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Nintendo Unleashes Special Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Animations

Explore the backstory of the upcoming game in a fully translated animated two-parter!

It’s a great time to be a 3DS owner, with plenty of goodies heading our way no matter where you look. One of the titles putting some extra bounce in every handheld gamer’s springtime is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity, the new exclusive laden with portals to adventure.

Japan has had the game for some time now, alongside the associated marketing, but as the rest of the world catches up, Nintendo is busy revealing translated versions of the animated short films previously released in Japan. The first episode pits some hapless human against the elements as he’s transported into the body of an Oshawott. Don’t you just love when that happens?


Nothing says “Let’s go for an adventure” quite like plunging an inestimable distance out of the sky whilst your soul is trapped within the body of an entirely unrelated fictional species. It’s not long before Pikachu and the gang are on hand (or claw, or paw, or so forth) to help our hero get to grips with the new world awaiting him and the many journeys ahead.

Longtime readers may indeed have sampled these videos in Japanese, but it’s great to have the dialogue presented to us in English. Hey, and it’s not just one episode that Nintendo have revealed, oh no! There’s a second instalment too, just in case you’re not hyped up already.


Hot dog!

It all kicks off as several nasty critters surface to take on Oshawott and Pikachu. The video also shows off the cunning ruses of a certain mythical beast, who’s more than happy to incapacitate our heroes for undoubtedly sordid gains.

There’s also a tantalising glimpse into the Magnagate powers held by Umbreon and Espeon, which in the game itself will lead into all sorts of random dungeon shenanigans. It’s great to see the series back on the 3DS; will you be picking up a copy?

By on 25 March 2013
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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    Cool Trailer. But I hate oshowatt’s voice

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