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Pokémon Direct Reveals Pokémon X & Pokemon Y For 3DS

Nintendo regales the planet with its latest announcement in the monster-snagging series, fully 3DS-ified and looking awesome!

We’ve been waiting, twiddling thumbs in anticipation, and the time has finally come. The world gasped and gaped as Satoru Iwata took to the global stage today to announce something 3DS-specific in the lauded Pokémon series.

Today’s Nintendo Direct — or to be more precise, Pokémon Direct — began humbly enough, with a retrospective of the series as a whole. Beginning with the original Japanese Red and Green versions of the game and rolling through the the present day, each set of titles was looked upon with a lovingly nostaglic gaze. Rather emphatically, Iwata-san was constantly mentioning that there’ve always been delays in bringing Pokémon titles to the global stage. The initial wait for Red and Blue was a couple of years, and gradually over the generations this wait was refined until…


IWATA-SAN used NEW GAME REVEAL. It’s super effective!

Jaws could almost audibly be heard hitting desks across planet Earth as Satoru Iwata, replete with a cheeky smile of I-know-something-you-don’t-know-ness, casually revealed the world’s first footage of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

Which, in case you hadn’t noticed, are in full, unadulterated and glorious three dimensions. And 3DS exclusive.

The footage in comparison to every previous main series release to date is absolutely staggering. Your trainer character runs around a fully realised 3D world, and the battles themselves are presented with cel-shaded, fully polygonal Pokémon. To say it’s a breath of fresh air to the franchise is an understatement.

A new addition to the series means new monsters to catch, many of which were teased on screen. Epic legendary creatures soared through the skies, whilst cuddly new critters — new starters, perhaps? — flashed into view.

Iwata-san stated his pleasure that the game’s release is so globally synchronised this time around. That’s right, people! Pokémon X/Y comes to the 3DS this October in Japan, Australia, Europe and the Americas alike. It’s going to be like one big autumnal Poképarty!

3DS features will be integrated into the game, though Mr. Iwata was coy to reveal precisely how at this time. Old and new critters alike will mingle in this fantastically realised new instalment. Hey, and if you want to see for yourself, don’t worry! The ever-savvy Nintendo has already made the Pokémon Direct broadcast available for a recap online!

We’re going to admit, right here, right now, we’re already in love with Froakie.

By on 8 January 2013
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. Samrat says:

    Froakie’s seems kike the dud. Fennekin, on the other hand…

  2. Aaron says:

    I’ll stick with any grass type there is!

  3. KitBliss says:

    Na, Fennekin FTW! Wow what a sexy ‘mon. I thought it was a new evo of EeVee for a moment.

  4. TownOfCoal says:

    Donchu be dissin’ Froakie, Samrat!!!

  5. Deoxyribose says:

    Will you get the majestic X? Or the powerful Y?

  6. RyDragon1996 says:

    I’m getting neither. Z is going to come and we all know that. So, I’m waiting for it.

  7. Gleeok says:

    Awesome! nintendo knows how to take money out of our wallets lol

  8. F says:

    Its super effective.
    Nintendo’s stock has increased.

  9. Bryant says:

    Looks pretty cool. Hope the design for the male protagonist is a beta, looks too similar to Hilbert of BW. And what if there were to be a RSE remake later on? Maybe they didn’t want to utilize newer graphics before the next Gen like everyone was expecting or have another DS title? New speculations already. 😛

  10. TradeMark says:

    Fennekin > Froakie, but both are still pretty cool. They are both >>>>>>>>>>> Chespin.

  11. Nyck says:

    You are challenged by Nintendo Veteran, IWATA-SAN!
    Go! LOGIC!
    Your opponent sent out X and Y versions!
    LOGIC! Use Common Sense! Your Pokemon’s attack rose, X and Y Versions defense fell.
    X an Y versions used Opening Trailer! It’s supper effective! LOGIC fainted!
    Go! Wallet Lock!
    Wallet Lock used Withdraw! Wallet Lock’s defense rose dramaticly!
    X and Y versions used 6th Generation Announcement! It’s a 1-hit K.O.!
    You are out of usable pokemon, and are forced to pre-order the game. You gave 45$ to the winner. . .

  12. Shawn says:

    It’s looks like it’s running on the Paper Mario Engine.

  13. Shawn says:

    I can’t wait until next years Ruby and Sapphire remake using this 3DS Graphics Engine. Nintendo always remake a Pokémon from 2 handheld generations ago on a current Handheld using the same graphics engine of the current handhelds Pokemon debut.

  14. Cam says:

    I almost cried because of the awesomeness

  15. Zentu says:

    Id have to agree with everyone who wishes it, Id best hope for a Pokemon Z. with any luck I would not have to buy X or Y to get my Black 2 Mon into it. I got to try to get a hold of used ver of the other Pokemon DS titles. Dream Radar is rumored to react to them. I could get their legendarys w/o much effort. Also I guess PokeDex 3D Pro is gona need an upgrade to cover the new Pokemon. Wounder what the region is gona be called.

  16. me says:

    When my HeartGold save was corrupted, and I lost about 460 different pokemon, I sort of lost intrest in Pokemon. This on the other hand, should make the francise fresh again.

  17. Buy Neopoints says:

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