Every 3DS Buzz Post Ever 3DS Buzz – A Fond Farewell What’s Happening to 3DS Buzz? The Future of the 3DS: Hopes Nintendo Music Sunday: The Reunion Tomodachi Collection Selling Magnificently In Japan Ace Attorney 5 Trailer Shows Off Investiagion And Cross-Examination From the Vault: Metroid 3DS Rumour Quashed Nintendo 3DS XL – The Definitive Verdict From the Vault: Animal Crossing 3DS Not in Development? From the Vault: Factory Worker Leaks Hi-Res Photos 3DS Smash Bros, Pikmin, Pokemon AR, Friend Codes, Achievements Red 3DS: Find a Cheap Red 3DS Deal Devil Survivor Overclocked European Patch On The Way! Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly Finale Would You Like A Third Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tourism Trailer? Check Out Japan’s Splendid Mario AR Cards Nintendo Kicks Off Europe’s ‘So Many Games!’ Promotion Is Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Coming To 3DS? Japanese 3DS Fans Receive Special Screenshot Site Japanese Ace Attorney 5 Trailer Oozes Style Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly New Teaser Shows Mewtwo Taking On New Form Nintendo Direct April 2013 – Our Best Bits! New Youkai Watch Video Showcases Suburban Shenanigans Animal Crossing Creates UK Social Media Profiles Mysterious New Pokémon Clarified As A New Forme For Mewtwo Animal Crossing Receiving Exclusive Nintendo Houses Via Spotpass Did You Get Your Swapnote Update, America? Project X Zone Receives European Release Date, First English Trailer Denpa Men Sequel Confirmed As Releasing Beyond Japan Fantasy Life Shipments At Around 300,000 In Japan Nintendo Shows Off The Tourism Potential Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mewtwo-Like Pokémon Revealed For X & Y Memory Maestro Nelson Dellis Flaunts 3DS Brain Age America, Expect Project X Zone On June 25th 2013 Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D To Feature Local Co-Op Japanese Tomodachi Collection Commercials Are Go! Fantasy Life Receives US Trademark Nintendo Of America Celebrates Two Years Of The 3DS With Infographic Stats Aplenty British Fire Emblem: Awakening TV Ads Are Rife With Epicness Capcom Creating New Franchise ‘Gaist Crusher’ In Japan Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly New Dillon’s Rolling Western Sequel Trailer Rolls Into Town Big Announcement For Pokémon X & Y On April 6th European Gamers Reporting Crashes In Devil Survivor Overclocked Real Life Luigi Shows Off The Real Life Poltergust 5000 HarmoKnight Gameplay Trailer Is Awash With Rhythmic Jollity Nintendo Shows How They Built The Poltergust 5000 Miiverse To Reach Smartphones & Web Browsers By May, 3DS Version In The Works Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Tops The Japanese Game Charts The Spaceship Damrey Is Full Of Atmosphere Revel In The Madness Of This Tomodachi Collection Trailer GameBoy Color Classic Harvest Moon Hits EU eShop Tomorrow Nintendo Unleashes Special Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Animations Crossover Level-5 Movie Unlocks Hidden Character In 3DS Game Japan Receives 3DS Save Transfer Tool On March 27th Korea Receives An Exclusive 3DS Game Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Launch Trailer Is Bundled With Spooky Charm Fire Emblem: Awakening Demo Marches To Europe On March 28th Mighty Switch Force 2 Features Firefighting Fun Do Glorious Battle In a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Trailer Fantasy Life Is Trademarked In Europe Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Trailer Tantalises As Game Gets Closer To Western Release Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Celebrates Launch With Grand Trailer Bastion Creators’ Next Game, Transistor, Revealed with Trailer New Trailer for Shin Megami Tensei IV Tickles my Fancy Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Multiplayer Can Supposedly Even Let ‘Download Play’ Users Online Phoenix Wright’s New Sidekick Explored In Ace Attorney 5 Update Luigi Takes Over America’s Club Nintendo For A Three Day Sale Expect Plenty Of Extra Content In The 3DS Version Of Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Nintendo Is Most Pleased With Fire Emblem: Awakening’s American Sales Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Release Dates Announced Americans, Rejoice; You’re Getting The Limited Edition Pikachu 3DS XL Apollo Justice Confirmed As Present In Ace Attorney 5 3DS Flipnote Studio Announced! Japan Receiving Special Friend Collection 3DS XL, Mint 3DS XL Too Hometown Story Confirmed As Going Global American Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Commercial Is A Lifetime In Thirty Seconds Professor Layton’s Latest Experiences A Sluggish Japanese Debut Niscalis Asks If World Wants To See New Platformer ‘Gero Blaster’ On 3DS Professor Layton And The Azran Legacy Packing A Meaty 385 Downloadable Puzzles Guild 02 Games Could Be On Their Way To America European Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Release Date Altered Luigi’s Mansion Multiplayer Overview Revealed By Nintendo Of America HarmoKnight ‘Iwata Asks’ Interview Spills Beans In Lovely English Japanese Luigi’s Mansion Commercial Is Thirty Seconds Of Fun New European Luigi’s Mansion Trailer Teases Luigi’s Big Comeback Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate Launch Trailer Is Go! Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly Harvest Moon Creator’s ‘Project Happiness’ Now Known As ‘Hometown Story’ Official Pokémon Magazine To Launch In The UK Square-Enix Are Definitely Teasing A Bravely Default Localisation Capcom Want To Crack The West With Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Are Square-Enix Teasing a Bravely Default Localisation? Nintendo Confirms eShop Demo Of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon For America ATV Wild Ride 3D Receives March 7th US eShop Release Date Japan Enjoys A Four Minute Luigi’s Mansion Overview Video Nintendo Reveals Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger Trailer Nintendo Announces Australian Release Dates Aplenty Nintendo Overviews Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Fire Emblem Awakening Finally Gets European Release Date Professor Layton & The Azran Legacies Trailer Tugs At Heartstrings Mighty Switch Force 2 Is Officially A Thing Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Website Opens For Japan Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Commercial Is Simply Spooktacular Capcom Promises Ace Attorney 5 News In The ‘Not So Distant Future’ Nintendo Reveal Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s American Website Immerse Yourself In Some Epic Monster Hunter 4 Footage Japan To Receive A Nifty Shin Megami Tensei 3DS XL Super Black Bass 3D Coming To North America In April Coaster Creator 3D Hits The US eShop On February 28th Iwata And Miyamoto Talk Luigi’s Mansion Here’s A Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Trailer Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly Gunman Clive On 3DS eShop Now Outselling Android Version Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Screenshots Seem Spookily Splendid Digimon World Re:Degitize Decode Heading To 3DS In Japan Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Trailer Gives Gameplay Glimpses Japanese Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Website Is Laden With Media Official Pokémon X/Y Website Updates With Sylveon Teasing Nintendo Direct – Our Best Bits! Dragon Quest VII Ends Animal Crossing’s Japanese Sales Domination Nintendo Direct Goes Live Tomorrow! Dragon Quest VII Ships A Million In Japan New Eeveelution Revealed For Pokémon X/Y America To Receive New Shipments Of Pink 3DS XL For Valentine’s Day Gaze Enviously  Japan’s Upcoming Fire Emblem & Animal Crossing Figures Pokémon X/Y Expected To Have Further Details Revealed This Coming Week Mega Man And Sonic Headline This Week’s eShop Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 3DS Website Details Plot, Multiplayer & More Yep, Even More Japanese Dragon Quest VII Cross-Promotion Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Price Plans Are Go! Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Trailer Showcases DLC, Battles And More Dragon Quest VII’s Orchestrated Soundtrack Set To Sound Splendid Brain Age: Concentration Training Launch Trailer Is Go! Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly Kate Hudson Learns To Concentrate! SEGA Finally Releases Some Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS Information American 3DS Fans! Have You Got Fire Emblem: Awakening On Time? Fantasy Life To Receive Updates For 2013 Super Mario 3D Land Outperforming Galaxy Within First Year Two Really Cool Looking 3DSes New ‘Iwata Asks’ Sheds Plenty Of Light On Fire Emblem: Awakening Developer Brownie Brown Reinvents Itself As 1-Up Studio Dragon Quest VII Gets 7-Eleven Exclusive Objects In Japan Satoru Iwata Recaps 3DS And Wii U Successes And Failures In Corporate Report Nintendo Offering 1 Million Coin Certificates To New Super Mario Bros. 2 Fans Down Under Nearly 800,000 Japanese Animal Crossing Sales Are Via The eShop Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Soon To Surpass 300,000 Sales In Japan Fire Emblem: Awakening Character Progession Trailer Showcases Advanced Classes Smash Bros. 3DS Confirmed For E3 Nintendo Rules The Roost In Japanese Annual Software Sales Figures For 2012 Japanese 3DS Gamers To Receive Retail-To-eShop Savegame Transfers In March 3DS Buzz Server Upgrade Is Go! Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Hunter Mode Revealed Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Multiplayer Further Teased Fire Emblem: Awakening Class Overview Trailer Introduces Your Troops Project X Zone Will Be As 100% Splendid As The Japanese Version Gunman Clive On 3DS eShop Outsells The iOS Version Project X Zone Goes Global! Fire Emblem: Awakening Commercial Brings Epicness To 3DS Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magi Trailer Features Much Arabian Adventure What Is Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’s Local Multiplayer Mode? Disney Infinity 3DS To Be “Very Different” Fire Emblem: Awakening Support Conversations Are Awash With Wit You Can Become A Monster In Dragon Quest VII Youkai Watch Footage Shows Off Spiritual Shenanigans North American 3DS Game Release Dates GET! Fire Emblem: Awakening – Support Your Troops! Take A Look At Fire Emblem: Awakening’s First-Person Battle Mode Pokémon Mystery Dungeon On 3DS Receiving Some DLC In Japan Fire Emblem: Awakening American 3DS Bundle Details Emerge Renegade Kid Bringing FPS To The 3DS Jett Rocket For 3DS Soaring To The eShop Soon Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Promo Art Highlights Aesthetic Appeal Animal Crossing Finally Leaves Japan… To Go To South Korea North America To Receive Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS Bundle Dreamrift Co-Founder Speaks On 3DS Piracy Fire Emblem: Awakening PR Push Begins In America Game Freak Insists Pokémon X/Y Isn’t A Reboot Fantasy Life Heralded As A New Franchise For Level-5 Pokémon X/Y Legendary Creatures Named Nintendo 3DS Skyrockets Past 10 Million Sales In Japan Marvel Super Heroes Get Their Lego On Pokémon Direct Reveals Pokémon X & Pokemon Y For 3DS New Virtual Console Games for North American Club Nintendo Members Incoming Planet Earth Prepares For Tomorrow’s Pokémon Direct ATV Wild Ride 3D Details Emerge From Renegade Kid Satoru Iwata Speaks On What Nintendo’s Learned From Japanese Animal Crossing Success Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic Details Emerge From Japan Fire Emblem: Awakening Is Going Digital In The West Big Pokémon News Coming Next Week! Nintendo 3DS New Year’s Resolutions: 3DS Buzz Readers Speak Out! Renegade Kid Founder Clarifies His Anti-Piracy Comments Dragon Quest VII Online Functionality Revealed KAIO: King Of Pirates Crewmates Introduced At Last Fire Emblem: Awakening Teaser Trailer Is Twenty Seconds Of Epic Nintendo 3DS: What Should Be Its New Year Resolutions? Taiwanese Pop Stars S.H.E. Help Promote The 3DS In Taiwan Mutant Mudds Developer Concerned For 3DS Piracy Super Mario Bros. 3 Hits Japanese eShop On New Year’s Day Youkai Watch Details Emerge On The Player’s Spirit-Saturated Hometown Dragon Quest VII Features A Stone Shard Radar Swords & Soldiers To See 3DS eShop Release Dragon Quest VII Gives Gamers In Japan An Epic Quest To McDonalds Fantasy Life Gameplay Trailer Has Much Riotous Beating Fantasy Life Intro Movie Is Artistic And Adorable Gyrozetter: Wings Of The Albatross Trailer Revs Its Engines KAIO: King Of Pirates Getting Anime & Manga Adaptations Visit Japanese Shops In Real Life To Make Them Appear In New Magician’s Quest Have You Seen Satoru Shibata’s Christmas Message? Fantasy Life Gameplay Video Shows Off Pets & Furniture Japanese Fantasy Life Commercials Are Dolefully Endearing Did You Grab Those Final New Super Mario Bros. 2 Levels Yet? 3DS Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Confirmed For North American Release Namco-Bandai Rep ‘Blown Away’ By International Project X Zone Interest Dragon Quest VII StreetPass Features Revealed Further Bravely Default Sequel Under Consideration, Japanese Gamers Giving Input To Developers Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Details Spirit Into Being Johnny Impossible Soon Infiltrates The eShop Super Robot Wars UX Video Brings Much Mechanised Mayhem The Three Ingredients Of A Successful Fantasy Life Fire Emblem: Awakening Trailer Rallies The Troops For The Long March West Dragon Quest VII Trailer Is Sweepingly Orchestral Gyrozetter Gameplay Details Screech Into View Crimson Shroud Overview Trailer Gives Us A Deeper Look At The Game Square-Enix’s ‘Gyrozetter’ Features Real Car Brands Turning Into Robots Fantasy Life TV Commercial Is Totemo Kawaii Wizard Defenders Video Shows Wizards Defending Expect Lots Of DLC For Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney Theatrhythm Site Teases New Announcement Soon Third Zero Escape Game in the Works European eShop Trailer Shows Off Crimson Shroud, Hydroventure: Spin Cycle Gunman Clive Saddles Up For The eShop Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney Off To A Sluggish Start In Japan Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS Powerslides Into 2013 The Revamped Dragon Quest VII Uses No Random Encounters A Quintet Of Layton VS Wright Videos To Inundate Your Eyeballs Fantasy Life’s New Japanese Trailer Shows Career Gameplay New Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Box Art Shows A Genuinely Terrified Man In Green Nintendo Direct Brings Glad Tidings To Two Continents European Club Nintendo Offers A Paper Mario: Sticker Star Album Nintendo Direct Returns Tomorrow! ‘First Person Goomba’ Animation Is Blackly Comical Yet Genuinely Heartbreaking Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono Stone Japanese Commercial GET! Is ‘All The Bravest’ A Hint From Square-Enix At A Bravely Default Localisation? Nintendo Music Sunday: The Finale Guild 01’s Crimson Shroud Hits The eShop December 13th Animal Crossing: New Leaf Practically Sold Out In Japan Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono Stone Trailer Shows Off Prehistoric Play Paper Mario: Sticker Star Headlines A UK Mario Bonanza You Should Go Ahead And Register That 3DS XL Dragon Quest VII Screenshots Show Off Maps And Monsters Marvel Once More At Another Layton Vs. Wright Video There Are Only 4,000 Limited Edition Hyrule Historia Books In The Universe See Those New Super Mario Bros. 2 Levels In Action New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gets Free DLC Today Level-5 Take Us To Court In Another Layton Vs. Wright Video The Legend Of Zelda’s Hyrule Historia Book Getting A Limited Edition Look Upon The Curvature Of The 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Space Harrier Coming To eShop Square-Enix’s American Online Store Going Black Friday Bananas Animal Crossing: New Leaf Exceeds A Million Sales In Japan New Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Adds Katarina Upon Completion Of Epic Battles Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney Gameplay Goodness GET! Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney Trailer Showcases Puzzles and Drama Take A Look At The Balloon Popping Animal Crossing Minigame Level-5 Unleash A Splendid Overview Trailer Of Fantasy Life Nintendo 3DS American Ads Roll Out For The Holidays Flame Red 3DS + SM3DL Bundle Dropping On North American Shores Sony’s Jack Tretton Shares His (Actually Quite Nice) Opinion On Nintendo Nintendo Music Sunday: Wii U Ports Edition Gaze Upon This 3DS Buzz Reader’s Splendid Two-Tone 3DS Colors! 3D Update Is Said To Social Up Your Gallery Gazing Youkai Watch Artwork Spookily Surfaces Guxt Coming To eShop Japanese iOS Devices To Get A Pokedex App Square-Enix Already Offering Dragon Quest VII Preorder Bonuses Time For Some More Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney Screenshots Dragon Quest VII 3DS Remake Imagery Looks Mighty Fine Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Details Emerge From Japan Nintendo 3DS ‘Is Priority One’ This Holiday Season Rabbids Rumble Launch Trailer Piles On The Peculiarity Get Behind The Medabots 7 Localization Campaign Animal Crossing: New Leaf Selling Splendidly In Japan Quad-Stack Of Paper Mario Videos Show Off Visual Gags Layton VS Wright Screenshots Focus On Character Interaction Nintendo Music Sunday Animal Crossing: New Leaf Retains Nintendo Crossover Costumes 10 Minutes of Soul Hackers on 3DS Shin Megami Tensei IV Gets Big Trailer Solatorobo Sequel On The Way Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Demo Available in North America Newest Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Brings Zombies To Bathtime Magician’s Quest: Town Of Magic Arriving In Japan On December 20th Fallblox Coming Real Soon Fantasy Life Screenshots Flaunt Customisation Of Home and Clothing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Trailer Shows Off Plenty Of Gameplay Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse Sets Sail In 2013 Crashmo/Fallblox 3D Screenshots Available For Perusal King Of Pirates Finally Sighted Off To Starboard This Week On eShop – 8/11/12 Wii U And 3DS Connectivity Currently Being Considered Nintendo Music Sunday Charming Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Videos Induce Many Warm Fuzzies Wreck It Ralph Showboats In New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer Animal Crossing Details Unveil The ‘Best Friend’ System Treasure Working On Mysterious 3DS Title Dragon Quest VII’s 3DS Western Release Chances Being ‘Evaluated’ Animal Crossing: New Leaf Videos Combine Commercials And Gameplay Goodness Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney To Feature Director’s Cut DLC Satoru Iwata Not Seeking To Make Enemies Of The Smartphone Paper Mario: Sticker Star TV Spot Shows Off Mario’s Moves Fancy Another Dragon Quest Remake? Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will NOT Have Paid DLC Familiar Faces Return For Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo Music Sunday Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Screenshots Show Off More Gameplay Goodness Newest Fantasy Life Trailer Flaunts Its Gameplay Loveliness Japanese Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Footage Brings On The Haunting Paper Mario: Sticker Star Trailer Shows Off The Game’s Environments & Backstory Strategise Your Eyes For A Fire Emblem: Awakening Trailer Animal Crossing Gets A Name Change Pokemon Dream Radar – The 3DS Buzz Review Animal Crossing Japanese Commercial Triple Pack Hits The Web The London Philharmonic Orchestra Creating A Second Video Game Album Pokedex 3D Pro Trailer Shows Off Features Ace Attorney 5 Demonstrating Ambitious Ways To Narrate Rune Factory 4 Helps Marvelous AQL Profits Skyrocket Nintendo Music Sunday Animal Crossing Imagery Shows Off Shopping Galore Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Could Be In North American Stores From Next Week Nintendo Mascots Won’t Make It To Scribblenauts 3DS Even More Animal Crossing Details Emerge, Including Barista Work Layton Fans Of Europe, Prepare Yourselves For A Most Magnificent Luggage Tag Idyllic Shenanigans Abounds In New Fantasy Life Imagery Gaze Upon Over Seven Minutes Of Animal Crossing Footage Check Out Some Imagery Of The Hub Town In The New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Dig Up Crystal Treasure In The New Animal Crossing In Japan, A Lucky Gamer StreetPassed The Producer Of Bravely Default Youkai Watch Is A 3DS Game News Snippet – Animal Crossing: Jump Out Will Have 3D Screenshot Capabilities Nintendo Music Sunday Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Features Lugia, Ho-Oh And Kyurem Bravely Default’s Connectivity Stretches Beyond The 3DS UK Store GAME Has Pikachu 3DS XL To Pre-Order Now New Mutant Mudds Levels Dated Rabbids Rumble To Feature ‘Augmented Rabbidity’ Let’s Gaze Enviously At Even More Animal Crossing Imagery Level-5’s Fantasy Life Welcomes You To Port Porto, Flaunts Multiplayer Goodness In Animal Crossing, Wendell Is The Walrus In Your Dreams Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Hitting 3DS In December No Plans For Bravely Default: Flying Fairy In America ‘Yet’ Rabbids Rumble Sees The Loud Toothy Blighters Return In November Hands On With The Wii U 3DS eShop To Receive Monster Shooter Nintendo Music Sunday Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Trailer Asks Why People Betray Each Other Animal Crossing Imagery Aplenty Shows Off Outfits, Houses, Town Decor Animal Crossing Trailer Shows Off Snow, Seasonal Events & Mayoral Duties Paper Mario: Sticker Star Trailer Shows Off Cheeky Villainy Animal Crossing Japanese Nintendo Direct Roundup Pushmo Sequel, Crashmo, Announced With First Footage Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Headed to North America Top Five Import DS Games I Want On The 3DS European Nintendo Direct Report NightSky Headed To eShop Bravely Default’s Battle Summons Are A Break From The Norm Animal Crossing Taking Over Nintendo Direct This Friday In Japan Sorry Americas, Y’all Gotta Wait Until October 4th For Your New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC People Of Europe! Ready Yourselves For A New Nintendo Direct Webcast! New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gets DLC Today! Dianna Agron Is Not A Gamer, She Is An Artist Sample Over 23 Minutes Of Bravely Default Gameplay In This Video Nintendo Music Sunday Rune Factory 4 Exceeds 150,000 Sales Nintendo Of America Confirms DLC Level Details For New Super Mario Bros. 2 ‘Soon’ Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Has Yet More Jobs New Super Mario Bros. 2 Downloadable Levels Revealed! Pikachu’s Seizure-Inducing Flashes Once Inspired A Conceptual Non-Lethal Military Weapon Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U & 3DS Cross-Play Hopefully To Encourage ‘Monster Hunter Parties’ Project X Zone’s Training Mode Lets Players Practice Their Pummellings Cast Your Gaze Upon A Splendid Bravely Default Trailer Game Freak Want Harmo Knight To Go Global Boulder Dash-XL 3D: Review New Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion Imagery Shows Off Aladdin’s World Pure Nintendo Magazine set to Replace Nintendo Power/ Gamer? Nintendo Music Sunday: Kirby Edition Katsuhiro Harada Wants To Localise Project X Zone Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Seeing Strong Support In Japan Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone Trailer Travels Through Time To Play The Beautiful Game 3DS To Bring eBooks To Japan Ace Attorney 5 – We Second That Emotion, Your Honour Tokyo Game Show Professor Layton Trailer Lays Thick The Intrigue New Fantasy Life Trailer Is Three Minutes Of Magnificence Ace Attorney 5 Trailer Revealed At TGS Fantasy Life Receives Japanese Release Date It Be The 19th O’ Septemb-ARR! So Here Be Five 3DS Games In Need O’ Pirates! Bravely Default: Flying Fairy’s Dark Knight Brings More Pain The More Pain He/She Is Brought Ace Attorney 5 Expected To Do Well In The Americas Monster Hunter 3 Unlimited Offline On 3DS Pokemon Producer Speaks Of Polygonal Pokemon And DS Loyalty The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave Sees ‘Denpa Ningen RPG’ Localised Nintendo Music Sunday Take That! More Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney Screenshots! Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gameplay Footage Is Looking Good Bravely Default: Flying Fairy – Four More Jobs Revealed Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask Will Be A Dual Retail & eShop Release There’s A New Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Game On 3DS Nintendo Direct Europe Recap Japanese Wii U Release Date, Price, RAM Specs and more Revealed Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney Comes To Japan November 29th 100 Billion Coins Snagged In New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Also, Wii U Nintendo Direct Reminder! E.X. Troopers Won’t Be Leaving Japan Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D Trailer Shows Some Shootery Moto Racing Series Jumping From Mobile Devices To 3DS eShop Final Bravely Default Demo Comes To Japan On Wednesday Jury Duty – Who Should Return In Ace Attorney 5? Rumour: Wii U Release Details Leaked? Nintendo Music Sunday Tokyo Game Show To Host Monster Hunter 4 Announcements, Also A Nifty Bag Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Uses StreetPass To Repopulate A Village 3DS Owners Are Getting Those 20 Extra Mutant Mudds Levels Ace Attorney 5 Official Japanese Website Shows Off New Graphical Appeal Fluidity: Spin Cycle Will Not Use 3D Ace Attorney 5 Is Coming West Monster Hunter 4 – The Game Where An Insect Is A Weapon Ace Attorney 5 Confirmed As A 3DS Game Rhythm Hunter: Harmo Knight Imagery Shows Off Game Freak’s eShop Exclusive Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D Arrives In Europe & Australasia This October Here’s What We’ll See At TGS Pokemon Dream Radar Trailer Sees Swablu, New Forms And More Activision To Release A 3DS Trash Pack Game This October Nintendo Music Sunday Fluidity: Spin Cycle Is An eShop Sequel To The WiiWare Classic Sequel to The World Ends With You Teased in iOS Remake? Paper Mario Sticker Star: Nintendo Direct Trailer Breakdown Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D Coming To eShop Level-5 Tokyo Game Show Lineup Looks To Be A 3DS Feast New Super Mario Bros. 2: Review Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct Trailer Breakdown Layton’s Fifth Adventure Gets Release Date Missed Nintendo Direct? Some Videos Of The New Game Trailers Are Live! Nintendo Direct August 29th Webcast Recap Harvest Moon Gets Another, Even More Exclusive North American Plushie Deal Dream Eater AR Cards Now Available On Club Nintendo Nintendo Direct Japanese Broadcast Brings Wii & 3DS News August 29th Let’s Take A Look At Kirby’s Star Stacker Hundreds Queue To Pre-Order The Exclusive Pikachu 3DS XL Nintendo Music Sunday New Mutant Mudds Levels Coming? Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada On Why Nintendo Are Working With Namco-Bandai On Smash Bros. Over 50 Billion Coins Globally Gathered In New Super Mario Bros. 2 New Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Mission Has You Rescue Series Favourite Anna Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Imagery Shows Off The Blood Rose Group Satoru Iwata Speaks More On The Philosophies Of The Miiverse Top 5 Final Fantasy Games I want on the 3DS This Week On eShop – 23/08 New Super Mario Bros. 2 Continues Japanese Software Chart Dominance Satoru Iwata Remains Confident That Gamers Still Want Dedicated Handhelds Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney Is Finishing Development Play Mario Kart 7, win a real Mario Kart trophy… or a car! Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Box Art Is Gorgeous Indeed A Comiket Attendee Inundates His Mii Plaza With Over 3,000 Miis Bring It Back – We Want A 3DS Advance Wars! Nintendo Music Sunday: Resurrection Dragon Ball Heroes Brings Card Battling To 3DS Mother 3 Finally Headed West? New Super Mario Bros. 2 Sees A 5% Digital Sales Ratio In Japan, Demon Training 20% Castlevania Delayed To 2013 Hey! Listen! The Hyrule Historia Zelda Mega-Book Is Coming To Europe And Australia Too! Japanese Gamers To Enjoy A Magnificent Pikachu 3DS XL Epic Zelda Book ‘Hyrule Historia’ Is Coming To America New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Competitive Coin Rush Hands On In London Town Spy Hunter Reboots With A New Mission Japanese Super Mario Money Box Makes Appropriate Noises Upon Coin Insertion Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Delayed In Europe Too Penelope Cruz Suffers A Funny Forfeit In New Super Mario Bros. 2 TV Commercial Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Delayed Nintendo 3DS Trailers Show Off Professor Layton, New Art Academy, Style Savvy And… Crosswords Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance: Review French Trailer For New Super Mario Bros. 2 Is Tres Magnifique English Zero Escape Screenshots Arrive As The Game’s Confirmed For Europe Crazy Chicken: Pirates 3D Heads To The American eShop On August 16th European Club Nintendo Points Double Up For eShop New Super Mario Bros. 2, Freakyforms Deluxe & New Art Academy Level-5 Is Cramming The First Three Inazuma Eleven Games Onto One 3DS Gamecard GameBoy Classic Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Heading To 3DS eShop Smash Bros. 4 Sticking To Its Roots 3DS Style Savvy Sequel, Wagamama Fashion Girl’s Mode: Yokubari Sengen, Has A Groovy Trailer Animal Crossing: Jump Out Shopping Opportunities Revealed Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Demo Activity Will Tie Into The Main Game Pokedex 3D Pro Gets European Release Date; Nintendo Announces New Mythical ‘Mon For America Shifting World Gets European Release Date Bravely Default Bonus DLC Lets You Strut Your Funky Finery New Japanese Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Has All The Fun Of The Fayre How Easily Can You Get Extra Lives In New Super Mario Bros. 2? Race To Victory In The 3DS Buzz Mario Kart League! Let’s Take A Look At The Sword Of Hope II Nintendo Of Europe Gives Away The Complete Yoshi Collection For Mario Tennis Open Mega Man 2 Headed For 3DS Bravely Default Screenshot Bonanza Brings A Deluge Of Demo Delights Nano Assault EX Is Coming To Ninendo eShop Bravely Default Demo Details Reveal StreetPass Summoning And Nifty Class Skills Zuma’s Revenge: eShop Review Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Has A Bonus Edition For America Game Gear Puzzler Columns Coming To Japanese eShop Natsume Has Revealed How North Americans Can Get Their Yak Plush 3DS XL Sees Strong Initial Sales In Japan & UK, New Super Mario Bros. 2 Proves A Hit An Adorable Yak Could Be Yours, American Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Preorder Fans! New Bravely Default Demo Details Officially Emerge Following Previous Character Leak Not Just For Mario – Five 3DS Games Where Money Is Everywhere Nintendo Oh So Nicely Show How To Transfer Data From 3DS To 3DS XL Japanese Downloadable New Super Mario Bros. 2 & Demon Training Experiences Minor Hiccup New Super Mario Bros. 2’s Multi-player Keeps the Competitive Spirit Alive Mensa Academy launched in PAL territories today. Expect A Roster Of At Least 20+ Racers In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Bravely Default: Flying Fairy’s Fourth Protagonist Revealed… A Bit More Caress Your Lugholes By Listening To Some 3DS Steampunk-Ish Speakers Nintendo Will Be Selling Digital Downloads Through Retailers Too Heroes Of Ruin DLC Incoming? Planet Crashers Trailer And Details Crash Into Our Planet Nintendo’s first financial quarter results: The good, the bad & the ugly. Dragon Quest X Console Connectivity App Is Pleasingly Elaborated On Heroes Of Ruin Official Website Competition Offers A Free Copy Of The Game Nintendo of America is Celebrating New Super Mario Bros. 2 With eShop Discounts Rumour: Sonic Adventure 3 On Its Way? Would You Like Another New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gameplay Trailer? Ridiculously Sexy Transparent 3DS XL: Not For Sale This week’s UK eShop update Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Details Reveal Cross-Vocational Skills So How Much Of Your SD Card Will New Super Mario Bros. 2 Actually Take Up? Be Sad For What We Still Can’t Play With These Japanese Monster Hunter Commercials Dragon Quest X To Receive Nifty 3DS Apps New Super Mario Bros. 2 Digital Download Promotion Heads To America The Nintendo 3DS XL’s Screen Reflectivity Will Be Greatly Reduced Nintendo Of Japan Dangles Incentives Under Noses Of Digital Purchasers Of Demon Training, New Super Mario Bros. 2 Rune Factory 4 Features Recruitable Cameos From Previous Characters In The Series New Fantasy Life Screenshots Proudly Perpetuate Pictoral Pleasure Pokémon (Inspired) Game Headed To The iPhone Very Soon This Week On eShop Europe – 19/07 New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gets Four ‘9’ Scores From Famitsu Level-5’s Fantasy Life Is Still Alive! You Look Like You Could Do With A New Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Trailer Ice Age 4 Continental Drift – Arctic Games: Review Rise Of The Guardians Videogame Coming To 3DS And Other Consoles Adventure Time Collector’s Edition Detailed Picross E Is Getting The English Treatment The 3DS XL Will Be Sold at a Profit 3DS XL playable at Manchester Comic Con Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – Who’s Next? Paper Mario Sticker Star – What YOU Want To See Adventure Time 3DS Game Trailer Induces Grinning Wreck It Ralph Is In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Iwata On Circle Pads The Amazing Spider-Man: Review It’s Time Once Again For Some Miniature Rune Factory 4 Videos! Top Five Unlucky 3DS Characters – A Friday 13th Special Four More Minutes Of Golden Glory Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Release Dates Confirmed New Nintendo Direct to Feature Exclusive Demon Training Details 3DS passes five million mark in U.S. New Titles Announced For The Nintendo 3DS eShop New New Super Mario Bros 2 Trailer Showcases Power Ups Old And New Angry Birds Trilogy Price and Box Art Revealed Miniature Mario Kart 7 Trophies Hit European Club Nintendo Site A small army of Transformers Prime screenshots unleashed Tales Of The Abyss Sales In Europe Could Encourage Namco-Bandai To Localise More From The Series Angry Birds Trilogy Coming To 3DS (And HD Consoles) Kid Icarus: Uprising developer Project Sora disbanded Time Travelers Trailers Are Teasingly Tremendous Kid Icarus: Uprising Cards Being Made Available In The UK, Europe Capcom Says “Some Sort of Information” Regarding Monster Hunter in the West Will Come Before the Year is Out Exclusive NSMB 2 Pre-Order Bonus Revealed For Canadians Nintendo’s Comic-Con Line Up Revealed Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon To Have Online Features Nintendo Music Sunday Marvelous AQL Teases Us With More Tiny Rune Factory 4 Snippets Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono Stone Trailer Hits 88 Miles Per Hour Wii U & 3DS To Share eShop Accounts Harvest Moon: A New Beginning English Imagery Shows Off Characters Galore Taiwan Getting Nifty New 3DS Unit Colours In September Hey! Did You Snag Your Swapnote And/Or Letter Box Update? Virtual Mario & Sonic card album available in EU eShop now Nintendo Announces Four More Kid Icarus: Uprising Battle Squad Locations In The UK How Would You Like A Gold Coin? Hello Kitty & Me! Block Crash Z Headed to the 3DS in Japan This October Nintendo Dropped The Ball On The Fire Emblem Limited Edition 3DS Console Nintendo Isn’t Looking To Charge For Its Miiverse Services Theatrhythm: Dragon Quest Drawing Near? 3DS grabs 55% of Japanese hardware sales Monster Hunter 4 Details Begin To Flow Bravely Default’s Fourth Protagonist Character Half-Revealed Program Your Own Games With Petit Computer – Confirmed For Western Release! Project Happiness Is A New 3DS Game From Harvest Moon Creator Theatrhythm Gets Day One DLC First Images of Adventure Time Game Surface Mighty Switch Force HD Headed to the Wii U Mario Gets Funny With Rufus Hound Next Smash Bros. Probably Won’t Feature More Characters. New EX Troopers Trailer Shows Off More Gameplay New Shantae Game Getting Closer to Release New Project X Zone Trailer is Long and Awesome Nintendo Announces First Ever British Showing Of New Super Mario Bros. 2 Monster Hunter 4 Trailer Ramps Up The Awesomeness Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Battle System Is All About Timing Nintendo Music Sunday: Theatrhythm Edition Marvel Pinball 3D: eShop Review Join In With Our LIVE Nintendo Webchat! Rayman: eShop Review Real Heroes Firefighter 3D European Release Announced [UPDATED] A New Rhythm-Based Game Demo is Available on the North American eShop Today Europe Gets Pokemon Dates 3DS XL to get its own Circle Pad Pro Meet The Dream Eaters First Nintendo 3DS XL Hands-On Impressions Revealed Nintendo of America To Hold “Game of the Week” Discounts on Nintendo eShop Marvel Pinball Launches This Thursday Nintendo 3DS XL Launching in Australia and New Zealand in Late August Will We See A Rhythm Thief Sequel For WiiU? Pokémon Black and White 2 Set For Success? Nintendo Music Sunday Square Enix Unloads 3DS Demos Miracle Mask Gets A New Trailer And Western Release Details Iwata presents Animal Crossing 3DS trailer UK 3DS XL Price Update: Pre-Orders Available at Amazon Does the 3DSXL hint at things to come? What will be the UK 3DS XL Price? UPDATE: Will 3DS XL Still Leave Top Screen Marks? 3DS XL: Twitter Reacts! 