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North American 3DS Commercial [Updated!]

Nintendo has released a North American commercial for the 3DS. Arguably, it’s the best one yet.

Update (by Peter): Nintendo made the commercial available to the public! Watch it now:

Steel Diver Screenshot (Image courtesy of

Steel Diver is expected to appear in the North American commercial.

A commercial for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS made a brief appearance on Nintendo’s Youtube channel before the commercial was abruptly set to “private.”

All you North American readers may soon be getting a look at the Nintendo 3DS from the comfort of your own couch. GoNintendo reports the commercial features Steel Diver, AR Games, and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition. The video also features the tagline “Take a Look Inside.”

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when the commercial will make its official debut or return on the YouTube channel. With the Nintendo 3DS set to arrive in North America on March 27th, you can bet it will be soon! In the meantime, head on over to and check out the Game Line-Up videos if you haven’t done so already. Who am I kidding? You’ve all seen those by now, but it never hurts to re-watch that awesome footage!

As always keep an eye on 3DS Buzz for more information on this story; and for all our North American readers, please don’t hesitate to send in a tip if you happen to see the commercial live!

By on 15 March 2011

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  1. david says:

    thanks for the link

  2. david says:

    thanks for the link megaman x5

  3. Jonathan Francis says:

    Thanks for the update and link!

  4. Megamanx50 says:

    Huh, my name is Megamanx50, but the 0 is cut off. So you may just call me Megaman, or MegamanX, or MegamanX50. Also ur welcome 😀

  5. Luna says:

    Simply Orgasmic XD

  6. DSS says:

    DS tagline: Touching is good
    DSi Tagline: What will you and i do?
    3DS Tagline: Take a look inside

    Who comes up with these XD

  7. DJ-Sticky says:

    Reggie, you got a problem with that o_0

  8. willow says:

    this is a really good advert to demonstrate the feel of the 3ds well done nintendo

  9. Awesomedudez says:

    nice commercial. but I was hoping ro hear the catchphrase.. YOUR PLAYING WITH POWER… 3D POWER!!!

  10. james_bond0014 says:

    and the house blows up into blazes of glory when sudently R.O.B pops out of the blue and trows a virtualboy to you face XD aww i remenber that commercial lol good old crazy 90’s

  11. Z says:

    I saw the commercial on SyFy!!!!

  12. Johnn¥ says:

    It’s so much better than the U.K advert, ours is just a bunch of people pretending to play one and like moving back with an amazed look on their faces occasionally saying ‘woah’.

  13. Marquis says:

    Yeah, this one is amazing. It captures that “looking out a window” feel the 3D gives you.
    I hope they do adverts for the games too, so people realize this is a new system, not another redesign.

  14. serpent says:

    I just saw the commercial on Nickelodeon!!!!!!! I am literally stalking my own tv hoping to see it again!!!!!!!! ( If anyone on here has Nickelodeon change the flippin channel to it!!!! )

  15. Gleeok says:

    awesome commercial XD

  16. Zach says:

    Nice commercial btw.

  17. Robert says:

    That was either NP’s Steve Thompson or Chuck Norris

  18. shiny says:

    @ Robert. Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked your comment for second guessing if that was chuck Norris. Chuck Norris doesn’t get mistaken for anyone and anyone unfortunate enough to be mistaken for chuck,well……


  19. smiley1 says:

    i dont htink i can wait much longer!! :o….so amazing…almost to amazing..

  20. Raastaego Mania says:

    Keepers fumble balls effortlessly. nAsty s fond of easy. Menus is slower, still international groups lacking. Advantage rules doesn’t work nicely.

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