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Penny Finally Drops For People Of Planet Earth, As Nintendo 3DS Sales Skyrocket

It was a great handheld system all along! Who knew?

So this is Christmas. As the song goes. You know the one.

The season to be jolly and all the falalalalalaaaa-lalalalaaaa-ing that entails brings glad tidings to Nintendo, and in particular the 3DS. The handheld is selling at such accelerated speeds now, it’s bewildering to even contemplate that as little as a few months ago vast acres of the internet were declaring the system dead on arrival.

Aqua 3DS

It's official! 3DS is better than gold, frankincense, myrrh and unwanted woolly jumpers.

But cast all thoughts of the woes we’ve endured aside, 3DS fans! For now, reports are filing in that sales of the handheld are soaring. Like eagles! Eagles on pogo-sticks!

Andriasang, ever vigilant in the breaking of Nintendo news, have confirmed that Nintendo bigwig Satoru Iwata has reported that the 3DS is about to cross the three-million unit milestone in its homeland of Japan. In addition, Mario Kart 7 has shifted 420,000 units in Japan, stated as around double the amount that the original DS version shifted in its own launch week. Way back when.

Over in the West, there are rumblings also. Popular website God Is A Geek (which probably explains the beard) are one of oodles of websites reporting that the UK 3DS situation is looking pretty peachy.

Peachy to the point of potentially selling out entirely before Christmas, in fact. A combination of that spiffy new Metallic Red 3DS, Mario extravaganzas Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 each, as well as that oh so welcome price cut have all contributed to some rip-roaring success. How blissfully ironic will it be if the much-bemoaned former lack of software available now becomes a staggering lack of hardware available instead?

This is, of course, all just a small piece of the grander puzzle. The turnaround in the 3DS’s fortunes is gleefully global, and it’s swiftly turning into the holiday season’s must-have gaming gizmo.

See? It’s an awesome little machine. Now with awesome games, which always helps. It’s fantastic to see everyone realising this, and detractors proven rather pointedly wrong.

Not that we’re smug about that last part. Honest.

By on 6 December 2011
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. Goose says:

    Congradulations, My stereoscopic pal!

  2. Subarulol says:

    wow never been first πŸ˜€ well im glad i got one as it soon as it came out πŸ™‚ gamer all the way πŸ™‚ ps i just beat mario kart 7, took me a day πŸ˜€ time.. 7 hours 56 minutes

  3. ledreppe says:

    Just hope the momentum keeps up.

  4. George says:

    But i’m sure i read an article here on 3dsbuzz in the summer that said that each sold 3ds was actually making a loss for nintendo, so why is it soo great if they are losing a load of money?

  5. Mozart the Rat says:

    Because shifting hardware means that they have a user base to shift lots of money making software.

  6. razor says:

    off topic: the updare might be coming out today because nintendo said that the eshop would be down before the update and here in canada its down right now

  7. Lynchpin says:

    Nintendo may be making a loss on each 3ds sold, but the more people that buy a 3ds, the more cha-ching they make on people buying games. No loss then.

  8. razor says:


  9. GoodSamaritanCritic says:

    Nintendo can enjoy their holiday season….as long as it lasts. Once the PSVita is released…just wait and see. The 3DS WILL be blown out of the water.

  10. Xavy says:

    It seems that there’s a SONY FANBOY…. just saying! πŸ˜›

  11. Rev says:

    @George you may have read plenty of people commenting that they thought they were making a loss per unit, but that was people just making things up in their heads, the units have never been selling at a loss, the initial price was jsut high because the pre-release markets set that figure, which later got revised.

  12. SuperMaddud says:

    You said when instead of then in the 3rd paragraph last line.

  13. maria says:

    yh……go go nintendo 3ds!!!!!!