3DS predictions Revisited and Why Nintendo Denied its Existence Next Smash Bros. Game Being Developed by Namco Bandai Rumour: Wreck-It Ralph Game a Nintendo Exclusive Nintendo Direct Will Be Held in North America and Europe Also, May Contain Specific Information What If Your 3DS Welcomed You Home? Wii U at least “as powerful” as Xbox 360, says Crytek CEO The Next Nintendo Direct Will Be Held on June 22nd Mario Marathon Returns For Child’s Play This Week On eShop – 21/6/12 New “Golden” Artwork Revealed for New Super Mario Bros. 2 Sony: Wii U Weakened by Lack of Processor in Controller Harvest Moon: The Tale Of Two Towns European Release Date Announced This Week’s Heroes of Ruin Daily/Weekly Challenges Revealed Over Three Minutes of Mirror of Fate Footage Nintendo Team Up With Big Time Rush To Promote Mario Kart 7 Sakurai: Long Wait For Next Smash Bros. Here’s How To Upgrade The 3DS’ Sound Quality Nintendo Music Sunday Mutant Mudds Sequel Coming in 2013 Nintendo UK: WiiU Will Be A Better Day 1 Proposition Than 3DS Heroes of Ruin launch trailer Mature Content In Videogames: Have We Gone Too Far? Square-Enix Confirms Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC for North America Nintendo Looking to Recapture the Fun of their Classic Games Amazon cancels £199.99 Wii U pre-orders This Week On eShop – 14/6/12 Mutant Mudds Finally Gets a European Release Date Amazon UK offering Black Wii U pre-orders for £199.99 [UPDATED] Miyamoto Interested in Making a First Person Shooter Shantae Getting Closer to eShop Release and Series’ Future is Considered Want A Giant Flying Mario Kite? Here’s How… Every 3DS Game Will Be Digitally Available Miyamoto: Next Handheld Already Planned Nintendo “experimenting with” two classic Zeldas for a 3DS remake Nintendo bonuses cut by 20% Nintendo E3: “Hit and Miss” Part Two Animal Crossing: Jump Out is Still Alive and Well Mario Gets Sexy With Kim Cattrall Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Leads the Sales Charts Are You Britain’s Fastest Family? The Koopalings Are Back in New Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo E3: “Hit and Miss” Part One Nintendo Music Sunday Fire Emblem 3DS Finally Confirmed For North America A Change Has Been Made to the North American Version of Kingdom Hearts 3D E3 – What Do The Community Think? First Impressions: Heroes Of Ruin Miiverse posts will be checked manually Nintendo 3DS Software Showcase: The 3DS Buzz Live Blog! E3 2012: 3DS Software Showcase E3 2012: Keep On Dancin’ On The Wii U GamerPrint Launch New Zelda-Themed Prints E3 2012: The Forum Response – Get Your Reaction Featured! Marvel Pinball 3D Tables Revealed Luigi’s Mansion 2 Is Now Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Wii U Won’t Launch in Black Heroes of Ruin demo this week Scribblenauts Unlimited Coming to Wii U and 3DS Wii VC Games, Saves and WiiWare Transferable to Wii U (UPDATE) Nintendo Reveals Wii U Specs Pikmin 3 Reveal – Wii U Launch Game (Updated) Rayman Legends is Wii U Exclusive E3 2012: The Forum Reaction! ZombiU Shown for Wii U E3 2012: Is Your Body Ready? E3 2012: New Wario Game Quietly Announced Rumour: Majora’s Mask Wii U Trailer Leaked The New Gamepad Info you NEED to Know E3 2012: Project P-100 (Wii U) E3 2012: Lego City: Undercover Detailed New Super Mario Bros 2 Trailer and Release Info E3 2012: Get Ready To SiNG With Your WiiU! E3 2012: Nintendo Land – Wii U’s Showcase Software (Launch Title) E3 2012: New Super Mario Bros. U (Wii U Launch Title) E3 2012: 23 Wii U Titles Showcased E3 2012: Wii U Will Support Two Seperate GamePads! E3 2012: Nintendo Conference Rundown 3DSBuzz E3 Bingo 3DSBuzz Reader Franchise Revival Predictions Ubisoft Confirm Wii U Only Supports One Gamepad? Nintendo says No new 3DS Model at E3 June 6th Software Showcase to Focus Solely on 3DS Rumour Revisited: Wii U System Memory E3 Live Blog 2012 – Get Involved With All The Action! Rumour: 3DS Redesign Being Shown Tomorrow? Atlus Bringing Code Of Princess To North America Nintendo Direct: Introducing the New “Wii U Pro Controller” Nintendo Direct: Introducing “Miiverse”, Nintendo’s New Social Service For Wii U, 3DS and More! Nintendo Direct: Wii U Keeps Its Original Name, Shows Off New Controller Redesign Nintendo Direct Rundown Nintendo Music Sunday New Pokemon Black and White 2 Trailer Kingdom Hearts 3D E3 Trailer Running Nintendo Files a Patent For New 3DS Technology Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate Teaser Trailer Which Franchise Would YOU Like Brought Back at E3? Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park coming to 3DS And DS Reviving a Rumour: 3 New Nintendo Franchises at E3 The 3DS Iteration of Square Enix’s Gyrozetter is an RPG Hello Kitty Debuting on the 3DS Rabbids Rumble Coming Exclusively to the 3DS Kingdom Hearts 3D Cast Announced New Spy Hunter announced for 3DS and Vita First Screenshots of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate Revealed Zen Studios Announce CastleStorm Jett Tailfin Coming to Wii U and 3DS Monster Hunter 4 to be Shown Off Next Month Shin Megami Tensei IV Announced For 3DS Brian Burleson Talks Wii U at MCM Expo How Likely is it that Monster Hunter Tri G Will Be Localized in the West? Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate Coming to 3DS New 3DS Harvest Moon Incoming First Rayman game heading to UK eShop this week Nintendo Music Sunday Treat Yourself To Three Snippets Of Rune Factory 4 Gameplay Etrian Odyssey IV Demo Incoming Bring It Back: Ice Climber Freecell Coming to Japanese eShop Next Week Mario Tennis Open’s Yoshi Chase Has Gone Global Have Some Eggscellent Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Imagery! ‘Order Up!’ Demo Delayed in North America Until At Least Next Week Project X Zone Imagery Shows Off Non-Battle Gameplay At Last Nintendo Continues to Dominate the Japanese Sales Charts Mighty Switch Force Getting New Content Today One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP2 is Headed to Europe This Summer E3 2012 Hub – Every Announcement From LA! [UPDATED 21/5] Keiji Inafune working on Guild 02 Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd coming to 3DS Bravely Default Demo Feedback Helping Perfect The Game, 60+ Hours Of Gameplay Promised ‘Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask’ Is Trademarked In The USA Bonus stars for registering Mario Tennis Open Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Features A Post-Storyline Storyline Wii U Controller Redesign Leaked? 3DS Homing In On The Magic One Million Sales In The UK Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Rumored for 3DS n-Space Speak On StreetPass And Multiplayer In Heroes Of Ruin Nintendo Music Sunday Little Battler eXperience Baku Boost Brings Tiny Robot Battles To 3DS Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Japanese Commercials And Screenshots GET! 10 Platformer Heroes Who Need to Make the Jump to 3D Today Is Kid Icarus: Uprising Multiplayer Battle Day! Rayman Origins 3DS Finally Gets Dated Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Animated Trailer Celebrate Your Love In Rune Factory 4 With A Pyjama Party Black Yoshi Unlockable In Mario Tennis Open In The UK Via QR Code Promotion “Order Up!” Demo Hitting the eShop in North America Next Week Ex Troopers Trailer Released Project X Zone Details Come Thick And Fast! Mario & Friends Join SmashZone Tennis Tour Capcom Won’t Have Any Playable Nintendo Games at E3 2012 Fan-made F-Zero 3DS Trailer is Awesome Kingdom Hearts 3D Mark of Mastery Edition Announced Lost Planet Franchise Sees Spinoff In ‘EX Troopers’ For PS3 And 3DS Pokemon AR Game Is Now ‘Pokemon Dream Radar’, Joining Pokedex 3D Pro In Your eShop Heroes Of Ruin Official Site Reintroduces The Leviathan, Shows Off Multiplayer Trailer 3DS Firmware And Mario Kart 7 Updates GET! Rumours Abound! Luigi’s Mansion 2 Now For Wii U? Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Will Have Its Own Online Store Don’t Expect Monster Hunter Tri G in the West Soon Rayman Origins 3DS Demo Expected This Thursday For European eShop Have Yourself Some Imagery For Culdcept 3DS Mummies And Cameos Appear In Latest Fire Emblem DLC Nintendo Music Sunday NOA Responds to 3DS VC Release Drought Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Dropping in North America Europe Enters The Curly Labyrinth Of VVVVVV Bravely Default Job-Stealing Gameplay Gets Screenshots! Dynasty Warriors VS not Conquering the West Two Seperate Kirby Games Will Be Released Onto the Virtual Console Next Week Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Gets More Bonus Promotions Heroes Of Ruin Official Site Reveals Hub City Gameplay Heroes of Ruin – Will It Actually Be Any Good? Aqua Blue 3DS Discontinued Nyko to Unveil a New 3DS Peripheral at E3 Mario Tennis: Open Full Roster Revealed Mysterious RPG Time Travelers Sees Official Website Opening Kid Icarus: Uprising is NOT getting a sequel Adventure Time DS Is Now Also Adventure Time 3DS 3DSBuzz E3 Reader Predictions Check out the Mario Tennis Wiki New Heroes of Ruin Trailer Shows off More Gameplay Get Your Tennis Shoes On For a Mario Tennis Open Launch Trailer! Heroes Of Ruin Website Updates In A Festival Of Weaponry Rumor: Is A New Resident Evil Game Headed to the 3DS This Year? Japanese McDonalds Outlets To Offer Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Creatures Fan-Made MMORPG Being Made… For 3DS Web Browser! Miyamoto Compares 3DS And Vita Unchained Blades is Headed to North America This Spring Sonic and All-Stars Racing: Transformed Producer claims it is Different from Mario Kart 7 Monster Hunter 3G Sells Over 1.6 Million on 3DS What If… The 3DS Animal Crossing Let Us Import Character Data? Nintendo Music Sunday Dreaming Of The Future – Five Games We NEED… What Would a 3DS Redesign Look Like? Fan-Made LEGO Zelda Set Reaches Supporter Goal, Will Be Sent To Nintendo For Appraisal ‘100,000 Strong’ MegaMan Legends 3 Movement Unlikely To Change Anything What are Your E3 Predictions? Mutant Mudds Making its Way to Europe Kid Icarus Event Report RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D Delayed In The US See All 200+ Nintendo 3DS Games (Updated 05/05/12) Rune Factory 4 Casts You As An Amnesiac Heroes Of Ruin Official Website Is Feeling Creative Big N Buzz – Downloadables – Good or Bad? Miyamoto: Nintendo’s 3DS Games now using 3D “when it’s appropriate” Masahiro Sakurai Responds to Kid Icarus Control Complaints Dress As Pit, Win Big At HMV Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Has A Job System For Your Heroes… And Their Enemies! A Sequel to Mutant Mudds Will Happen Eventually Kingdom Hearts 3D Pre-order Bonuses Revealed for North America Even More Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC on the Way Dragon Quest Monsters 3D To Have eShop App For Backwards Compatibility Bird Mania 3D Coming to the eShop in North America and Europe this May Iwata Defends Digital and Retail Prices Being the Same Want to Win a 3DS Game While Having Fun? Theatrhythm Imagery Shows Off BMS, FMS & EMS Cricket star Freddie Flintoff rescues unconscious Nintendo UK boss Super Stylus Customisation Set Exclusive To Amazon Theatrhythm Preorders Mario Tennis Open To Feature QR Code Unlockables, StreetPass Brilliance And More! Profitable WiiWare for third parties “ended in 2009” New Club Nintendo Rewards Revealed For May Bring It Back: Mischief Makers Midnight Purple 3DS Confirmed for North America Meet The Medical Couple Of Rune Factory 4 Dillon’s Rolling Western – Everything We Know! Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Announced for 3DS Brain Training 3DS Gets Worldwide Release What Might Playstation All Stars Mean for the Next Smash Bros? Nintendo Acknowledges eShop Could be Improved Ignore The Neigh-Sayers And Check Out The G1 Grand Prix Trailer! Why Yes, You CAN Have Fifteen Minutes Of Fire Emblem: Awakening Footage What Would Be Your Dream Game? Nintendo Music Sunday Project X Zone Imagery Shows Off The Newbies Golden Buzz Awards: Winners Revealed! VVVVVV Flipping Out 3DS’ in Europe on May 10th Want To Prove Your Might In Kid Icarus: Uprising? New Jake Hunter: Rondo Of Revenge Trailer Sets The Mood A New Volley Of Mario Tennis Open Imagery Arrives! Is New Super Mario Bros. 2 Really Going To Be That Good? Interesting Wii U Details Emerge Wario Land 3 To Be Released in Japan Next Week Kingdom Hearts 3D demo next week!… in Japan 3DS Retail Games Go Digital in August Starting with New Super Mario Bros. 2 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 Reaches Goal Mighty Switch Force To Receive Free Update Legendary Loot Awaits In Heroes Of Ruin Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Coming to London Smash Bros. Changing Direction on Wii U and 3DS Nintendo reports loss for the last fiscal year Fire Emblem & 3DS Topping Japanese Charts Project X Zone: More Characters Confirmed! Wait… Heroes Of Ruin To NOT Be GAME Exclusive In The UK? New Midnight Purple 3DS Rumored To Be Coming To North America Next Month Vote For Your Favourite 3DS Game! Fire Emblem: Awakening Domain Registered by Nintendo of America Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers 3DS Remake Announced 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure – All The Details! Cave Story Coming to eShop Latest 3DS firmware update now live Capcom’s Hironobu Takeshita Still Pondering Zack & Wiki Sequel, Possibly On 3DS Heroes Of Ruin To Be GAME Exclusive In The UK? This Week On eShop: Block Factory & More 9 Ways 3DS Buzz Can Enhance Your 3DS Gaming Mega Man Legends 3 May Still Possibly See Release Nintendo launches official UK hardware support site Heroes Of Ruin Official Site Hosts Extended Cut Of Nintendo Direct Video The World Ends With You 2? New Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Detailed New Etrian Odyssey IV Trailer from the Japanese Nintendo Direct Would You Like A New Project X Zone Trailer? Three Mario Tennis Open Trailers Revealed Nintendo Music Sunday Get To Know The 3DS Buzz Team on Google+! Dissecting New Details In The 3DS Animal Crossing Teasings! What are the Wii U’s chances of success? Nintendo Direct Europe Livestream Review Finally, Folders And Leaderboards Coming New Super Mario Bros. 2 Announced People Of Europe! How About Your Very Own Nintendo Direct Presentation? Is Kirby Coming To The Imminent Nintendo Direct Broadcast? Nintendo eShop Virtual Console Classic “Castlevania: The Adventure” Is Extending Its Reach Outside of Japan Ubisoft offering one fan a free E3 pass Count Down to E3 – 46 Days So Which Pokémon Generation Do Our Forum Members Prefer? Level 5 Announce Time Travelers Demo The Devil Survivor Series makes its way to Europe Last Chance: Vote for Your Favorite 3DS Games! Nintendo Announces The Next ‘Nintendo Direct’ Feature Japanese 3DS Game Senran Kagura gets Sequel, Features more Boobs Trent Oster clarifies tweeted Nintendo criticism Welcome To The Party, Korea! Japan Gets Ready For Bloody Vampire In Their eShop Six Of The Top Ten Best Selling Games in Japan Are 3DS Titles Want To Help Build Up A Huge Heroes of Ruin Resource? New Rhythm Game To Let You Join Japanese Pop Group AKB48 Project X Zone Website Updated with Characters Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D’s Story Mode Revealed “Nintendo isn’t a good platform for developers” declares Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition developer Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Will Feature Cameos From Other Dragon Quest Games Art Of Balance TOUCH! Is Coming To The eShop Make Pretty Royal People Happy In Disney Princesses: My Fairytale Adventure First Paid Video Content Hitting Europe This Week Release Windows for VVVVVV and NightSky Announced for Europe 1001 Spikes on the way for Wii U and eShop Get In A Flap For Bird Mania 3D, The US eShop’s Cheapest Ever Title Pandora’s Tower Slips onto the Top 40 UK Software Chart Alien Chaos 3D Announcement Want More Details on Mario Tennis? Now Available – 3DS Buzz: Kindle Edition! Nintendo Music Sunday Take A Gander At Some Pokemon Black & White 2 Artwork Order Up! Will Be An eShop Title In America Pokémon Black and White 2 Official Trailer Super Mario 3D Land Director Reveals Level Inspiration Want To Find Out All The Unlockables in Mario Kart 7? Heroes Of Ruin Site Wants You To Meet The Hellmouth, Visit London Good Evening, Sports Fans! Highlights Coming To 3DS Kid Icarus Uprising Sells Really Well In Its First Week In North America The State Of Play: GAME Taking New Nintendo Stock At Last Nintendo Registers Website Domain For ‘Super Mario 4’ Would You Want Zelda LEGO? Some Final Footage of Mega Man Legends 3 to make you Cry Miyamoto wants a Followup to A Link to the Past You Can Ride a Griffon and a Dark Pegasus in Fire Emblem: Awakening Project X Zone Official Media Begins To Flow 20 Most Pre-ordered 3DS Games This Week Colors 3D! Headed For Europe Next Week Sonic Blast and Donkey Kong Jr. Are Coming to the eShop Virtual Console Come And Join in With All The Wiki Action! First Footage of Bomb Monkey from Pax East Nintendo and the Louvre Join Forces, Show 3DS Exclusive Features in Video Dragon Quest Monsters 3D Trailer Is Over Four Minutes Of Brilliance Project X Zone Revealed To Be A Crossover Strategy RPG Another Chance to Win a Wii U or 3DS Enjoy Some Japanese Madness In These Guild 01 Commercials 3DS Louvre Tour Guide Units To Be Made Available From April 11th Rayman Origins New Price Kid Icarus: Uprising – The Definitive Guide! Fire Emblem Awakening DLC Unveiled Joel McHale Makes A Viral Ad About Making A Viral Ad For The 3DS Japanese Retailer Gives Pokemon Black/White 2 Release Date Sega, Capcom, Namco 3DS Project Name Revealed? More Sales Info for Kingdom Hearts! Is Shining Force: Sword of Hajya Heading to the Nintendo eShop Virtual Console? A New Kart Racer Is On Its Way to the eShop Nintendo Music Sunday Kid Icarus Uprising: Community Review Mario Tennis Open Videos And Imagery Makes A Feast For The Eyeballs Top 5 Nintendo Easter Eggs Expect Multiple Endings In Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Game Breaking Bug Found In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Unchained Blades Officially Confirmed For eShop Meet Rune Factory 4’s Newest Boss/Marriage Candidate Choose Your Most Embarrassing Commercial Of All Time: The Results! MASSIVE PS Vita Price Cut? Hirokazu Yasuhara Now Works For Nintendo Get Married And Raise Battle-Kids In Fire Emblem: Awakening How Might the 3DS and Wii U interact? Nintendo of Europe confirms Another Nintendo Unleashed Tour Media Create Sales are in and the 3DS Leads the Pack Mario Tennis Open Receives Confirmed European Launch Date, Tasty New Details Theatrhythm and Kingdom Hearts Get Legit Release Dates (NA) New Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion Screens Is a Dragon Ball Game On Its Way to the 3DS? Has Animal Crossing 3D’s Release Date Been Revealed? More Heroes Of Ruin Alchitect Awesomeness As Developer Video Emerges Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Takes Top Spot In Japanese Game Charts Who’s Won The 3DS Game? (And Another One Up For Grabs!) Sega, Capcom,and Namco Tease New 3DS Game Pokemon+Nobunaga’s Ambition coming to America as Pokemon Conquest Boulder Dash-XL 3D European release date announced Heroes Of Ruin Official Site Speaks Of ‘Alchitect’ Awesomeness SpeedThru: Potzol’s Puzzle Headed To eShop This Week Rhythm Thief Ramping Up For Release With Rambunctious Launch Trailer Club Nintendo Free Downloads: Metal Torrents Etrian Odyssey IV To Include Special QR Quests 3DS Photography Competition Underway in the UK Fire Emblem: Awakening – Everything We Know! Theatrhythm To Include Final Fantasy Versus XIII Music DLC Nintendo Reveals Games Playable at PAX East Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapon Fusion Guide Want To Review Kid Icarus: Uprising For 3DS Buzz? Nintendo Music Sunday: Xenoblade Edition The State Of Play: Start New GAME? 3DS Buzz Exclusive: Nintendo Reveals ‘Doctor Kawashima’s Humour Training’ Would You Like Some More Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Screenshots? Interview With Zen Studios Sega Restructuring Due To Financial Woes Choose Your Most Embarrassing Nintendo Commercial of All Time! – The Vote Choose Your Most Embarrassing Nintendo Commercial of All Time! – Friday Jake Hunter: Rondo Of Revenge Imagery Emerges Is This The End For GAME? – The Forum Reaction Japanese 3DS sales shoot up thanks to Kid Icarus Two New Videos for Code of Princess Shifting World Trailer and Release Date Bravely Default: Flying Fairy’s bizarre name (half) explained Epic 3DS Timeline Details the Handhelds First Year Rhythm Thief and The Emperor’s Treasure Delayed in North America Choose Your Most Embarrassing Nintendo Commercial of All Time! – Thursday Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Features StreetPass Fighting Kid Icarus: Uprising’s Poor Controls Down to it Being Developed on the Wii You Can’t Catch The Kid! Team2Bit Would Love to do a Ground up 3DS Project Extreme Escape Adventure Is Now “Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward” Choose Your Most Embarrassing Nintendo Commercial of All Time! – Wednesday 3 Brand New Exciting Bits Of News On The Wiki! Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Screenshots Bring Joy To Our Eyeballs Over Five Minutes of Fire Emblem: Awakening Footage First Screenshot from Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion Ubisoft preparing to support Wii U “digital policies” Check out The Kid Icarus: Uprising Info-Graph Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion is Confirmed to be a Follow-Up to Genesis “Illusion” Series 3DS Is A Year Old In The Americas, Receives Appropriate Mii Choose Your Most Embarrassing Nintendo Commercial of All Time! – Tuesday Preview: Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure European 3DS 3D Photo Contest Is Go! …Nearly! Yet Another Big Pokemon Announcement En Route Choose Your Most Embarrassing Nintendo Commercial of All Time! – Monday Game Gear Headed To European eShop This Thursday Kid Icarus: Uprising Flies onto Top 10 UK Charts GameStop Selling 3D Classics: Kid Icarus StreetPass Stereotyping Nintendo Music Sunday Rumor: Epic 3DS Firmware Update on the Way Satoru Iwata’s Mii Says Hello On Europe’s 3DS Launch First Anniversary What Does The Future Hold For Wii Fit and Animal Crossing? Unchained Blades Coming to 3DS as a Downloadable Title Kid Icarus: The Story So Far Bravely Default: Flying Fairy’s Newest Demo Details Emerge Epic Mickey 2 Confirmed For 3DS The Fear of Ending RPGs The Community is Uprising! Darksiders II confirmed as Wii U launch title Australians Getting Ice White 3DS Units Thanks To EB Games Heroes Of Ruin Official Site Has Headset Up For Grabs Update: Adventure Time 3DS Game Announced! New 3D Music Videos coming to Nintendo Video ‘Pokemon Tretta’ Trademark Surfaces, Scratching Of Heads Ensues Ketzal’s Corridors Gets An Official North American Release Date Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition Final Trailer European release for Theatrhythm confirmed Fire Emblem: Awakening wireless/SpotPass/StreetPass details Colors! 3D Gets An Official North American Release Date Jake Hunter, Mighty Detective, Is Coming To 3DS The State Of Play: GAME Hoping To Respawn Soon One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP 2 Rated for Sale Gon Paku Paku Paku Paku Adventure Announced for 3DS Save The Poor, Helpless Little Games! Rayman Origins Delayed in North Amercia As Well 3DS To See Epic Mickey Intrigue Next Week Madagascar 3 Tie-In Video Game Coming To 3DS Pyramids Demo Coming to 3DS The State Of Play: UK Retail Chain GAME On Its Last Life Kid Icarus: Uprising Reviews Fly In North American Club Nintendo Members Can Finally Get That Luigi Hat We’ve Been Waiting So Long For. Nintendo Network: What Do YOU Want To See? An Ode To Our Animal Crossing Mom Golden Buzz Awards – Nominate the Games YOU Want Nintendo Music Sunday Kingdom Hearts 3D To Share Many Story Secrets Updated with Release Date: First Trailer of Johnny Kung Fu for eShop Oops! Hayashida-san Only Joking About Zany Super Mario 3D Land Ideas Retrospective: Kid Icarus Super Mario 3D Land Considered A ‘Gateway Game’ Arc Style Soccer!! 3D Hits on March 29th What’s Your Favourite Mario Game of All Time? Rayman Origins Delayed In Europe More New Details Revealed For Dynasty Warriors VS Transformers Prime Heading To 3DS 3DS Dominates Japanese Sales Dynasty Warriors VS To Feature Famous Nintendo Costumes More Ways to Pick up the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards Kid Icarus: Uprising Given Perfect Famitsu Score Racing, Football and Culinary Skills New Heroes Of Ruin Trailer Hones In On Customisation Marth Makes A Comeback In Fire Emblem: Awakening Mutant Mudds Demo Is Coming to the eShop Free Kid Icarus AR Cards for North America Ingenious 3DS Music Video Celebrates Console, Brings Smiles GameStop Shoots Down Hopes For Donkey Kong 3D Level-5’s “The Little Battlers” RPG Series is Rumored to Be Coming to the 3DS Pokio, Anniversaries and Secret Missions…. New Inazuma Eleven Game Features A Time-Travelling Caravan Mutant Mudds Developer Working on New Game Mega Man Legends 3 Fan Weapon Contest ‘Final Fantasy 3D’ Listed On Italian Retail Site Nintendo Music Sunday Donkey Kong 3D Showing Up For Preorder At Retail Gamification: How Video Games Can Make Education Better Mad Dog McCree Riding To 3DS eShop Pokémon Adventure Camp in the Works? Activision Releasing ‘Battleship’ On Many Consoles, 3DS Included Cute Dogs, Hams and Rise of the Trees… BIT.TRIP SAGA Hitting European Stores March 16th Crush3D Hits North America Tomorrow North American 3DS Owners Already Seeing First Kid Icarus Anime Episodes King of Pirates Confirmed For Worldwide Release GDC 2012: Several Crazy Things We Never Saw In Super Mario 3D Land 3DS Buzz is looking for Writers 3D Puzzler Ketzal’s Corridors Coming To Your 3DS eShop Why The 3DS Is Selling So Well Racquets, Flying and A New Feature… ‘Old Game’ eShop Demos – Forward Thinking, Or Backwards Logic? Kid Icarus Animated Side-Stories Coming To Nintendo Video The Next eShop Title From Renegade Kid Revealed Nintendo of America Breaks Down Upcoming eShop Releases Nintendo Of America Gleeful At 4.5 Million 3DS Sales Get Warm And Fuzzy Inside From This Marriage Proposal By 3DS Mario Kart 7’s Producer Recaps The Game’s Development Excited About Kingdom Hearts 3D? Check out our Game Hub! Your Six Kid Icarus Pack-In AR Cards Will Be Random Resident Evil Revelations Producer Is Eager To Develop For 3DS Again Nintendo Music Sunday Hollywood Crimes, Kid Icarus and Writing With a Knife Real-Life Mario Kart Delivered To A Lucky, Lucky Fellow New Minigolf eShop Title To Be Released on March 8th The N4G Button – Promote the Best! Cats, Space Pirates and The Name Game Uggie Gets His 3DS On Another Code Of Princess Gameplay Video Square Releases Teaser For Kingdom Hearts 3D Premiere Event New 3DS Bundles Revealed For Japan, Including a New System Color Top 10 Boss Battles in Nintendo History 3DS Buzz Has Officially Gone Mobile! New Screenshots, Special Edition 3DS Console, and Japanese Release Date Revealed For Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Bravely Default: Flying Fairy New Trailer Triple Company Crossover Is A 3DS Game Black and White 2, Fire Emblem and a Chance to WIN! 3DS Buzz Operation Rainfall Interview Binding Of Isaac Confirmed As NOT Heading To 3DS Bravely Default: Flying Fairy’s Leap Year Demo Detailled Is Time Travelers Hitting Japan This Summer? New Puzzle Swap Panel Arrives Via SpotPass Pokémon Black and White – Find Out About The Prequels! Pokemon Black & White 2 NA and EU Release Window Caught! Nintendo News Run Down: Last Week of February Kingdom Hearts 3D Release Date Dropped? Aonuma Teases New Zelda on 3DS? Black and White 2 – Your Reaction Nintendo Mark The 3DS’s First Birthday In Japan With A Special Guest Mii New Pokemon Games Announced 3DS Trailer Breakdown – Mario Tennis Open Sega Releases New Screenshots of Game Gear Games Running on The 3DS Pikmin, Parties and Waterloo Road escapeVector Coming to 3DS Later this Year Treat Your Delicate Earholes To Epic Heroes Of Ruin Music New 3DS Project in The Works From The Developers of Xenoblade Fire Emblem: Awakening Is Confirmed For Europe The Last Story Localization And Other Big Updates From Nintendo Direct Fantasy, Pencils, and a Brand New Focus… Nintendo Direct To Feature Big Announcements Tomorrow 999 Successor Hits North America Kingdom Hearts 3D Gets Story Recap, Pre-Launch Event Want To See A 3DS Played With A PS1 Controller? 3DS Sales Top 5,000,000 In Japan Code Of Princess: New Gameplay Video Seaman Lives Again On 3DS Pokemon Black and White Sequel to Be Revealed Next Weekend? Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Made Nobuo Uematsu Cry GAME Is Not Selling Tekken 3D Prime Edition News Blip: The Rolling Western Hits Europe Next Week? *UPDATED* WayForward Love The 3DS eShop Is Monster Hunter 3G Confirmed For Europe and North America? NintendOpinions: 3D is the Best/Worst Part of the 3DS Win a Wii U or a 3DS Kid Icarus Uprising “Three Sacred Treasures” Trailer Kingdom Hearts 3D English Version Underway Check Out 7 Fresh, Exciting Features in our All-New Forums! Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Remake To Feature Day & Night Cycles Are Major Japanese Game Developers Switching Their Projects From Vita To 3DS? Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Releases First Batch Of DLC Metal Gear Solid 3D Demo Sneaks Onto eShop Super Mario: The Play (scene two) Fire, Pandas and Absolute Randomness… Death Not Necessarily Permanent in Fire Emblem: Awakening Your 3DS Goes To The Dogs (And Cats) In Upcoming Nintendogs + Cats Demo Pandora’s Tower European Release Date Announced Reminder: Zelda Four Swords Offer Expires February 20th The Longest Kingdom Hearts 3D Trailer Yet Updated: Ubisoft Announces Assassins Creed 3 for Wii U and Release Date Expect Lots Of Chatter In Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Resetti’s Romance – A 3DS Buzz Valentine’s Special Is “Mario Tennis Open” The Final Name of Mario’s First Tennis Outing on 3DS? 3DS eShop Games List! Super Mario: The Play (scene one) YouBuzz Re:view – Violence, Dexterity and Little Blue Birds Nintendo News Run Down: Second Week of February Japanese Kid Icarus: Uprising Fans Getting Some Sweet, Sweet Chocolate Balls Pushmo/Pullblox Creative Creation Contest 5 Nintendo Sports Games the 3DS Needs Create A Custom Hero In 3DS Fire Emblem: Awakening Forum Friday – Demos, Lots of Vs and Toilet Paper… 5 Game Boy Games the eShop Needs New Rune Factory 4 Details Revealed One Piece Unlimited Cruise Missing Half The Content (In Europe) Code Of Princess Tutorial Video Kid Icarus Uprising: New Gameplay Trailer Nintendo Team Up With Adorable Spokesdog Uggie To Help Promote Nintendogs + Cats Wiki Wednesday – Football, Victory and Marsupials… Multiplayer Mode Confirmed For Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Still Want More Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games? Mario Kart 7: Everything We Know! Nintendo News Run Down: First Week of February YouBuzz Re:view – Wars, Captions and Fluffy Creatures Have Some More Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympic Games Imagery Capcom Responds to “Resident Evil: Revelaitons” Misprint 5 Nintendo Series That Need a 3DS Reboot What If… The Mii Maker Had DLC? DS Game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Comes to IOS Fan Makes Great Wind Waker Sequel Video Forum Friday – Name Games, Majora’s Mask and FIRE! This week’s U.S. Nintendo downloads New 3DS Themed North American Club Nintendo Rewards Added Hulu Plus Coming to Wii and 3DS- Updated with Video Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die demo released Nintendo To Release Pink 3DS On Valentine’s Day 10 RPGs the 3DS Needs: Part 2 A Look At Kingdom Hearts 3D’s Reality Shift Ace Attorney Movie Will See A Global Release European 3DS Owners Receiving 5000 New Wi-Fi Hotspots Wiki Wednesday – Updates, Awards and Hedgehogs Free Nintendisco in London 7th February Two Sega Game Gear eShop Classics Inbound Denpa Ningen RPG Is A Japanese eShop AR Thing Kid Icarus and Others Available For Download This Week 3D Video Lovers Are In For A Treat. Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games: Everything We Know! 10 RPGs the 3DS Needs- Part 1 Nintendo News Run Down: Last Week of January Heros of Ruin 3D Walkthrough Available Now Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Boxset Detailed YouBuzz Re:view – Glitches, Demos, Graphics and… Zombies? Ace Attorney 5 Is Officially Being Developed YouBuzz: Resident Evil Revelations – Demo View Wii U Has Built In NFC Functionality Extreme Escape Adventure Not Currently Planned For Western Release By Aksys Forum Friday New 3DS Super Mario game in development Rumor: Wii U Renamed? New Nintendo Network Detailed Capcom Lets a Major Typo Slip Past Them On RE: Revelations Box Art Iwata Confirms Holiday Launch For Wii U In All Territories This week’s U.S. eStore update: Mutant Mudds and a new demo! Nintendo posts loss of over 600 million dollars Wiki Wednesday! Japanese eShop Owners Prepare For Punch-Out!! New Colors! 3D Screenshots Released Sumo Digital Rumoured To Have Something Brewing For 3DS, Wii U & Vita Boingo Brings 3DS Wi-Fi To UK Airports Nintendo Wi-Fi Evolves Is Soul Calibur V On Its Way To The 3DS? Resident Evil Revelations: Everything We Know! Code Of Princess Online Multiplayer Confirmed YouBuzz Re:view 3DS Virtual Console eShop Review – Prince Of Persia Nintendo Network Incoming 3D Classics: Kid Icarus To Be Pre-Order Bonus For Kid Icarus: Uprising In North America Super Smash Bros: Don’t Expect It Anytime Soon Resident Evil Revelations: Five minute story trailer Forum Friday Kid Icarus: Uprising Has Gone Gold! Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure Brings The Funk-A-Dunk Heroes Of Ruin Trailer Has Many Questions For You Rising Star Games details five 3DS games for 2012 Wiki <del>Wednesday</del> Thursday Japanese Release Date For Kingdom Hearts 3D Announced Demos Hit The North American and European 3DS eShops Starting Thursday, January 19th Nintendo Responds To The Maka Wuhu Glitch in Mario Kart 7 Spirit Camera Confirmed For North America Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Gets A Cache Of Collectible Character Cards Kid Icarus: Uprising NA Box Art Revealed Fact: 3DS NOT Getting Two Zelda Titles *UPDATED* Nintendo News Run Down: Second Week of January Kid Icarus Uprising: Everything We Know! Upcoming Capcom Bar To Serve Pasta, Rice, Salad And… Brains? Resident Evil: Revelations StreetPass Functionality Detailed YouBuzz Re:View – Make Your Writing Great! Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Features Sephiroth As a Playable Character Code Of Princess: New Trailer, Release Date Kingdom Hearts 3D: New Gameplay Videos Forum Friday Sony sees 3DS success as a good sign for Vita’s future Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die To Feature 24 Endings Spirit Camera Promotional Mini Movie Kingdom Hearts 3D: Fantasia World Revealed 3DS stand bundled with Japanese release of Kid Icarus: Uprising Wiki Wednesday Resident Evil: Revelations Opening Movie (And New Mode Details) Kid Icarus: Uprising Support Circle Pad Pro, But… Metal Gear Solid 3(D) Dated Everywhere E3 For Beginners: So What’s It All About? Ace Combat 3D Demo Reportedly Only Playable Thrice More Beyond The Labyrinth Details Incoming Resident Evil Revelations Getting Some Sweet Swag On Release In Japan Nintendo News Run Down: First Week of January Excited About Animal Crossing? Check Out Everything We Know in Our Game Hub! News Blip: Rayman Origins gets European Release Date Join the Buzz! Mutant Mudds Trailer Wreaks Cheerful Havoc 3DS Breaks Sales Records In The Land Of The Rising Sun Possible Pokemon Grey/Gray Hints? Updates Are Available To Your eShop Software Resident Evil: Revelations demo incoming A Few Details On How The “Beyond The Labyrinth” Battle System Works Japanese game industry revenues fall; 3DS games top 2011 bestsellers list Six Ways Smash Bros 3DS Can Improve on the Smash Formula Three Nifty Tips For New 3DS Owners Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 And The 3DS Sold A Lot Of Copies in North America Mario Party and Pokemon Incoming? Tiny, Tiny Arwings And Submarines Arrive In Japan This May Harvest Moon: Land Of Origin Features Honeymoons And Holidays Nintendo News Run Down: Last Week of December 3D Classics: Kid Icarus Confirmed For North American Release in Early 2012 Japanese Box Art For Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Revealed The Binding Of Isaac For 3DS? Possibly… Rumour time! Nintendo developing “a full-blown app store” for Wii U Let’s Take A Look At Bionic Commando Snakeskin 3DS Revealed Mario Kart 7 takes Japanese Christmas number one spot Myst 3D In March 2012! Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Video Surprises Nobody By Being Gorgeous Metal Gear Solid 3D Bundle! Nintendo Direct Video Offers New Information Regarding Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, and 3DS eShop Demos First 3DS Downloadable Content Announced Nintendo News Run Down: Third Week of December Happy Holidays From 3DS Buzz! Nintendo 3DS In 2011 – What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been Tekken 3D Prime Edition launching in North America on Valentine’s Day Compulsory (but minor) 3DS firmware update now live The Legend Of Zelda Franchise – Official Timeline Revealed? Vita launch (slightly) less successful than 3DS launch New Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Details and Box Art Revealed 3DS Letter Box App To Arrive This Thursday In Europe – Just In Time For Christmas Post! Resident Evil Circle Pad Pro Bundle to be Sold Exclusively Mighty Switch Force Release Date and Price Revealed Nintendo News Run Down: Second Week of December New Worlds Revealed For Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Pokemon Meet Nobunaga’s Ambition As Worlds Collide Another Pokemon Announcement Inbound Kid Icarus: Uprising’s Box Art is Revealed Louvre to replace audio guides with 3DS consoles Kingdom Hearts 3D website is live Club Nintendo U.S. offers free downloadable 3DS games Latest Japanese chart sees three 3DS games outsell Skyrim Ambassador Programme GBA Games List GET! Nintendo 3DS + Release Of Monster Hunter 3G = Sales, Baby, Sales! Various North American Release Dates Revealed New Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D Details Revealed News Blip: Circle Pad Pro Update Would Nintendo Be Better Off Without Shigeru Miyamoto? English Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure Trailer Boogies Into View Mighty Switch Force Trailer Is Certainly No Cop-Out 3DS will NOT sell out on UK high streets this Christmas Shifting World Officially Announced For Nintendo 3DS Miyamoto says he is “retiring”. Or does he? 3DS Update GET! Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin Gets A Release Date in Japan Penny Finally Drops For People Of Planet Earth, As Nintendo 3DS Sales Skyrocket Community Review: Super Mario 3D Land First Kid Icarus 3D Classic Trailer Revealed European Club Nintendo Offers Free Game and Limited Edition 3DS Systems Have You Heard? We’ve Got A Mario Kart 7 Community Now. Review: Nyko Power Grip At Last! More Animal Crossing Details Are Here! Retailer posts release date for Rayman Origins 3DS… 11th September 2012 3DS sells more in its first eight months than the DS sold in its first year 3DS GBA ambassador games rumoured for 2012… rumour squished within an hour Resident Evil: Revelations Terragrigia Trailer Square-Enix Reveals Their 3DS Line-up For Jump Festa Shifting World Is A 3DS Title Based On A Browser Game Monster Hunter 3G Opening Movie, e-Shop Details Resident Evil: Revelations Bundle Includes Circle Pad Beyond The Labyrinth Lets You Doodle A Dress For Your Female Friend 3DS Wheel confirmed for UK Audiences. 3DS Update Postponed Super Mario 3D Land Has Become The Fastest Selling Portable Mario Title Of All Time Samurai Sword Destiny Is Another eShop Samurai Game Retrospective: Mario Kart Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Video Has Sweeping, Shooting And Swooping Retro Studios did major work on Mario Kart 7 Survey Results: Mobile Games are not Killing Consoles New Mutant Mudds Trailer Available 3DS Game Glance: December Miyamoto: Skyward Sword 2010 release was possible, but “would have been a waste” 3DS Console Deal Offers £10 Off Cheapest UK Price Sonic Generations Launch Trailer Is A Sumptuous Treat For The Eyeballs GBA Ambassador News Will Be Revealed Through SpotPass East Meets West As Sakura Samurai Is Confirmed For NA eShop Metroid II Hits eShop This Thursday *UPDATED* Harvest Moon 3D Gameplay Video Mario 3DS Bundle Also Confirmed For North America Big Pokémon Announcement Coming To Jump Festa? 3D Fan Art For Your 3DS Tekken 3D Prime Takes Fighting to Another Level New Kingdom Hearts 3D World Revealed Nintendo Of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime On 3DS DLC Nintendo unveil two real-life Mario Karts! Theathrythm: Final Fantasy To Have Downloadable Songs? You Buzz – By The Readers, For The Readers Resident Evil: Revelations Producer Talks Details, New Mode Mario Kart 7 Commercials From Japan Last week’s 3DS sales greater than all other consoles combined in Japan New Kingdom Hearts 3D Details Coming Soon PETA Claims Tanooki Outrage was a Joke Resident Evil: Revelations To Include Bonus DVD More Villains Revealed For Theatrhytm: Final Fantasy Mario Kart 7 Previews Roundup Super Mario 3D Land Times Square Video Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Dated (In Japan) Every Single Mario Kart 7 Track Finally Revealed Nintendo Responds To PETA Fur-Favouring Mario Accusations Zelda 3DS Bundle Confirmed For North America PETA Slams Super Mario 3D Land for Promoting Animal Cruelty More Characters Confirmed For Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy More Mario Kart 7 Tracks Tantalisingly Teased Mulling Movember: A Festival Of Facial Fuzz 7 Reasons to Buy Super Mario 3D Land Nintendo to Unlock 3DS’s 2nd CPU? A Link To The Past? Miyamoto Mulls 2D Zelda Revivial… But In 3D BlazBlue Continuum Shift II Review Details Revealed on Retro Studios’ Involvement With Mario Kart 7 The Intent Behind Nintendo’s Appearance at the LA Auto Show Next Week is Partially Revealed Ubisoft in ‘3DS needs games to succeed’ Shocker! Nintendo Times Square Celebrates <em>Mario</em> in True 3D Nimble Sakura Warrior Is A Samurai Swordfighting Game The Man Behind All Things Mario Didn’t Come Up With Super Mario 3D Land’s Concept Beyond The Labyrinth Battle Video, GO! Zelda Themed 3DS Announced 3DS Game Glance: November Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Movie Japanese Website Now Open! Nintendo eShop To Receive New Puzzle Game “Block Factory” Extreme Escape Adventure Arrives In February In Japan Ten Minutes of Super Mario 3D Land Watch Mario Advertise The 3DS New Zelda Game ‘Being Prepared’ 11% of gamers have never heard of the Super Mario Bros. series Small 3DS Firmware Update Included On Japanese Super Mario 3D Land Cartridge Check Out Super Mario 3D Land’s Zelda Homage ‘Freakyforms’ Is The Western Title Of ‘Pictures Lives!’ Buy Resident Evil Revelations Now, Save Later Beyond The Labyrinth To Receive AR Treatment In Japan F1 2011 3DS Trailer Released Nintendo To Hold Yet Another Press Conference Pet Zombies Review New SM3DL Ad: When Spiky Balls Attack Nintendo Purposefully Holding Back Some 3DS Games For 2012 New eShop Releases: 3/11/11 (Europe) Resident Evil Revelations’ “Raid Mode” Sees Chris & Jill Properly Reunited Two More Mario Kart 7 Racers Confirmed Jaws: Ultimate Predator Arriving At The End Of November Week in Rewind: 29/10/11 Songstress Jessica Mauboy Now Available In Mii Form Resident Evil Revelations Demo Possibly In The Works Heroes Of Ruin Walkthrough Trailer Shows Plenty Of Promise 3DS eShop Update Details Emerge SEGA Release Dates Revealed Luigi’s Along For The Ride in Super Mario 3D Land Plus More New Details 6.68 Million 3DS Units Sold Globally Check Out The First Colors! 3D Painting and Dev Diary Nintendo to Announce ¥100 Billion Loss for April to September Tomorrow? Sonic Generations StreetPass Features Shown At Last Super Mario 3D Land Boomerang Commercial Best Buy Demoing Super Mario 3D Land, Others Results: The 2012 Title YOU Want Most Mario Kart 7 Screenshots Remind Us To Be Sad It’s Still October Live Action Super Mario 3D Land Commercials Circle Pad Trademarked For The West? Mario Kart 7 Wheel Attachment Announced Two New 3DS Colours Joining The European Family Tales Of The Abyss Delayed For EU? New eShop Releases 27/10/11 Monster Hunter 3G Possibly Confirmed Outside of Japan? Harvest Moon: The Land Of Origin Gameplay Trailer Is Fluffily Farmilicious Sonic Generations Dates And Details 3DS ‘Letter Box’ Messaging System This December Special Edition Mario 3DS’ Unveiled Two Classics Hitting The 3DS eShop Mario Kart 7 Updates? Come Right In. New StreetPass Games Shown Via Nintendo Live Conference Luigi’s Mansion 2 & Super Pokémon Rumble playable at London Comic Con 3DS Movie Camera GET! Runabout Brought Back For The 3DS 3D video recording for Europe November 4th? [UPDATED] Pokémon: Is Gray on the Way? Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Official Japanese Site Flaunts Features Nintendo To Hold Second 3DS Conference Europe to get extremely limited BlazBlue CS2 Manga Edition <em>Pet Zombies</em> Drops Just in Time for Halloween No Online Play For Monster Hunter 3G 3DS Bundles – The Best and Cheapest We Could Find Sonic Generations 3DS Still Coming in November Zelda 25th Anniversary Nintendo eShop Cards Inbound! New Details Regarding WWE All Stars on Nintendo 3DS Fantasy Life Is Looking Delightful Survey: Which 2012 3DS Title Do YOU Want Most? Rumor: Sonic Slips to 2012? The Possibility of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Remakes Is On The Table Nano Assault Joining The November Fray In The USA Double Dragon coming to eShop First Sky 3D content now available for Nintendo Video Level 5 details Guild 01 for 3DS Resident Evil Gets Friendly 3DS Expected To Be The Most Successful Hardware in Japan This Holiday Season First Details on Time Travelers Revealed Jett Rocket Sequel Roaring To 3DS eShop Tales Of The Abyss & Heroes Of Ruin EU Dates Slip NIS America Expresses Concern for Cave Story 3D’s Future StreetPass Network Has Unveiled Their New SteetPass Tool Nintendo Brings More Than Just Games to NYCC Results: The End of the Year Title YOU Want Most The Sims 3 Pets: Is Everything Better With Puppies? New Power-Ups Revealed for Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 Week in Rewind: 7/10/11 3DS To Get Headset Peripheral King of Pirates gets trailer and English language website Namco-Bandai Will Make a Tales of the Abyss Announcement Soon Okay, One More Super Mario 3D Land Video VVVVVV Gravitates Toward 3DS Even More Super Mario 3D Land Trailers! New 3DS Title “Dragon Marked for Death” To Feature Amazing Online Play Super Mario 3D Land: New Gameplay Videos Zelda: Four Swords – Riding Solo Keiji Inafune’s first ‘proper’ game is for 3DS Japan gets limited edition Monster Hunter 3DS Nintendo announces ‘Ice White’ 3DS New 3DS Harvest Moon for 2012 How will Cooking Mama 4 Stand Out This Fall? Nintendo and DreamWorks Team up to Fill Your 3DS With Video Content News Blip: Sliding Pads, Beastly Boxes, and a Delayed Doctor Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Gameplay Videos Resident Evil: Revelations Dated For North America Robin Williams Bets His Beard In New Zelda Commercial RE-act: Eurogamer Journey (Part 1) France Says “Non!” To Nintendo Piracy Centipede Infestation: Boss Trailer So When DOES The 3DS Version Of Sonic Generations Release? Intelligent Systems To Release Its First eShop Title What End of the Year 3DS Title do YOU Want Most? Real <em>Outdoor Adventures</em> with Mama Blue 3DS Rises In Price On Amazon BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2: Trailer and release date Week in Rewind: 30/9/11 Playable 3DS Games From Level-5 World Announced New eShop Releases 29/9/2011 (NA) New 3D Trailers to Hit eShop Today! Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Confirmed for the eShop Metroid II Hitting Japanese eShop – Western Release Soon To Follow? Smash Draft – Round Two Super Mario 3D Land – Gyro Functionality Detailed Let’s Take A Look At Super Mario Land 2 New eShop Releases 29/9/2011 (Europe) Super Mario 3D Land Japanese Boxes Reveal Tasty Tidbits DS Review: Kirby Mass Attack eShop Review: Cut the Rope Reader Article: 3DS Circle Pad Add-on – Are We Overreacting? Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery Of The Frozen City Set To Detect And Inspect In 2012 Week in Rewind: 23/9/11 First Tetris Axis Trailer Lands 3D “detracts from the experience” for 28% of 3DS users New eShop Releases 22/9/2011 (NA) Star Fox 64 3D has no online multiplayer because… Senran Kagura: A Look At The Model Viewer Theatrhythm Final Fantasy TGS Trailer Rumours Begin Bubbling After Potential Smash Bros. Leak New 3DS eShop Title Announced: Zen Pinball 3D Crayon Shin-Chan 3D Trailer Kingdom Hearts 3D TGS Trailer 3D Screenshots For Heroes Of Ruin Hit Official Site New Layton vs Wright Trailer Shows Gameplay Footage Metal Gear Solid to Land in Early 2012 Driver Renegade 3D Review Avast! Here Be The Top 14 Nintendo Pirates – Part 2 New eShop Releases 22/9/2011 (Europe) Ahoy! Here Be The Top 14 Nintendo Pirates – Part 1 Resident Evil Revelations: New 40 Minute Preview Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: 7 Minutes of Gameplay Square-Enix Revamping Original Dragon Quest Monsters for 3DS NintendOpinions: Is the Touch Screen Important to the 3DS? Mega Man Legends Developer Stopped From Finishing the Game New Gameplay Details Revealed for Beyond The Labyrinth Layton vs Wright Western Release All But Confirmed! Bravely Default: Live AR Demonstration Trailer Tekken 3D Gets Prime Trailer Ace Combat 3D Gets New Trailer, Name, And NA Date Week in Rewind: 16/9/11 Reader Article: Wii U Rebrand? Prepare Your Pointing Fingers For Fresh Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright Details! Tales of the Abyss EU Date Still 2011 Fatal Frame 3DS: Trailer! Official name! AR Notebook! New eShop Releases 15/9/2011 (NA) Developer Q&A: Driver Renegade 3D Kingdom Hearts 3D Japanese Release Window and New Character Revealed Activision Lurrrrve The 3DS Clamp-On Secondary Circle Pad… Thing Mario Kart 7: Every Confirmed Item! Nintendo Conference Directory – Links to Every Announcement [UPDATED] 3DS Sells 1 Million in Europe! Kirby Attacks By Truck New Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Details Revealed Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 Release Dates Confirmed + New Details Nintendo Shares Drop 5% After Recent Conference [UPDATE] Or Possibly Before… Super Pokémon Rumble Dated For Europe Zelda: Four Swords Dated Analogue Stick Attachment Price + Release Date Confirmed New Animal Crossing Details Slide Pad/Right Analog Planned For More Than Just Monster Hunter New Mario Kart 7 Details [UPDATED – Super Leaf Confirmed!] 3DS To Get 3D Video Recording Update Koei Announces Dynasty Warriors Vs. Sega Announces Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Monster Hunter 3DS Release Date Revealed Kid Icarus Delayed to 2012, Gets Anime eShop Is Getting a Revamp Square Enix Announces Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Fire Emblem 3D Is Real Mario Tennis 3DS Announced Monster Hunter 4 Announced Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011: Rumour Round-Up + Live Blog 3DS Review: Star Fox 64 3D Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Debut Trailer Nintendo’s Pre-TGS Thoughts and Predictions New eShop Releases 15/9/2011 (Europe) Aonuma: Zelda 3DS Will Use 3D Extensively Fun Before HD For <em>Tale of Two Towns</em> RE-act: One Step Forward, Two Back Three Common Nintendo 3DS Myths Will a New Pokémon Game Be Announced On September 18th? New Metallic Rose DSi XL Announced Retrospective: Star Fox Sony: 3D Has Not Yet Reached Its Potential Best Price Nintendo 3DS? I’ve Found All the Cheap 3DS Offers! Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney Gets TGS Update More Rumored 3DS Titles At TGS Rollercoaster Tycoon Is Now Officially Official On 3DS Reader Article: The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme and Nintendo’s Reputation! New ZOE Details At TGS: ZOE 3DS Incoming? Resident Evil: Revelations TGS Trailer Leak Week in Rewind: 9/9/11 Post-price drop 3DS sales average nearly 10,000 a day in U.S. New eShop Releases 1/9/2011 (NA) Dreamworks Super Stars Kartz Coming This Fall 3DS Ambassador Programme: Everything We Know! (UPDATED – European Tool Now Available) Nintendo comments on second 3DS analogue Stick Will We Really Hear About a New Ace Attorney Game on Tuesday? 3DS Buzz Contest: PAX 2011 Contest Winners Revealed! Inazuma Eleven Go: New Details and Release Date Details Begin To Flow For Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die Monster Hunter Portable 3G Announced Right Analog Stick Attachment Confirmed Japanese 3DS Sales Double In August Rumor: Leaked List of Titles At 3DS Conference Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Features Cross-Platform Character Development Win Free Tickets to the Zelda 25th Anniversary Concert! (UK) Rumor: New First Party Nintendo Game “Mach Rider Unchained” Revealed? Back to School Amazon Sale The Nintendo 3DS Survey – Win $50 Sonic Generations Update: New Features for 3DS RE-act: Vita Blues New eShop Releases 8/9/2011 (Europe) Dragon Quest X Revealed 3DS Buzz Contest: PAX 2011 Prizes To Be Won! Smash Draft – Round One UK HMV Offering One Direction Miis With 3DS Purchases News Blip: Tales of the Abyss Pushed to 2012 (NA) New Dragon Quest Game to be Revealed on the 5th September Reader Article: Mario Kart 7 – What to Expect Week in Rewind: 2/9/11 NASCAR Unleashed Roaring to Wii, 3DS Australian Nintendo tour Announced Nintendo eShop Cards Will Be Available In Europe Starting Today NES Ambassador Games Have Multiplayer Metroid Password Punishes Profanity New eShop Releases 1/9/2011 (NA) New eShop Releases 1/9/2011 (Europe) Nintendo to stream 3DS conference Live Picture Lives! Details Emerge, Soon Sees Japanese eShop Release Ambassador Games Available for Download Now (NA) Fatal Frame Spin-Off Heads To 3DS. Sega’s 3DS Rhythm Game Revealed As ‘Rhythm Thief & The Emperor’s Treasure’ RE-ACT: Nintendo’s Innovation Professor Layton and the “London Life” Debacle… More Ambassador Games Confirmed! Tetris: Axis to Hit America at the Start of October PAX 2011: Sonic Generations Hands-On Video PAX 2011: Kid Icarus Uprising Hands-On Video News Blip: Nintendo Details New Skyward Sword Bundle [Fixed] PAX 2011: Mario Kart 7 Hands-On Video New Monster Hunter Game Predicted for TGS 2011 New Rollercoaster Tycoon Title Heading To 3DS PAX 2011: Super Mario 3D Land Hands-On Video Exclusive: First Centipede: Infestation 3DS Screenshots Go Hands-On With the Big 2011 3DS Games This September (UK) Mario Kart 7 Preorders Hit New Heights Post-Price-Cut Microsoft confident of European dominance at Christmas Week in Rewind: 26/8/11 Major publisher declares “better chance” in the market for Vita than for 3DS Reader Article: Nintendo 3DS and The Big N – Are They Doomed? Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove and Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns Pushed Back in North America New eShop Releases 25/8/2011 (NA) 3DS Continues to Sell Bucketloads in Japan Sony: 3DS Price Cut Makes No Difference to the Vita ChunSoft Announce Gyokugen Dasshutsu Adv: Zennin Shiboudes For Vita And 3DS Another 3DS Rhythm Game Announced News Blip: Kirby Wii Gets a New Name and Release Date Let’s Take A Look At Gargoyle’s Quest Nintendo Conference Supposedly Planned for September First Screenshots Surface For The Adventures of Tintin on 3DS Rumors Fly of a 3DS Redesign in 2012 New eShop Releases 25/8/2011 (Europe) RUMOUR: New Fire Emblem Game for the 3DS? StreetPass Support Confirmed For Crush 3D Gooey-Fresh Dragon Quest Slime 3DS Game Imagery Approaches! Pure Nintendo’s 48 Hour Game Marathon Raising Funds For ABTA How to Check if You’re Officially on the Ambassador Programme (US) Too Much Mario? *UPDATED* Rumor: Possible Release Dates for Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land in Europe? Week in Rewind: 19/8/11 Wipeout 2 Splashing Onto 3DS Nintendo walk away from GamesCom empty Handed Want to find out if you’re an Australian 3DS Ambassador? Reader Article: Pokémon: The Future of the 5th Generation – DS or 3DS? (A huge amount of) new DualPen Sports screenshots from GamesCom Rayman Origins: 3DS facts and screenshots from GamesCom! Level-5 Announces New Games Conference GamesCom 2011: Ace Combat 3D Info and Screens Mushroom Hill Zone Confirmed For 3DS Sonic Generations 3DS Autumn Release Schedule Detailed (Europe) 3DS eShop Autumn Release Schedule Detailed (Europe) New Resident Evil Revelations Trailer, Gameplay Videos and Perhaps a New Release Window Heroes Of Ruin Trailer Swings Into Action 3DS Sales Surge in Japan after Price Drop New eShop Releases 18/8/2011 (Europe) Dreaming of the Future: Three 3DS Games I’d Like to See Nintendo’s New Patents Possibly Hint At Things To Come Would Mario and Zelda Shine Brighter in 3D? RUMOUR: Full Ambassador List Revealed? The Future of the 3DS: 2012 and Beyond Week in Rewind: 12/8/11 3DS is now £115 in the UK Glory Of Heracles Hitting The Japanese eShop – Which Outshines Ours, By The Way Club Nintendo UK soon offering free Zelda concert Tickets Kojima tweets Metal Gear Solid 3DS Photos Reader Article: Five Qualities the 3DS Needs to Emerge Victorious This Generation Investors Want Nintendo to Develop for iPhone Nintendo admits 3DS launch Mistakes Tesco to Sell 3DS Consoles for £115 in the UK Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land Officially Dated The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Soundtrack Kingdom Hearts 3D Playable at Tokyo Game Show Modern Warfare 3 To Hit DS, But No 3DS Version For Us Flame Red 3DS to Hit America in September Games in the Ambassador Program Are Eligible for Club Nintendo Coins Let’s Take A Look At Avenging Spirit 5000 New UK SpotPass Locations From Today Sonic Generations – New Details New eShop Releases 11/8/2011 (Europe) Walmart Offers 3DS Loophole Which Games YOU Want on the Ambassador Programme: The Results! A Quick Fix to a Small 3DS Problem Chronoblade Announced for 3DS 3DS DLC FTW! The ALL-NEW