: Awakening prior to picking it up. I had played the ambassador Fire Emblem on my 3DS but that was all. After finding a copy (it took a week!) I was pleasantly surprised with the game. Not only was it fun, but right from the get go I knew that I was in for an aural treat. The opening movie featured some of the fantastic music that I have come to associate with Fire Emblem and those tracks never stopped throughout the entire experience. ID (Purpose) is one of the many fantastic tracks on display in Fire Emblem: Awakening that should please anyone that listens.

Thanks to Golbez for the music selection!

Ninja Gaiden- Act 4 Part 2


The next track that I bring to you today is Act 4 Part 2 from Ninja Gaiden on the NES! This game is remembered primarily for its punishing difficulty but also for its superb soundtrack. Act 4 Part 2 showcases some of that fantastic chiptune beats that are on display in Ninja Gaiden. The loops in this track are the perfect length to keep the tension in the game high and keep the player’s blood pumping. The team at Tecmo definitely knew what they were doing when they put together this fantastic soundtrack.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days- Vector to the Heavens


The next track that I bring to you today comes from the DS game, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days! I was a big fan of this game despite it reusing so many of the same areas from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2. A big part of that comes from the soundtrack honestly. I love all of Kingdom Hearts’ music and the pieces made to not fit particular worlds, but to fit the story are absolutely amazing. Vector to the Heavens is probably the standout track from 358/2 Days for me. It has a hint of Dearly Beloved within it at points but I think that it defines itself enough to stand on its own as a great piece of music. Now then, who will I have ice cream with?

Thanks to TradeMark for the music selection!

Super Mario Galaxy: Melty Molten Galaxy


The next track that I bring to you comes from the fantastic Wii game, Super Mario Galaxy! Right after The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy has to be the Wii game that I most anticipated before release. I remember thinking that this game looked much better visually than any other Wii game to date. I also played through the entire game in two sittings. But who could stop themselves with music this fantastic? Melty Molten Galaxy is one of the most memorable areas as well as tracks in my mind. That area in the game was super beautiful and the track that accompanies the galaxy is equally as beautiful. I’m especially a fan of the synth sound around the 1:10 mark. It gives it a very outer space feel to it that is perfect for the game. Melty Molten Galaxy is a fantastic track that you all should put your ears to now!

Thanks to Klobb for the music selection!

Pokemon Red/Blue- Battle vs. Wild Pokemon


The next track that I bring to you today is Battle vs. Wild Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue! In the Pokemon games, wild battles make up the bulk of your time. You will fight hundreds and hundreds of battles over the course of the games. This means that the music that plays during these fights is extremely important. Who wants to spend hours and hours in battles while some annoying music plays in the background? Luckily, the music on display here is top notch. It has a sound that is really unique to the Pokemon series. Jumping anywhere into this track, I will remember it instantly. It provides the fast paced background music necessary for players to keep their attention on the battle at hand.

Super Mario Theme- Everything


The next track that I bring to you is the Super Mario Theme from basically everything ever! Originally from Super Mario Bros, the track now permeates video game culture all the way to the core. People that remember playing the original game on their NES know the music, young kids today that have started playing the game with the New Super Mario Bros series know the track, and basically everyone in between knows it. It is an unmistakable track that has broken free of the restraints of history and will likely stick around in gaming for as long as Nintendo does itself. Give this classic track a listen and soak in the classicy goodness!

Thanks to BUBSY IS THE BES… *sob* for the music selection!

Kingdom Hearts- Dearly Beloved –Reprise-


Finally, after a resurrection and an ending, I now bring you the true final track that I will ever post here at I can’t think of any track I would rather go out on than Dearly Beloved –Reprise- from the Kingdom Hearts series. As I have said many times before, Yoko Shimomura is one of my absolute favorite composers and this track is one of her best in my opinion. The piano is my favorite instrument and its lone act in this track makes it such a somber affair. Everything is tinged with sadness and that really permeates throughout the entire Kingdom Hearts series for me. It is another series that is very dear to me and the fact that the series has been stuck in place for the most part since 2006 is sad to me. Hopefully this track doesn’t depress you too much as a final note to go out on!

And there you have my final Nintendo Music Sunday that I will ever bring to you all (seriously this time!). It is a bit sad, but hey, at least the end brought us all together again, right? As I have said before, I have greatly enjoyed bringing you the features that I have. Nintendo Music Sunday and Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly have been labors of love for me and bringing you all a little bit of happiness on the days that they were published has always the foremost thought in my mind. As always, stay golden loyal listeners. Now and always

By on 28 April 2013
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  1. Netbook says:

    Thanks for choosing mine! 😀

  2. Shawn says:

    Too bad the “actual game” of the 1st two songs is a PSP Vita exclusive.

    • Jordan Bayes says:

      The game will also be releasing on PS3 actually! I think a 3DS release wouldn’t be possible.

      • RC says:

        Agreed. I was seriously miffed when I learnt that they were going to male a remake of FFX and they skipped out on the Wii U! That could have handled the whole game! Why do Square Einx skip out on us nintendo fans when they make Final Fantasy Games? Excluding the remakes of the originals, the last one we had on a nintendo consel was FFVI, and now 8 Games later and we still have not had the series back! I discovered Final Fantasy through the remake of FFIII, and I fell in <3 with the series, and that is why I brought the Theatrerhythm, falling in love with the music.
        And Yay! I got a mention!

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