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Pac-Man & Galaga 3DS Talk

By on 11 November 2009

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  1. Rod says:

    Looks surprisingly gorgeous!

  2. Angel792 says:

    It looks good!
    I really like games that have a lot of neons in it.

  3. jaylen says:

    i cant believe i have to wait til april 22

  4. shawn says:

    2D gameplay on virtual 3D screen.

  5. Kevin11 says:

    Pacman was boring in the 1970’s BUT THIS!!!! IT’S IN 3-D! Im so buying this game!

  6. Kathi says:

    When did this game come out? I want to purchase this. Is it on the shelves yet??

  7. Kevin11 says:

    Let me give you a hint,go to eshop and go to games coming soon..

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