Reader Article – Get Your Writing on 3DSBuzz! New StreetPass Games – What Do YOU Want to See? Full Ambassador List to Supposedly be Announced this Week + Vote For Which Games YOU Want to See on It Nazo Waku Yakata Asks Japanese Gamers To Pay For Downloadable Demo Nintendo Planning to Publish Non-3D 3DS Software Secondhand 3DS sales jump following price drop Announcement Nintendo eShop Game “Mighty Switch Force” – First Details and Screenshots 3DS needs a “critical mass of users” to encourage developers Nintendo issues apologies to 3DS owners in Japan and Europe London Zelda Concert to Take Place in October Nintendo E-Mail was WRONG about the Latest Two GBA Download Titles Eleven Games that Could Save the 3DS in 2011 Miyamoto Reveals The Surprising Inspiration For Star Fox Fourth 3D Classic Revealed Kingdom Hearts 3D Won’t Have Any Cutscenes Relax! You CAN Delete Pacman & Galaga Dimensions Saves! New eShop Releases 4/8/2011 (Europe) How Nintendo Plans to “Update” Your Free NES Games 2 New GBA Games for 3DS Ambassadors Revealed New StreetPass Mii Plaza Content Arriving This Year Capcom May Bring SSFIV Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken to the 3DS Zelda 3DS: What do YOU want to see? – Part 2 Nintend-Woe: The Rise And Rise Of Ninty Criticism New Kingdom Hearts 3D Details Ocarina Of Time Passes One Million Sales Nintendo President Takes Massive Pay Cut for 3DS Price Drop MGS: Snake Eater 3D Pushed Back to 2012 Are 20 Free Games Worth it if You Can’t Pick Them? *UPDATED* Nintendo Doubles The Mario This Holiday Nintendo Drops 3DS Price, Offers Free Games Wii U Ports Of Professor Layton Games ‘A Possibility’; Japanese Devs Sound Off On Wii U Potential Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions: One Save File, One High Score Devil Survivor Overclocked: New Video Big N Beats: The Best of Original Nintendo Music – Part Three 3DS Firmware Update Now Available Amazon US halts 3DS sales… and quickly restarts them Club Nintendo Finally Offering Official Life-Sized AR Card to North Americans New and Classic Sports featured in this Weeks eShop Update (Europe) Cooking Mama 4 Pre-Order Comes with Prizes! Majora’s Mask will probably appear on 3DS… if you tell Nintendo you want It Tales of the Abyss English Trailer Resident Evil: Revelations Gameplay Footage Super Mario 3DS to Sneak in at the End of the Year? Comic-Con 2011: New Resident Evil: Revelations Details Marvel Pinball Heading To 3DS Robin and Zelda Williams Commercial Campaign Continues Inafune’s New Game Revealed Senran Kagura: New Trailer Is Battlefield 3 marching towards the 3DS? Let’s Take A Look At Game And Watch Gallery Zelda 3DS: What do YOU want to see? – Part 1 Senran Kagura: Senior Ninjas Revealed Fans (And Producer) React To Mega Man Legends 3 Cancellation “Pyramids” are being built on the Nintendo eShop Pokemon Rumble Blast Release Date Revealed Star Fox 64 3D Release Gets Bumped Up in North America The Delayed/Cancelled List Thickens. Wii U To Feature GameCube Downloadable Games? Nintendo’s Line-up For San Diego Comic-Con Snake Eater 3D Will Include Features From Other Games in the Series Inazuma Eleven Go: New Concept Art Shinobi 3DS Also Delayed Nexon Mobile Now Hiring For Nintendo 3DS Development Shinobi 3DS started as “Assassin’s Creed, but with a ninja” Mega Man Legends 3: Cancelled Want to Win a 3DS that’s One of a Kind? Crush 3D Delayed For The Uncanny Big N Beats: The Best of Original Nintendo Music – Part Two New Reel Fishing Paradise 3D Shots The Holding Power of 3DS Ninja Gaiden’s Development for the Nintendo 3DS is Still in Very Early Stages Let’s Take A Look At Mario’s Picross Nintendo Adds Some Character to the Star Fox 64 3D Insert Is Netflix Worth the Free Download? 3DS Sales Still Playing Catch-Up, Yet See Positive Growth Assassin’s Creed 3DS Cancelled – Concepts Moved to PS3 and 360 First Screens of Exclusive Nintendo 3DS Sonic Generations Special Stage Revealed Brave Company Recruits Itself to the 3DS North America gets Netflix on their 3DS…Tomorrow?! Dream Drop Distance To Go The Distance Dropping Dreamy Kingdom Hearts III Clues North America to get Netflix and 3DS video service “later this summer” Mario Kart 3DS – What Do YOU Want to See? – Part 2 JAWS Tears Up the 3DS This Fall Some Familiar Music Confirmed for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy StreetPass Quest 2 – If It Happens, How Can Nintendo Improve? The Nintendo 64 Remakes YOU Want: Results Tablet Gaming is Far Less of a Threat to the 3DS Says New Study Watching video on Wii U controller “possible” says Fils-Aime Release Date Hopes Risen. Ocarina of Time 3D Makes the Top 50 on Game Rankings Wappy Dog Combines Robot Puppy with DS Game Nintendo Video to Hit Europe on Wednesday – UPDATED 30 Years is Young for a Gorilla- Donkey Kong turns 30 LoveFilm responds to allowing rental of Foreversaves Game Mario Kart 3DS – What Do YOU Want to See? – Part 1 Ubisoft is Upgrading Their Imagine Series to 3D See the First Flare Red 3DS in the Wild 3DS Repackaging Trend Continues in Japan AR-en’t We Forgetting Something? Paper Mario – 3D Was Made For It Big N Beats: The Best of Original Nintendo Music – Part One Hip-hop Artist Inspired by Nintendo LoveFilm Stop Renting Out Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Dead or Alive: Dimensions Review Tales of the Abyss, 3DS Top Japanese Sales Charts Kid Icarus Coming to Europe in 2012? Nintendo President Hints at Demo Downloads for the 3DS and Wii U Could We See StreetPass Quest 2 in the Future? Nintendo Going To Court 3DS Will Be Nintendo’s Only 3D Focus Super Meat Boy Won’t Beef Up 3DS Software Lineup Urban Champion Coming Soon As A 3D Classic Pokémon Say Tap Announced for Japanese Smart Phones, Causes a Stir in the Business World Brand New Final Fantasy Game to hit 3DS What Nintendo 64 Classics do YOU want to see Remade for the 3DS? Resident Evil: Revelations Will Blow The Mercenaries Away Graphics Wise Second Set of E3 Trailers Now Available For Download in Europe Let’s Take A Look At Fortified Zone Ocarina of Time’s Sequel Came to Director in a Dream… Mercenaries 3D Capcom’s first – and last – game with permanent Saves Mario Suits Up in Super Mario 3DS Pokémon Card Game Explained in DS Game Nintendo to host “Behind The Gaming” Event 7th July eShop Downloads New UK Charts – Has Resident Evil Sold Well? E3 Zelda demo “not necessarily” representative of Wii U Zelda Graphics Rayman Origins Coming to the 3DS Too! Europe Gets the Big Three and North America gets…None. One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP Confirmed For European Release Cooking Mama 4 Release Date Set For UK Pachter Reckons the Vita will Thrash the 3DS – UPDATED Professor Layton Film Comes to North America There’s More to Super Mario 3DS than the Tail… Nintendo Reveals American Club Nintendo Rewards Rumour: Special 3DS Press Event Soon? Ocarina of Time 3D vs The Original – Your Views! Nintendo Invests Heavily In New Digs Namco Bandai Dates Tales of the Abyss for Europe and Australia Next Professor Layton Dated and Renamed for Europe eShop Review – Kirby’s Dream Land UPDATED 3DS E3 Trailers Available on the European eShop from Tomorrow 3DS Summer/Autumn European Line-Up Unveiled eShop Summer/Autumn European Line-Up Unveiled Nintendo Rocks Out on Van’s Warped Tour Marvel Super Hero Squad Soaring to 3DS Rune Factory 4 Announced For 3DS. GameStop Temporarily Blocked Mercs 3D Trade-Ins Devil Survivor: Overclocked Dated, Launching in the US First Summer Reading, Video Game Style: Part Two Mighty Switch Force to Pave the Way Forward in the eShop The eShop Classics YOU Want – Results Kirby’s Dream Land – Debut Of That Floaty Funster A major influence on Ocarina of Time’s world design was… Chickens Cave Story 3D Pushed Back to the Holidays Could GoldenEye be in the Works for the 3DS? Michael Jackson Experience Coming To Your 3DS New eShop Releases 30/6/11 – First Details (Europe) Summer Reading, Video Game Style: Part One New UK Charts – How’s Zelda Doing? Rabi Labi hits 3DS downloads in Japan this Week Glitches Were Left In Ocarina of Time 3D Deliberately – Iwata Asks Solatorobo Is Coming Stateside This September For the Nintendo DS 3DS Sales Outshine PSP’s In Japan DSiWare to 3DS Transfer: Several Titles “In Limbo” You Can’t Delete Your Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Save Data 5 DSiWare Titles You Need To Own BIT.TRIP Compilations Dated for US, But UK Still in Limbo 3DS Game Guide – July and August HD Zelda Officially Confirmed For Wii U HMV StreetPass Discounts Are Go! First Tales of the Abyss Review Goes Live Sonic 3 End Boss and Sonic Heroes Special Stage Confirmed For Sonic Generations 3DS Ocarina 3D Sparks 3DS Resurgence in Japan Valve Considering Wii U Development? Australians Can Grab Ocarina of Time 3D Early eShop Update: June 23, 2011 Zelda The Cure For 3DS Blues? Turn on your Wii for Kirby TV! Ocarina of Time 3D – Glitch Round Up Ocarina of Time 3D Easter Eggs Galore WayForward “Actively Pursuing” Shantae for 3DS Virtual Console New eShop Releases 23/6/2011 (Europe) Dragon Quest X Heading To Wii U Too? Is it Just Me, or is Club Nintendo More Attractive These Days? Will the UK have to wait until 2012 for Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing and Paper Mario? Could Kid Icarus Appear On 3DS Earlier Than Expected? The Wii U Won’t “Dramatically Outperform the Systems that are Out Now” Ocarina Of Time Is Fastest Selling 3DS Game In The UK Ocarina of Time Soundtrack CDs Have NOT Run Out! The 3DS Worst Selling Problems Are Over Ocarina 3D Soundtrack Promotion Also Coming to Australia and New Zealand Star Fox 64 3D will Release in Europe Before USA 3DS 3DTV service launches in Japan Tomorrow Official Resident Evil: Revelations Japanese Website Goes Live, Plus New Details on the Game Miyamoto Discusses 3DS Past, Present And Future Saints Row: Drive By on 3DS was “never started” What eShop Games Would YOU Like to Play? WiiU to Receive SpotPass/StreetPass Features Via 3DS? Pokémon Hitting 3DS Sooner Than Expected Donkey Kong – An eShop Must-Have, Or Just A Dirty Ape? Where (And How) to Catch Pokémon for Pokédex 3D GAME Bungles Online Zelda Pre-Order Bonuses Behind the Scenes with the Robin and Zelda Williams Commercial 2.1.0 Firmware Patch Goes Live Nintendo axed third party Wii U demos from E3, claims Report The First Real Must Have Mario for 3DS Arrives This July Thirteen Years Later Does Ocarina of Time Still Have the Magic? Miyamoto: Story Not as Important as Gameplay More Mutant Mudds Details Revealed eShop E3 Trailers Coming to Europe Soon! New eShop Releases 16/6/2011 Four Swords Mystery Solved Nintendo 3DS Colours How You Can Watch the 3DS Green Lantern Movie Trailer Regardless of Region Robin Williams (and Nintendo) Would Like To Remind You That He Named His Daughter After Princess Zelda Wii U Won’t Play DVDs Or Blu-Ray Ocarina of Time Arrives Early Luigi’s Mansion 2 Already Selling Like Hotcakes Nintendo Reveals Potential Wii U Games and Features BIT.TRIP SAGA News Round-Up A Look Back at the Original Ocarina of Time and Why OoT 3D is the Best First Killer App 3DS Finally Passes Million-Sold Milestone In Japan Wii U games to carry the same RRP as PS3 and 360 Games New eShop Game “Rolling” on to the 3DS Skyward Sword Ocarina of Time 3D Easter Egg Exposed Club Nintendo Ocarina of Time Soundtrack Reward Detailed ‘Super Pokémon Scramble’ Announced for 3DS in Japan 5 Classic Sega Titles Coming To Your 3DS Major US Retailer GameStop Selling Ocarina of Time 3D Early *UPDATED* Connectivity – How Could 3DS And Wii U Interact? E3 2011 Trailer Breakdown: Kirby Wii Nintendo Seeking 8-player Online for Mario Kart A Perfect Fit… Or a Match Made in Hell? The Future is Bright. The Future is… Green? Kirby, Kirby Everywhere, and Not a Drop in 3D?! Nintendo Responds to Playstation Vita Also Being $250 Almost All Sonic Generations 3DS Zones Exclusive To The System New 3DS Colour on The Way Your DSiWare Save Data Will Be Lost In the 3DS Transfer Bolster Your 3DS Pokédex with These Six Beasties Dead or Alive: Dimensions Pulled From Australian Shelves E3 2011 Trailer Breakdown: Kirby Mass Attack Super Smash Bros. 3DS & Wii U – What Changes Should We See? Why Nintendo Have Got it Wrong with the eShop Namco Bandai Announce Two Titles for 3DS Doctor Lautrec Features Fisticuffs Wii U Controller: Not Sold Separately? Gamecube Controllers Not Supported on Wii U Metal Gear Solid 3D Too Large For Standard 3DS Cartridges, Will Use “Exclusive” Larger Capacity Carts Nintendo Roundtable Round-Up Next Super Smash Bros Isn’t Actually In Development Yet, Work Won’t Begin Until Kid Icarus Is Finished Pikmin 3 Coming To U. Star Fox 64 3D Images Kid Icarus Uprising: Hubdated with new E3 screenshots! E3 2011 Trailer Breakdown: Super Mario 3DS E3 2011 Trailer Breakdown: Luigi’s Mansion 2 Every Paper Mario Screenshots Released So Far New Mario Kart Screenshots E3 2011 Trailer Breakdown: Star Fox 64 3D E3 2011 Trailer Breakdown: Paper Mario E3 2011 Trailer Breakdown: Animal Crossing 3D New Screens of Paper Mario 3DS Arrive From E3 New Animal Crossing Screens… or is it Zelda? What Does the Wii U Console Look Like Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX Dated + Priced Nyko Showcase New 3DS Accessories at E3 E3 2011 – Nintendo Press Conference Wrap Up Smash Brothers Coming to the 3DS and Wii U It’s Official – Project Cafe is now called Wii U Details on eShop Pokédex New Game – Tekken 3D Kid Icarus to allow for AR card battles! New Details on Mario 3DS Announced Starfox 64 3D to Feature Video Chat E3 – Mario Kart 3DS To Feature Land, Sea And Air Racing – Updated With Images Mario Kart ‘Takes Off’ in 3D Luigi’s Mansion 2 Announced For 3DS E3 2011 – Zelda 25th Anniversary Plans Announced Nintendo at E3- Symphony Concert Tour Announced Legend of Zelda Four Swords coming to DSi How Nintendo Opened Their E3 Event E3 2011 – Nintendo’s Press Conference – What Can We Expect? Chat While You Watch Nintendo’s E3 Presentation Excitebike 3D: Do you get what you pay For? 3DS eShop – Pros & Cons See All Games Coming to eShop Nintendo 3ds eShop Goes Live Nintendo: 3DS Update Will Cause Ridge Racer 3D Issues One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP Tops Charts, 3DS Unit Sales Up In Japan Senran Kagura trailer released; boobs nearly released Also Nintendo Hacked Would Smash Bros. Work on the 3DS? Wanna Watch E3 Live? New Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns 3DS Screens Revealed More Tetris 3DS Information. These DSiWare Titles Won’t Be Movable To Your 3DS A Guide To eShop Virtual Console Launch Titles EA Announce The Sims 3 Pets for 3DS And the winner of the XStylus Crayon is… Planet Crashers Set to Disintegrate Your 3DS The 3DS has 25,000 free US WiFi hotspots waiting for it Sony President: 3DS “feels like an update of the DS” New Snake Eater 3D Video and Screens Our Metal Gear Solid Gallery Grows 3DS eShop News Round-Up Sonic Generations 3DS Release Date Confirmed + New Details Ocarina of Time 3D Will Feature a Single Orchestrated Track Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked final box Art Frogger Heading to 3DS Japanese eShop Trailer 3DS Bundles Coming Soon Happy Feet II: Dancing with Your 3DS? FIFA 12 Will Support Downloadable Content More Details on 3D Classics Edition of Excitebike Pokédex 3D to launch with the 3DS eShop DS Lite Price Drop on June 5 Heroes of Ruin Takes Full Advantage of 3DS Functions Mahjong Cub3d trailer and ERSB packshot Unveiled Japanese Nintendo eShop Card Designs Revealed New Zelda Hub for Nintendo Online New Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Trailer & Artwork Black Nintendo 3DS Down to DSi Prices Ubisoft Expect 3DS Sales to Pick Up at Christmas Firebrand Games: “We’d love to make an F-Zero game” Leon Kennedy, where art Thou? Mutant Mudds is Spilling its Way to the Nintendo eShop Summer’s Here and the Time is Right for Gathering Play Coins in the Streets Hideo Kojima: Snake Eater 3D Will Be Out By Year’s End Super Mario Galaxy Composer Working on Ocarina 3D and Skyward Sword Soundtracks Shinobi 3DS Coming This September XStylus Crayon Giveaway N-Space and Square Enix Team Up on 3DS Cubic Ninja Inspired by Little Big Planet, Portal. New Green Lantern 3DS Trailer Capcom Offering Limited Edition RE: Mercenaries 3DS Case Professor Layton and the Last Specter Trademarked in the United States Nintendo Unleashed Tour Lands at the MCM Expo This Weekend Hands-on Shinobi 3DS New Rabbids Game Announced, Could it be for 3DS? First Sonic Generations 3DS Details and Screens Shinobi 3DS First Teaser Trailer Revealed? 2 Weeks Until E3 2011 Sonic Generations Confirmed For 3DS Pokemon Headed to an Arcade Near You… If You’re In Japan Capcom Explains Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Character Roster Australia Raises the Stakes in the Zelda Pre-Order Arms Race New Ocarina Of Time Trailer Capcom Cuts Nintendo Support Cooking Mama Turns 3D Shinobi May Be Coming To 3DS Is Modern Warfare 3 Coming To 3DS? More Lego Movie Games on my 3DS, Please Alan Wake developer “evaluating” 3DS and NGP Ocarina of Time 3D Gets Australian Release Date A New Way to Reduce Eye Strain Whilst Playing your 3DS (and look ridiculous) Dead or Alive Dimensions Won’t Be Released in Sweden, Norway and Denmark Handheld History (Part 2) Details on the Impending 3DS Internet Browser Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Delayed in Japan Magic Pencil Coming To 3DS Handheld History Sega Removes Sonic Generations 3DS Listing Retailer GameStop Offering Ocarina 3D Pre-Order Bonus to Canadian Customers Resident Evil: The Mercenaries Dated for the UK LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Announced for 3DS No Online Play for FIFA After All? Could Project Café be two consoles in One? XStylus Crayon Review Ocarina of Time 3D Includes a New Item Best Buy To Offer Exclusive SpotPass Content Huge Batch of Resident Evil Mercenaries Pics Witness More Than Ten Minutes of Game Play From Ocarina 3D Eighth Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Character Revealed RUMOUR: Sonic Generations coming to 3DS? Mario & Sonic London 2012- Events Unveiled and First Pics Ocarina 3D’s Master Quest Has Flipped Twilight Princess-Style World Megaman Legends 3 gameplay Footage The Latest Info on Cave Story 3D Everything We Know So Far About Mario 3DS Details on Star Fox 64 3D and Ocarina of Time Water Temple Metal Gear Solid 3D launching in November? Japanese Retailer Tweets New Star Fox 64 3D-tails 3DS eShop Delayed [Updated (UK & US Date Added)] Rumour: GameStop Reckons Sonic Generations and Time Crisis Are Coming to 3DS Pokémon 3DS for an E3 Surprise? Sega Has a Crush on 3DS 3DS Firmware Update Details Revealed? Ace Combat coming to 3DS, Tales of the Abyss Confirmed For Europe Spider-Man: Edge of Time Coming to 3DS This Fall Resident Evil Mercenaries Teaser Trail and New Pics 500 Teams and Street Football Come to 3DS Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference Details Confirmed Metal Gear Solid coming in November? Are These The First Third-Party Games For The 3DS’ Virtual Console? Sega’s Thor: God of Thunder Receives Praise New trailer for Naruto Shippuden 3D New Dream Trigger 3D screenshots and ‘Anxiety’ trailer Super Mario 3DS Details, Slowly but Surely Trickling in Saints Row: Drive By Cancelled Check out Nintendo Greece’s Ocarina of Time Pre-Order Swag You Don’t Love Augmented Reality As Much As This Guy Program your own 3DS games – no homebrew necesssary! Nintendo will promptly start work on 3D video service after May update Mario Kart 3DS To Feature “New Elements” What’s different in Ocarina of Time for 3DS? Need for Speed Running to 3DS This November Enjoy This New Ocarina of Time 3D Trailer Tales of the Abyss Hitting Europe Spring 2012? 