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Nintendo Wants To Get You Moving…

…according to Reggie, anyway, who’s been explaining the rationale behind the 3DS’ Game Coins system.

If you’re excited about the 3DS, you’ll probably know a little about Game Coins. Game Coins are a new meta-currency system in which points (coins) can be earned and then exchanged for in-game rewards: character unlocks, costumes, concept art – that sort of thing.

But how do you earn them? You might guess that you can get coins by completing in-game feats, in a fashion similar to Microsoft’s Achievments/Gamerscore system. That won’t be happening, however – Nintendo outlined this week why achievements aren’t for them.

Or perhaps it’s similar to their own Stars system – buy games, get rewards – a sort of loyalty points arrangement. Wrong again.

You earn Game Coins by – and, seemingly only by – walking around.

That’s right, lug your 3DS around with you and Nintendo will shower you with in-game riches. But why? Reggie Fils-Aime, head of Nintendo of America, has given his explanation for the system:


“Nintendo has always been at the forefront of active gaming. Getting up, moving around. Obviously the Wii launched that,” he said, in an interview with MTV. “It’s just another reason to encourage people to get up and walk around. Why? Because we want them to be carrying their Nintendo 3DS, going through Street Pass, Spot Pass types of activity. That’s how it all ties together.”



He's got his 3DS with him.


So, there are two reasons for the Game Coin system – one, it links in with Nintendo’s image as the healthy, active face of gaming. Secondly, Nintendo want you to carry your 3DS around with you, making it “part of your life” like a wallet or a mobile phone. It’ll mean that you won’t miss out on unique features like Spot Pass and Street Pass, plus there’ll always be that temptation to get it out and have one more go… meaning better software sales for Nintendo.

What are the odds that we see at least one case of someone putting their 3DS in a tumble-dryer in order to get Game Coins?

By on 28 January 2011

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  1. Justin Rodgers says:

    I just find things like Street Pass useless, considering I live in a rural area. So, about 3 other people in my town will get a 3DS. And I completely agree with you, Stuart. I'm going to be shaking my 3DS around just to unlock new characters. Not too exctied about it, but still, it's free. Hopefully this will change "Pay & Play" into "Run & Play". Then again, running while playing will result in minor concussions.

    • How about run then play? That's what I'll be doing. It would be great if you just had the 3DS in your pocket while jogging, and then when you're done, you check to see if you earned and Play Coins.

  2. chris says:

    so basically there telling us to get up off our ars and walk around

  3. Johnn¥ says:

    What if you have your 3DS turned off to save battery? You won't earning then. What if you're some fat guy? They don't like walking. Just tie it to my dog or something O.o

  4. Angel792 says:

    hahahaha…. every website i go theres always a picture of Reggie making a weird face!!! XP

  5. Bryant says:

    Good if you live in Chicago!

  6. Isaac says:

    “What are the odds that we see at least one case of someone putting their 3DS in a tumble-dryer in order to get Game Coins?”


  7. IHeartKimP says:

    You know, walking around campus should get me a lot of activity with Street Pass and Spot Pass!

  8. Mezut360 says:

    I Have small pockets in my pants!

  9. United States says:

    I don’t like that idea because I have enough electronics I enjoy carrying around- my iPod, my phone, ect.

  10. @Drewciffer says:

    Strap it to your arm and bring it to the gym 😛

  11. Eff Ess says:

    "He's got his 3DS with him." <3
    You're right. I'm gonna take my 3DS next time I go trekking, too.

  12. Naja says:

    someone putting the 3ds in a drier to get more Game Coins?highly likely.same as someone taping it to a fan like they did with pokewalker.lazy sods.

  13. Heldjunior says:

    So its a bit like the pokéwalker?
    Cool 😀

  14. 3NaDshS says:

    lol this feature seems nice. i mean in a pokemon game or so, to hatch an egg u actually have to walk 200 steps or so . or to unlock a character and so on.

  15. Albatross says:

    This is actually a really smart move from Nintendo and I give a lot of credit to the person within their development team that actually came up with this, because this is free marketing for them. When you "force" people to take their 3ds with them for a stroll, there is 2 things that is likely to happen. For the first, there is a great chance that you will end up playing when off and about, and they want you to play this in public and not at your house for people to see that you have a 3DS. This again has great advanteges for them, as people get to see the system first hand, it is like free marketing. Especially for a system like a 3DS since the 3D can only be experienced through hands on, and not through pherhaps a tv-commercial. Secondly, it might help creating the image that 3DS is "cool", like for instance the Iphone was about a year ago, when all iphone owners wanted to show in public, "I own a Iphone!" because it granted them social status.

  16. Ulquiorra says:

    Thats good for me, i walk alot 🙂

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