  14. Serpent says:

    @GoodSamaritan ….wow, a Sony Fanboy is amongst us…. WE MUST KILL HIM!!! BLARG. Honestly, I see no use of saying the 3DS will die, it has great graphics, Netflix, the eshop, and… oh wait… 3D!!! I’d like to see Sony pass off glasses free 3D as their own invention… just saying, they have already stolen enough from Nintendo (along with Microsoft, but that’s not the point XD )

  15. Rev says:

    @Serpent glasses free 3d isn’t nintendo’s invention either πŸ˜‰

  16. RD74 says:

    I have no doubt the PSVita will be a great system, but you forget the PSP, outside of Japan, it just didn’t cut the mustard! I will end up with the Vita on or around its launch, but my DS (now 3DS) is my fave games system! The quality of games is brilliant, and graphics dont make the game, only add to it.
    The Vita wont sell as well as the DS/3DS, not a chance Ninty have a far too big child friendly, family friendly and hard core gamer fan base over Sony! Sont is more based at the teen to adult market, so there’s a BIG big chunck they miss out on in the family/kids side of things.
    I sold my 360 and love my PS3 to bits, but Nintendo are still the kings and I would back them over any system out there. (just my opinion)

  17. Jake says:

    True – EVEN forgetting that the PS3 attempted the whole 3D thing, autosteroscopy is by no means a Nintendo brainwave. Remember those little plastic binoculars with the rotating picture slides?

  18. Rev says:

    Remember? I still have mine with He-Man insert πŸ˜€

  19. Pseudonymous says:

    My, that’s nice. Good going there with MK7 too. Somehow, I seem to remember that the first shipping was supposed to be 420.000, so that sold out then. Let’s hope there won’t be any supply issues. I need more 3DSes out there, so I can get more StreetPasses.

  20. Mariomaster1 says:

    What is up?! Nintendo back on top, but it’s not like there was any doubt right? What, so many people thought the 3DS would fail…….shame, shame on all those people! Nintendo is awesome, they’ve been awesome since they became a game company….heck, even as a card company they were awesome! Nintendo for the wiiiinnnn, yeah, there’s just no way to deny awesomeness at that level.

  21. 3DSFreak says:


  22. Pseudonymous says:

    Woah, woah, woah. Seems like you’re right. That’s a day early, isn’t it?

    (Currently downloaded about 1mm of the download bar…)

  23. umer936 says:

    My 3DS is updating!!! πŸ˜€
    Taking forever, but IT IS UPDATING!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  24. Lemonman says:

    Yes .. they were called viewfinders.

  25. shawn says:

    The Vita is doomed juat like the fist PSP becaue like the the first PSP it’s more expensive and misses christmas sales and releases in spring allowing Nintendo to pull way ahead and never look back.

  26. josh says:

    GoodSamaritanCritic sony is lost

  27. josh says:

    wheres the video recorder

  28. Pseudonymous says:

    In the photo app. Push the rightmost of the three buttons in the top-middle of the touch screen. It’s the movie camera icon. Then you can record videos. Apparently the video files even can be uploaded to YouTube etc., since they use a standard format.

  29. josh says:

    how do i send to youtube

  30. Cam says:

    Always knew it would be awesome. And the update is out?

  31. Mr.Know it all says:

    Have to admit, I thought the 3ds was going to fail back in April, though things have changed now that it’s December, 8 months on….

  32. alienwaregamerx2010 says:

    and then they said it sucked. HA! TAKE THAT SCHOOL!

  33. Flippergob says:

    The Vita just doesn’t appeal to the mass market. It will be great, but won’t sell like the 3DS will due to lack of commercial interest. I’m sure they’ll sell a few to the hardcore Sony gamers though.

  34. Pseudonymous says:

    You have to do it from your PC, via SD card. It’s the AVI files in the DCIM/* folders.

  35. Kit says:

    I love the wording “The 3DS WILL be blown out of the water.”

    In the same way the DS was blown out of the water by the much more powerful PSP you mean?

  36. Alexander says:

    Where on earth are the demos?! And yes I have updated, BTW I’m in UK.

  37. 3DSFreak says:

    @Alexander: There might be some added tomorrow, when the E-Shop has its’ weekly update.

  38. james braselton says:

    hi there wakia pedia says nintendo sold 10 million 3ds units soo congrats too 10 million 3d 3ds owners

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