3DS To Act as Controller to Nintendo’s Next Home System? Initial run of Zelda 3DS cartridges limited in Number To Remake or Not to Remake–How Nintendo Answers the Question Enjoy This New 3DS Software Trailer Pre-order Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, get Real Legos! BIT.TRIP SAGA Confirmed For 3DS New Tales Of The Abyss 3D Trailer Tales Of The Abyss Confirmed For North America Is Beyond the Labyrinth The Best-Looking 3DS game yet? Nintendo Announces Unleashed Tour 2011 Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness port coming to 3DS? Mario 3DS to be shown at at E3 Star Fox, Mario Kart details emerge Nintendo to Announce Excitebike Giveaway for 3DS Owners PES 2011 3D Review See The Opening Movie For Ocarina Of Time 3D Tales Of The Abyss 3D Dated Again (In Japan) LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Review Best Buy Preparing for eShop Report : DS Lite Discontinued Nintendo confirms Wii successor for E3 showing, 2012 launch New 3DS Buzz Homepage More Zelda remakes on the way? Make Time and Space for 3DS Doctor Who Case Nintendo and THQ Confident the 3DS is Pirate-Proof Nintendo “Believe Your Eyes” Tour Arrives in London New Mario & Sonic at the Olympics Games Confirmed for 3DS and Wii Mega Man Legends 3 Site Opens Up More Comparison Shots of Ocarina Of Time 3D Nazo Waku Yakata: Rooms Detailed, Street Fighter Cameo Revealed Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version Confirmed, Dated, Priced New Super Mario 3DS Details PlayStation Portable Toppled as 3DS Reclaims Crown in Japan Nintendo and JetBlue give JFK Travelers a 3DS Boost 3DS Sells 3.6 Million in First Month Centipede Reboot to Infest 3DS and Wii Miyamoto promises Super Mario 3DS for 2011 3DS as low as £179.99 in UK Rez and Child of Eden Creator: 3DS “very important to us” Square-Enix Reveals Puzzle Bobble Universe Launch Trailer Atlus Announces Puzzletastic Mahjong Cub3D Mega Man Legends 3 To Have Prototype Version? Ocarina Of Time 3D Features Boss Rush, Super Guide Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Pre-Order Bonus Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D ‘blurs graphical line’ between portables and home Consoles More Ocarina of Time 3D Details Emerge Official Giant AR Cards Now Available in Japan 3DS first week sales: Impressive in Context? Could the Wii2 and 3DS work together? Devil Survivor Overclocked’s 8th Day Scenario Detailed Total Number Of Protagonists Revealed For Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Reggie explains lack of 3DS sell-outs New Screenshots (Old Vs New) For Ocarina Of Time 3D More Nintendo HD Info From Many More Sources CNET UK Leaps Aboard the Mii Bandwagon The Joy of Nintendo Thumb: Majesco Announces Nano Assault 3DS Sells 400,000 In Its First Week In The US New Kagura Screenshots, Profiles, Measurements Rumor: Wii Successor Confirmed For E3? Official Nintendo Mag Boasts Interactive Mii Cover 3DS Breaks Retail Sales Record Down Under Club Nintendo Promotional T-Shirts Winners Confirmed Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition On 3DS? Ono Responds… Kagura: Portrait Of Girls Perverts Your 3DS Konami Introduces Doctor Lautrec Via Trailer Having trouble with your StreetPass Quest? 3DS Ocarina of Time Box Art Revealed Third-Party Augmented Reality T-Shirt Goes on Sale Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Sells One Million Copies Japanese Teasers and Release Dates for Star Fox and Zelda More Mercenaries Media and Miscellany Ocarina 3D not developed by Nintendo Nintendo dates US and European 3DS summer line-up Dead Or Alive Dimensions Gets New Japanese Date Mega Man Legends 3: Choose Mega Man’s Look Chronos Twin Developer Throws its Weight Behind 3DS Nintendo Confirms June 17/19 Launch for Ocarina of Time 3D Majesco Announces Delay for BloodRayne: The Shroud Revelations a Direct Sequel to Resident Evil 5 Pokemon Global Link Set to Launch on April 13 Your DSiWare games won’t play off an SD Card on 3DS 3DS Sales Predictions- Made too Early? Cooking Mama 4 to release in October Sony slams Nintendo 3DS as “babysitting tool” Mega Man Legends 3 Project Restarts Dream Trigger for 3DS Goes Gold WayForward Seems Keen on Bringing Shantae to 3DS Are 3DS adverts breaking the rules? New Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions Video New Details for Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Rumour: Super Street Fighter IV 3DS To Connect To Nintendo’s New System? NMA Animation Team Lets Loose on The Sun Story 3DS Momentum Continues to Stutter in Japan Firelight Technologies Sounds Off on Nintendo 3DS Support ‘The Hidden’ Brings Horror To Your Living Room n-Space with Five Titles in Development, Three for 3DS One Piece Gets New Release Date Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Coming to DS and 3DS XStylus Crayon: An Ergonomic Alternative to the 3DS’s Stylus Want to see what Mass Effect, Call of Duty and The Elder Scrolls might look like on the 3DS? The Sun’s 3DS witch hunt Continues New Green Lantern Screenshots Surface Animal Resort Gets a Release Date Level-5 Tweets (Brief) Inazuma Eleven Details 3DS Getz Firzt Killer App Courtezy of Ubizoft Tales Of The Abyss Delayed Nintendo Still Denying Claims of High 3DS Return Rates and 3D Illness Steel Diver Set to Surface as UK Gets Release Date Tabloids reveal “refund row” Win 7 3DS games or a Console (Last Chance) Vote for Your Best/Most Wanted 3DS Games New Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Details and Trailer Reggie: Nintendo has “no desire” to make a gaming phone Ubisoft: “3DS will be an even bigger success than the original DS” Strange man microwaves his brand new 3DS Aksys Hints At Bit.Trip 3DS PSP keeps up with 3DS in Japan Burnout 3D on the cards? Is Monster Hunter coming to the 3DS? Resident Evil: Revelations confirmed for 2012 Write About 3DS Games to Win a 3DS Game 3DS is the most successful Nintendo launch in the UK Super Mario from a First Person Camera (Now in 3D) Nintendogs 3DS Hub Updated April Fool: Nintendo Discontinues Recently Launched 3DS 3DS Struggles to Eclipse Ye Olde PSP Does the Nyko Power Pak+ deliver on its promise? Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions To Include Enticing Extras First Look: Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions What Happened To The Club Nintendo AR T-Shirt Promotion? Report: Ocarina 3D Releasing June 17th; Kid Icarus, Starfox May 6th? Cave Story 3D Gets Release Date No 3D for the Wii 2 3DS costs $100 to manufacture Ono: SSFIV 3D better than Wii version could ever be Retailers dish the dirt on UK 3DS Launch GAME Caught Buying Cheaper 3DS Stock from Tesco There’s Something Fishy About These 3DS Releases Wesker And Jill Smash Heads In New Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Trailer Nintendo 3DS Sets U.S. Sales Record Nintendo responds to ‘black screen of death’ and 3DS Headaches Ignition Entertainment Talks 3DS Plans First Screens of Rocket Slime 3 Super Street Fighter IV tops the 3DS UK Chart How did the 3DS fare in this week’s UK chart? BBFC Rates, Dates Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Revelations Demo Packed Into Resident Evil: The Mercenaries Widespread 3DS Crashing? 3DS Misrepresented by CNN Share Your 3DS Excitement, Swap Friend Codes and Chat Pilotwings Resort Hub – Wiki, Trailer, Pics, Prices Get £215 for your 3DS at CEX 3DS pre-orders double Wii’s in America Super Mario Land coming to 3DS eshop? Namco Destroys One Piece Ads Nintendo Continues to Expand “Core Gamer Market” Random Strangers React to 3DS Best 3D on the 3DS? Games Galore as Nintendo 3DS Takes UK by Storm Street Fighter X Tekken On 3DS? “It Should Happen” Sample The 3D Audio From Nazo Waku Yakata 3DS Gets First Firmware Update 3DS Gets BAFTA Award-Winning F1 Racing Series Dead Or Alive Dimensions (Slightly) Censored In North America Going to a Midnight Launch? Win a 3DS Game Green Lantern Set To Illuminate Nintendo’s 3DS Even More One Piece Screens Analyst: 3DS Should Sell 3.9 Million Units This Year Happy Birthday to 3DS Buzz Unreal Engine can run on 3DS after all? 3DS pre-orders continue to break records at Amazon Did Nintendo of Greece Reveal 3DSWare’s Name and Logo? Mad Catz Reveals 3DS Accessories One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP Delayed Yoshinori Ono to appear at HMV’s 3DS UK midnight launch 5 Ways To Wait For Your Wonderful Nintendo 3DS Capcom announces Nazo Waku Yakata THQ details SpongeBob SquarePants’ first 3DS Outing The Colour Conundrum Hardcore Nintendo Fan Already in Line for 3DS New Video of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Gets Official Release Date Hudson Cancels 3DS Titles 3DS launch sales to generate £26 million? Nintendo Details New York 3DS Launch Event Capcom Cancels 3DS X Preview Event 3DS Project Leader Looks at the Future of the System 3DS Battery Life Even Worse Than Expected? Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D out in June? Massive Augmented Reality Mii Created New R4i card released for 3DS Level-5 to announce 20 titles this year SEGA To Unleash Thor and Captain American on 3DS Augmented Reality cards work on iPhone European Club Nintendo Rewards Early 3DS Registration New Nintendo 3DS Launch Trailer 3DS: Handheld Juggernaut, 3D Innovator….Fog Machine? Get Your Hands on 3DS Today How important is the 3D slider? First 3DS RPG…Is Already Included In The 3DS? Au Contraire: 3DS Capable Of Improving Eyesight The 3DS Might Not Like Your Face 3DS Gets Heroic With Thor And Captain America Marvelous at Work on 2D 3DS Game Steel Diver Video Preview BlazBlue Producers Talk 3DS Adaption Dead Or Alive: Dimensions Delayed Enthusiastic Ubisoft expect 3DS to eclipse original DS Amazon: Nintendo 3DS most pre-ordered console… EVER! Nintendo wins solitary award at the video game BAFTAs Buy Nintendo 3DS ~ £10 Game + Cheapest Console Price + Freebies! First Tetris 3DS Screenshots Tales Of The Abyss 3DS: New Screenshots Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition’s NA Commercial Gets Up On Your Grill New Cubic Ninja Details, Screenshots, & US Box Art First Footage of The Conduit 3DS 3DS Dragon Quest Slime game revealed DS dominates handheld category at tonight’s BAFTA awards European Pokémon Sales Top One Million Dead Or Alive JPN Website Update 2: Stages The 1st 3DS Buzz Gallery: Nintendogs + Cats Report Suggests Nintendo 3DS Success Far From Guaranteed Six Things We Want From Super Mario 3DS Japan Earthquake: Effects on the Nintendo 3DS North American 3DS Commercial [Updated!] Introducing the 3DS Wiki Naruto 3DS Details 3DS Gyro, European Title One Piece 3DS: New Screenshots Japanese Developers Respond to Crisis, Death Scares Factor 5 Developing Mystery Games for Nintendo 3DS? Japan Sees Strong Sales of 3DS Console Sherlock Holmes 3DS announcement leaked ahead of Time? How Nintendo is Doing in Japan and What You Can Do to Help BlazBlue 3DS Confirmed For Europe Nintendo delays Wii games because of 3DS? Dead Or Alive Dimensions To Feature 28 Free DLC Costumes Oregon Trail Heading To 3DS 3DS demands dev team unity “way more than other Consoles” Gamestop Midnight Release/Preview Locator Available Now! Miyamoto Speaks On His Two 3DS Remakes Apple Headphones Compatible With 3DS 3DS “Demo Pods” Revealed- Demos Begin Tomorrow! Super-Size Mii Gabrielle Gets Her Ghostly Groove On 3DS Dead Or Alive Dimensions Details Daily Downloadable Dress-Up Nintendo & HMV announce UK launch Promotion DS Games Load Slower On 3DS Devil Survivor Over Clocked: New Trailer, Tentative Release Date 3DS Battery Life Doubled Thanks To Nyko 25th Annual Game Developers Conference: A Retrospective on Content as King New One Piece 3DS Commercials, Characters GameStop Lists 3DS Bundles [Updated] Remote Pwnage for Pirates Nintendo: 85% of the UK will see 3DS ads before Launch Watch Cute Japanese Girls Play Cubic Ninja Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Features Master Quest Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Interview, Details Naruto 3DS: New Trailer, Details Mark Rein: “If we felt the 3DS could run Unreal Engine, we’d be on it” Dead Or Alive: Dimensions JPN Website Updates Gamer Girl’s Guide to the 3DS Devil Survivor Over Clock: New Chapter Adds 1/4 More Content Try Mega Man Legends 3 And Resident Evil Mercenaries For Free (In Japan) Capcom Teases Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Update Nintendo To Partner With AT&T For Wi-Fi Hotspots Game Gear Lineup Announced For Virtual Console Yar’s Revenge “would be a perfect fit” for the 3DS Dead Or Alive: Dimensions – Release Date + New Info [Updated] The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D: New Screens, NA Release Date 3DS Gets Netflix Support Cartoon Network Fighter Gets Official Name, Trailer Super Mario 3DS Unveiled Console Wars – Who’s Winning? [Reposted] The Last Hurrah of the DS Team Meat working on 3DS Title 3DS sells approx. 400,000 units over Japanese launch Weekend Nintendo 3DS to use NetFront Browser, Supports Flash and HTML5? Zelda: Ocarina of Time Hub Are you a Fanboy? R4i works on the Nintendo 3DS [Video] Japanese Consumers Flock to Nintendo 3DS Launch Australia’s 3DS Launch Lineup Video: Nintendo 3DS Unboxed Ahead of Japanese Launch Pre-launch 3DS Anticipation Shifting Up Through The Gears Mainstream media attacks Nintendo 3DS one month before Launch More Fishy 3DS Action with Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D, Gyro Sensor late additions to 3DS Design Support Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs, Get Free Goodies! Escape Vektor: Confirmed Digital title Nintendo Respond to Greenpeace Rating North America’s Nintendo 3DS Launch Titles 50% of Marvelous Entertainment games “this year” will be for the 3DS All The Mario Kart 3DS Footage Ever Released Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: Collect Figures Through Shops Capcom’s Ono Defends 3DS Capabilities 16 New Nintendogs + Cats Screenshots Professor Layton Tops 11 Million Sales Monkey Ball 3DS – Rolling, Fighting and Racing How Many Sleeps Till I Get My 3DS? Pro Evolution Soccer is like a fighting game (but Different) Six Sharp Shots of the Nintendo 3DS ‘Shop Reel Fishing Paradise 3D Swimming Ashore in Spring One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP: More Details Revealed Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Features Spot Pass Infernal Engine Approved for Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 3DS AR Cards Revealed Konami Provides Story Info for Doctor Lautrec Street Fighter IV Producer Can’t Get a 3DS EA Cancels Gardens 3DS 3DS Won’t accept the Current Nintendo Points Cards Disney details LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean for 3DS CM4 Unveils Premium ‘Slim Cover’ 3DS Protection Collecting Coins isn’t Just for Mario Anymore! Price of 3DS Dev Kits Leaked, Cheaper Than Expected Mega Man Legends 3: Reaverbot Entry Winner Announced 2 New Commercials For Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition n-Space Developing Trio of Mystery 3DS Games More UK Cities Confirmed for 3DS Preview Tour See inside a 3DS Game Case Activision Reveals More About Transformers: Dark of the Moon Ono Says the 3DS Launch is as Exciting as the Dreamcast Nintendo 3DS Handed Handy Handheld Gameplay Grip Sega says monkey balls to Valentine’s Day Nintendo 3DS: One year after Launch We Don’t Know Much About Mario Kart 3DS… Cave Story Gets 3DS Remake Eight and a Half Enthralling Minutes of Ocarina of Time Footage Free this weekend? So are 3DS previews! Dream Trigger 3D: Three new Screenshots Videos Of 3DS Sound Recorder And Activity Log Surface Nintendo Respond to 3DS Price Concerns 3DS to Compete with Cheap Smartphone Apps Rumour: The PSP2 is $50 More Than The 3DS Dead Or Alive Dimensions Has “Figure Mode” Tales Of The Abyss 3DS Preview, Comparisons Downloadable 3D Movies Confirmed Jon Hare: 3DS will “triumph” over NGP Five Series That Would Benefit From 3D Hands-On Video Preview Shows DS Compatibility Nintendogs+Cats Details, Retrospective Reggie feels Nintendo “Can’t Win” With The 3DS Launch Line-Up Tales Of The Abyss 3D Site Opens 2nd Week 3DS Games Announced 3DS Launch Games For UK Confirmed Australia Finally Gets Price & Release Date Best 3DS experience… means turning 3D Off? Namco Bandai declares love for the 3DS PES 2011 Is Ready For European Launch Namco promises authentic series driving in Ridge Racer 3D Snakebyte unveils Nintendo 3DS Starter Pack Super Street Fighter IV on 3DS might support DLC 4 New Characters Confirmed For Dead Or Alive: Dimensions “Angry Birds” Is Flying To 3DSWare This Year Lego Pirates 3DS announcement to come soon? Namco Bandai announce new 3DS Game Nippon Ichi Reveals 3DS Title Playable 3DS games at MCM Midlands Expo New BlazBlue 3DS Trailer, Details 3DS Hardware design: Behind the Scenes 3DS Pre-order Sales Momentum Staggers Online Retailer Is The Conduit coming to the 3DS? [Updated] Sign-up Now! 3DS Preview Events in UK No Contradiction between 3DS health warnings and Pokémon announcement, says Iwata Play Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition Today! Bubble Trouble for Bub and Bob in Puzzle Bobble Universe Nintendo Not Keen On 3G connectivity For 3DS Tilt your 3DS if you want to play Pac-Man and Galaga 3DS In 2011, Wii 2 In 2012? EA Confirms Two 3DS Launch Titles Naruto Box Art Revealed 3DS set to smash Wii pre-order Success Hudson Reveals More About Bomberman 3DS Why you’ll have to wait for Mario and Zelda 3DS Zelda Leading Pre-Orders Miyamoto keen to show Super Mario Bros. 3DS “as soon as possible” How Dead or Alive uses StreetPass Lego Star Wars III delayed; 3DS to Blame? Gundam 3DS: UK Release Date Confusion New Pokémon Title in Development for the 3DS Silly Prices for Aus 3DS Games Even More Free 3DS Software LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Supports Play Coins Nintendo 3DS Utility Apps: Your New Best Friends Gorgeous New Zelda: Ocarina of Time Shots Iwata Lays Down The Gauntlet Magic country guesser Level-5 Teases Inazuma Eleven 3DS Sequel Gorgeous (And Totally Fake) Legend Of Zelda 3DS Boxset E-Shop, Browser Not Available On Launch 3DS Forum Up to 12 3DS Software Titles Can Utilize StreetPass Simultaneously Nintendo Wants To Get You Moving… 3DS’ Short Battery Life Because of the Backlight No 3DS Lite Kingdom Hearts 3DS – New Details + Trailer New Ridge Racer Trailer Analysed Amazon Drop 3DS Price to £202 – Click for Amazon UK Nintendo to Distribute Super Street Fighter 4 Sony Announces PSP 2 Thor PSP Abandoned in Favour of 3DS Version NintenRabbits – Meet Professor Layton’s New Pet No Zelda Anywhere Near Launch 3DS on Tour Rayman 3D Is Rayman 2 Mega Man Legends 3: Design Your Own Reaverbot Nvidia Launching 3D Processor For Portable Devices Got a Question for Nintendo? Achievements Locked Marvel VS Capcom on 3DS? What Delights do Nintendo Have in (3DS) Store? Rodea the Sky Soldier – First Trailer Another Chance to Win a 3DS How Street Fighter’s Figurine Mode Works Raving About the Rabbids? MP3 Support Confirmed for Nintendo 3DS Sound 900,000 Units Pegged for Europe, 10 Launch Titles? Dead or Alive Website Up, Plus Info Free Street Fighter IV 3D for Everyone Pro Evo 3DS Previewed… Super Mario Land And Link’s Awakening Footage Rumour: 3DS UK Trade Price Disclosed Nintendo Reveals Max Battery Life, Friends Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Adds Missions, Depth and More 3DS To Feature 3D Movies? 3DS Online Store Uses Real Money, Not Points Gundam: The 3D Battle Trailer+Details Japan Lines Up For 3DS….To Pre-Order It Wii/3DS Connectivity Is A One-Way Ticket Pikmin 3D Revealed? Dead Or Alive Dimensions Features Metroid Level: Samus Playable? Nintendo Opens North American 3DS Homepage 3DS Dated + Priced In North America Date: March 25th. Price: Don’t Ask Us! Face Raiders Comes Bundled with the 3DS One DS, One Friend Code Nintendo Bringing Eurosport, Sky, Aardman to the 3DS Sonic Creator Reveals First 3DS Game Chat and Live Blog from the Nintendo 3DS Preview Event Kingdom Hearts 3D Titled, Trailered, Tantalizing Majesco Bring Two Games to the 3DS 3DS Games Color-Coded By Rating One Piece 3DS To Feature New Characters Sudoku 3D Dated In Japan Metroid Coming to the 3DS? Jonathan Ross to Host Wednesday’s 3DS Event Cartoon Network Rumble Named, New Details 3DS Security Fail – Snapped, Stripped, and Already Cracked? Friend Codes Headed For 3DS Nintendo World 2011 Turnout Results Japan’s March Lineup For 3DS Software 3DS Camera Can Record Video Too? 3DS Pre-Order Date (In Japan) Take A Walk, Earn Some Coins 3DS To Have Region Lock Box Art Extravaganza – All The Japanese Launch Titles What’s in the 3DS Box? [Photos] Now Showing: Camcorder Footage of Zelda 3DS Remaining Six Deca Sports 3DS Disciplines Revealed + Screenshot Blowout Nintendo to Ship 4 Million 3DSs by April Resident Evil: Revelations Gameplay Video New Nintendogs + Cats Screenshots, Motion-Controlled “Tumble” Nintendo UK Launches Official 3DS Site See Mario Kart 3DS in Action for the First Time House of Layton Bring a Footie Title to the 3DS Paper Mario Trailer – “Gorgeous” Full Dead or Alive Trailer Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Videos 3DS Software Lineup Video [Updated] Resident Evil: The Mercenaries in Action Nintendo World 2011 – Now With Added Tunes Dead Or Alive Dimensions Gets “Chronicle Mode” GAME & Gamestation Now Accepting 3DS Pre-Orders Metal Gear Solid 3 Conference Details Kid Icarus: Uprising Demo Impressions Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS Demo Impressions Large Batch of 3DS Operating System Pictures Japanese Launch Lineup Revealed Massive Pack of Game Artwork + Screenshots [Updated] 3DS Battery Life Revealed BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Hits The 3DS Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Impressions Super Smash Bros. Brawl 3DS Revealed? [Confirmed: Not] Nintendo 3DS Box and Game Cases [Photo] Nintendo Reveals Several 3DS TV Commercials, Livestream Release Date Rumours and Pre-orders Confirmed for Tomorrow [Update 2] Pro Evo Soccer 3DS Trailer Augmented Reality Title Confirmed for 3DS Launch Super Street Fighter IV 3D In Nintendo World, Bonus Goodie Included Kid Icarus: Uprising Director Reveals Tutorial Video, Cat Iwata Renames 3DS “Slide Pad,” talks Virtual Boy and More New Ridge Racer Details, Screens Nintendo World 2011 Giving Away Free Resident Evil Goodies Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Over Clock Announced New Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle Screenshots Emerge New Naruto 3DS Details 3DS Requires “Steady Hands”, Says Kid Icarus Designer Renegade Kid in Talks With 3DS Publisher The Aftermath of the 3DS Leak Cubic Ninja ‘Confirmed’ for North America Cyber Gadget Reveals Lineup of 3DS Accessories Monster Hunter on the 3DS? Rayman 3D Confirmed for 3DS 3DS Will Have 3D PIN Lock Rumour: 3DS For Under £200 Mega Man Legends 3 Director Attending Nintendo World 3DS: $269.99 In North America? 3DS To Hit Australia in March? Does Super Meat Boy Have a Future on the 3DS? Lions, and Penguins, and Elephants – Oh My! The 3DS’s Greatest Mysteries Nintendo World 2011: Games + Demos Detailed Pokémon Black & White Release Date + English Trailer Screen Analysis: Samurai Warriors Chronicle Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D to be Bundled with 3DS? Project LovePlus Features a “Boyfriend Lock” 3DS Preorders Open in the US Fluidity/Hydroventure Coming to 3DS? Merry Christmas! Bit.Trip Coming to 3DS? What We Want From Castlevania 3DS Contest Offers Chance To Play 3DS In Amsterdam Kingdom Hearts 3D To Have A “Shocking” Ending Miyamoto Talks Mario Kart 2 Wii Games on 1 3DS Cart Indie Developers to get 3DS Dev Kits Rumour: Castlevania 3DS on the Way Rayman Heading To 3DS? Hollywood ’61 Renamed Squenix to Show More Kingdom Hearts 3DS Press Conference in New York and Amsterdam Combat of Giants: Renamed and Redesigned 6 Player Racing and Bikes in Asphalt 3D Professor Layton Trailer Shows Motion-Capture Use EA: 3DS Has a ‘Sweet’ GPU, Enables Use of ‘Next-Gen’ Assets Nintendo Rate a Fourth, US-Developed Mystery Game PES 3DS Pictures Rumour: 3DS Carts to Hold More Data than a DVD Naruto 3DS Confirmed at Jump Festiva A Glimpse at Doctor Lautrec Masahiro Sakurai Tweets Pit Figurine Picture New Details, Screens For The Sims 3DS Fans Give Voice To Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine Nintendo Call Press Conference on January 19th The Doctor is in… Dream Trigger 3D Announced Pachter Backs the 3DS SEGA Readies 6-9 Games for the 3DS 10 Unmissable Wii Games for Christmas 2010 Namco Porting Wii Game to the 3DS First Super Monkey Ball Trailer Shows off Gameplay, Stages and Characters Resident Evil: Revelations – The Survival Guide Charles Cecil Demands Nintendo Combat 3DS Piracy Digital Works Dead Set on Developing for the 3DS Deca Sports 3DS Revealed – Not What You Expect FPS Resident Evil? New Info and Screens New Resident Evil: The Mercenaries Details Rumour: New Street Fighter 3DS Characters Apple Gets Glasses-Free Eternally Optimistic? Grasshopper Coy about 3DS Project? Camelot Ready to Work on the 3DS New Samurai Warriors Info Surfaces Scribblenauts Planned for the 3DS? Three Mystery Nintendo Titles Revealed Epic Mickey Creator Looking Forward to 3DS Brain Training Returns On 3DS 3DS Sites Open for Business Will the Wii 2 be in 3D? New Super Monkey Ball Details Gamestop Taking 3DS Pre-Orders In Canada Nintendo Not Showing at CES Nintendo Lets You Play the 3DS for Free Nintendo to Show Off 3DS at CES? Super Meat Boy Developer Talks 3DS Possibility Transformers Movie Sequel on 3DS Marvelous – 3DS Development Pricey, More Games in the Pipeline Lego Pirates on 3DS? Undiscovered Treasures? Kingdom Hearts 3DS: New Details Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine Named, Finalized RUMOUR: 3DS Price in Australia Let Slip? Will 3DSWare Feature Virtual Boy Games? Super Meat Boy On 3DS? Rune Factory On 3DS? My Garden Rated In Australia, Changes Name Reggie Confident in the 3DS 10 Awesome DS Games You Don’t Have EA bringing Madden to the 3DS Your Design Could End Up in Mega Man Legends 3 Hasbro to Make iPhone 3D Sudoku Ball 3DS Just A Concept (For Now) Mario And Zelda Games Will Be “Easier” On 3DS 3DS to get 3G when it can be Done For Free 3DS “More Interesting Than DS” For Devs, Says Iwata Sony to Nintendo: “Great Job” How Will 3DSWare Work? UPDATE: Nintendo 3DS to Launch on March 11th Rumour Sharp to Launch 3D Phone 3DS Sudoku Ball Announced Rare to Develop For The 3DS? Both 2D & 3D Mario Games in Development for 3DS DS Will Keep on Going After 3DS Arrives Nintendo Releases (Tentative) Software Launch Window Cartoon Network Gets Character Crossover On 3DS Mega Man Legends 3 Producer Leaves Capcom 3DS Shopping Channel Demonstrated Nintendo Plans 3DS Public Demonstration Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine Winner Announced More 3DS Game Footage from Japan PlayStation Phone Out of the Bag Gameplay Video of Resident Evil Revelations More 3D Gadgets Hitting the Market Reggie Reckons Apple Ninty’s Biggest Competitor Nintendo 3DS Beginners’ Guide Miyamoto Worried About Motion Control Snake Slithers Into Metal Gear Solid Trailer Mega Man Legends 3 Heroine Pick Narrowed to 3 Want Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright? Tell Capcom Anime Girls Entertain Clients in Level-5 Game Fantasy Life Is Reborn On 3DS New Strategy RPG on the Way Fresh Time Travellers Screens and Info New Mask of Miracle Details Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright Crossover for 3DS SpongeBob SquarePants Swims To 3DS Konami Announce Their 4 Game Line-Up 6 Games From Hudson Heading to 3DS Dementium Sequel on the 3DS? Glasses-Free 3D Laptops Coming Soon (Also By Toshiba) My Garden Previewer Distinctly Unimpressed Saints Row 3DS to be Unveiled This Week? Omega Five Blasts Its Way To The 3DS Japan Responds to 3DS Launch Price Nintendo Will Fight Piracy With Updates A (Very) Brief Preview Of Mega Man Legends 3 It’s Announced – Gaijin Games Confirm 3DS Game Unity Engine Likely to Support 3DS 3DS Auto Updates, Adds Spam? Fans To Pick New Heroine For Mega Man Legends 3 Glasses-Free 3D TV’s Released This Year Pachter Predicts April Launch for 3DS 3DS Games to be Close in Price to DS Games 3DS Battery Life Shorter Than DS Epic Says; No Unreal Engine for the 3DS THQ Boss – 3DS More Than a Gimmick A New Challenger Approaches New Street Fighter 4 Details Level-5 to Announce 4 New Games at Vision 2010 3DS to get Muramasa? Cubic Ninja Ready To Block on the 3DS Video Demonstrates 3DS Mii Creation New Splinter Cell 3DS Screens, Details Emerge The Price isn’t Right? Mii Studio Detailed: QR Codes, StreetPass, and more… It’s Official – February Date Due to Production Problems Animal Resort to Run, Slither, Swim, Gallop onto the 3DS Driver 3D to Appear on the 3DS Konami Add Racing and Baseball to their 3DS Line-Up Why a Spring 3DS Date isn’t a Problem Sega to Have Six Titles Ready for 3DS Tales of the Abyss Announced for 3DS Nintendo Admit Third Party Support is Lacking, Promise to Change for 3DS Dead or Alive Video Bends Over, Attracts Interest Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII on 3Ds? Love Plus heading 3DSwards The New Face of The Nintendo 3DS 4 Million 3DS’ to be Sold in a Month? 20 Hottest 3DS Games Video Exciting 3DS Features Video The 3DS is Ready to Embrace Augmented Reality Professor Layton Mask of Miracle Trailer Nintendo 3DS Release Date – [Updated 12 February] New Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Video, Details Class of Heroes Coming to 3DS Capcom Unveils Megaman Legends 3 3DS Capcom Announces Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Nintendo 3DS Priced And Dated In Japan Gameboy And Gameboy Advance Games Hit 3DS Virtual Console Nintendo 3DS Conference Schedule In-Depth Look At 3DS Camera Prince of Persia DS Designer Working on 3DS Game September 29th Press Briefing Live Blog! Game Expect 3DS Early Next Year Update: Capcom To Announce Two New Titles Professor Layton Director Talks 3DS Sequel September 29th – What Might Be Announced Glasses-Free 3D Camera On The Way Rumor: 3DS Release Date Leaked by German Newspaper? Rumor: Pokémon Black and White Enhanced for 3DS? Will the 3DS Face Shortages? 3DS: Harmful To Children? New Eternal Eden Remake Details Kingdom Hearts: Next Project Will Be On 3DS Android Phones To Go 3D Without Glasses? Why the 3DS needs 2D No foreign press at September 29th Event Moore Says – 3D bad, 3DS good. 3DS buttons to be backlit? Nintendo Holding a Press Briefing on September 29 Michael Pachter Has a Suggestion for Sony… Sonic Creator Wants To Make A 3DS Game New 3DS Specifications Emerge September 29th – What Won’t Be Announced Street Fighter 4 to Have 3DS Exclusive Features Child Of Eden On 3DS? Don’t Make Me Laugh Wanted – DS Legends on the 3DS No WarioWare for 3DS (Yet) Team Ninja Wants Your Criticism Treasure Explodes With Excitement Over 3DS GameStop Adds 3DS to System and Sets November Release Date Tecmo Names Samurai Warriors 3D [Updated] Bit.Trip Developer Teases 3DS Games, Colours. WayForward Enthusiastic About the 3DS Metal Gear Solid Confirmed for 2011 How Nintendo DS Games Will Work on the 3DS DS Games on the 3DS: The Technical Details Eternal Eden Getting Ported to 3DS Paper Mario to Debut on 3DS This Year? EA Announces “My Garden” What We’re Looking for in a 3DS Remake Geist Port and Winter Possible on the 3DS 3DSWare trademarked in Europe Bioware Handheld Project On 3DS? New Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Screens November 20th: D-Day For 3DS? [Update] Nintendo Trademarks ‘3DSWare’ In Australia 3 Movies That Would be Perfect for 3DS Capcom Demonstrates Graphics Engine On 3DS Suda Joins the Back of the 3DS Queue… Apple iPhone – the 3DS’ Real Competitor? Hardcore Gamers: Do They Want 3D Gaming? Nintendo Opens Up the 3DS Playing Field 3D Arcades Require Coins, Not Glasses Nintendo US Sales Down – is 3DS Ready to Save the Day? Nielson Study: Glasses aren’t Fun Deadly Premonition on 3DS? Sony Makes Fun Of Nintendo’s Tiny, Tiny Screen Free PC Game for our Forum Members Ghost Recon… But Not as You Know It Dead or Alive 3DS Given Official Name Mario Kart DS Competition – and the winner is… Splinter Cell versus Metal Gear Keiji Inafune on Resident Evil: Revelations Buy a 3DS Today – or, the Gall of Online Retailers 3DS appearance for Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs 22,000 Japanese fans can’t be wrong? The 5 Least Anticipated 3DS Games Hudson Developing Deca Sports for 3DS Experience 3DS (Sort of) – Win Mario Kart 3DS What we want from Saints Row: Drive By Fan Compiles Everything We Know About 3DS High Voltage: We Have “Hundreds of Ideas” for 3DS Nintendo Drops Prices of DSi and DSi XL New Kid Icarus: Uprising Details Ubisoft: No Future for Kinect and Move De Blob: The Underground Warren Spector Still Excited About 3DS Sony Jump Headfirst into Race for Glasses-Free TV 3D Without Glasses? That Is So 2008 Nintendo on 3DS: Graphics Were “A Priority” 3DS CPU Revealed? Intel and Nokia to Rival Nintendo with 3D Mobile Phones Toshiba Releasing Glasses-Free 3D Televisions Nintendo to Pirates: Bring It 3DS Will Not Feature Achievements Nintendo to Reveal 3DS Price in September Flat Link on a 3D screen? Headstrong Games Developing for 3DS Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Port Will Be “Perfect” See the 3DS today? Hours of Fun? 3DS, Up-Close and Personal No 3DS for Christmas Predicts Analysis Sharp and Fujifilm could Steal Nintendo’s Thunder Experience the 3D effect of 3DS Now… Sort Of 3DS Price “Leaked” Again X-COM Creator Working on 3DS Launch Game Resident Evil: Reservations Video Explains How 3D on 3DS Works No 3DS At Gamescom 3D Red Faction on the Way? [Updated: 16/08/10] Natsume Excited Over 3DS Nintendogs + Cats: Taking the Cat for a Walk? Are Zack & Wiki coming to 3DS? Sakurai’s Biggest Inspiration is…Resident Evil? Augmented Reality and the 3DS Sakurai Says: Once You Go Third Dimension, You Can’t Go 2D Again Kid Icarus Rebirth also Revamps Classic Character 3D Does Not Cause Harm to Under 7s? Casual Concerns – Part Two 3DS To Have Parental Lock? Ubisoft Further Confirm 3DS Love Capcom’s 3DS Games Unlikely To Make Launch “Installable” 3DS games: A Secure Solution Kid Icarus Developer on 3D Eyestrain and Online Modes Defining Genre Of 3DS. What Could It Be? EA Gushes Over 3DS, Makes “Kaching” Noise Iwata compares the 3DS’s connectivity to that of a cell phone Nintendo 3DS by November 19th? Nintendo Announces Fiscal Results Metal Gear Solid 3DS a secret to everyone, including Konami Casual Concerns – Part One Super Street Fighter IV producer talks 3DS Kingdom Hearts 3DS – New Details 3DS “Tag Mode” name revealed? 3DS release date to be announced on September 29th Epic Mickey creator hopes for 3DS port Nintendo trademarks 4 new titles Ghost Trick 3DS a possibility? Is Tag Mode a Waste of Time? Ridge Racer 3DS Preview 3DS launch in February 2011 for Europe Mario Kart 3DS – What can we expect? Rooting Around in the Attic… Only 1 Analogue Stick? Playing it Safe? Rayman Origins might be on the 3DS Is 3DS The Next Remake Machine For Square-Enix? Playable 3DS at Gamescom 2010? A Boy And His Blob, A Gelatinous Platformer For The 3DS Top 5 3DS Games We Want To See Professor Layton, What Happened to The Specter’s Flute? Deja Virtual Video Chatting and More for Pokémon Black and White. Lots More. Why Shin Megami Tensei Makes Perfect Sense For 3DS Does 3D Work with Motion Control? Is this the Kid Icarus Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For? Paper Mario 3D – What Should We Expect? 3DS to be the only 3D Nintendo system? Activision Considers Goldeneye 3DS Ubisoft Stakes 30% Market Share on 3DS Final Fantasy V, VI 3DS Remakes? Lylat Wars 3D: What We Want From the Remake Miyamoto has Dialogue about Analogue Multiplayer Kid Icarus? Top Nintendo Designer Reveals More on 3DS Ocarina of Time 3DS – Just Another Port? Renewed Hope for a 3G Connection 3DS to Feature Sophisticated Anti-Piracy Tech Metal Gear Solid Reconfirmed for 3DS Super Mario World 3DS? Remake or brand-new game? Nintendo 3DS Vs. PSP vs. DS vs. iPhone Graphics How 3DS Cartridges Compare with DS, Xbox and Others A New Hope for a New Yoshi’s Island Nintendo 3DS GPU Revealed Hollywood ’61 – Professor Layton has a Challenger 3D Video Chat a Possibility? Nintendo 3DS to be an eBook/News Reader? Chocobo Racing 3D – Racing Chickens Battle of Giants: Dinosaur Strike Samurai Warriors 3D Kingdom Hearts 3D – Not a Remake Steel Driver – DS Tech Demo Becomes Full 3DS Game Lylat Wars 3D Paper Mario – 3D Paper Looking Great PilotWings Flies Back for 3DS Rrrrrrrrrrrrridge Racer The Sims are Coming Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle Dead or Alive 3D – I Know What You’re Thinking DJ Hero 3D – Where’s the Trance? Mario Kart 3DS – Who Would Have Thought? Animal Crossing for 3DS Zelda: Ocarina of Time Returns in 3D Resident Evil Revelations Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater 3D: The Naked Sample Nintendogs Bound Back Along with their New Friends Loads of 3rd Party Support First 3DS Game on Show – Kid Icarus: Uprising 3D Movies for 3DS The Name Stays! Here it is! Win a 3DS – Just Like us on Facebook to Enter “Leaked” 3DS Image More Pokemon for Black and White How to Vote Bloggers Needed to Preview Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Facebook Winner Pokemon Black and White Pictures Black and White Starter Pokemon Revealed Type of Games to Expect Nintendo Explains Unusual 3DS Announcement Name Change Likely Nintendo Countering Piracy and Letting you Turn 3D Off Winning Thoughts on the 3DS 3DS Poll Results Time Travelers for Console that “Does not yet Exist” Free Pokemon for You and Your Friend Pokemon Black and White – 3DS Launch Title? How the Nintendo 3DS Might Look Nintendo 3DS Resolution Readers’ Opinions – Part 3 Readers’ Opinions – Part 2 Readers’ Opinions – Part 1 Interesting Theory about the reason for the DSi XL Share your thoughts, Win a DS Game 3DS Will Slow DSi XL Sales says Analyst Play 3D DS Games Now… well soon Sony’s Reaction to the 3DS Nintendo’s Bad Timing