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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Details Emerge From Japan

Local multiplayer confirmed, and we can apparently befriend Legendaries!

One franchise seeing a welcome return on the 3DS is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, which in this newest instalment features augmented reality capabilities that turn any circular object you point your 3DS at into a portal to untold adventures.

Understandably, excitement for this new title is high. Coro Coro magazine in Japan recently ran a feature for the game, which the Pokémon experts of have diligently translated.

Victini Roulette

Victini, stop tempting us with your gambly vices!

You may have seen some previous trailers and promotional videos for the game in which Espeon and Umbreon worked together to open a Magnagate portal. It turns out these two creatures are working together as researchers on the mysteries of the Magnagate portal network, as well as dungeons as a whole. Nobody seems to have mentioned that as a Psychic type, Espeon could presumably already know all the answers. Ahem.

Pleasingly, multiplayer for two to four players is also on the cards. This takes place either in the Pokémon Paradise hub town, or in ‘special dungeons’. It doesn’t currently seem that you can bring a bunch of buddies to just any old dungeon.

Terrakion, Tornadus and Landorus are confirmed to be in the game, and that the player character can befriend them. Critters such as Zekrom are also stated to make an appearance.

As we already know, various Pokémon will operate different stores within the Pokémon Paradise, and two more such stores have been revealed. Rampardos runs the venue in which treasure chests are unlocked, whilst Cofagrigus is in charge of the ‘Gold Gorgeous’ emporium. It’s also mentioned that the Gold Seed item can be unlocked by entering the following password, if anyone’s curious: W4KRK4XH.

There’s no word yet on a global release for the game, but we’re very much hoping such news is soon to be forthcoming.

By on 14 November 2012
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  1. Red Joker says:

    Ah, serebii…
    Let’s see…
    There is something unclear.
    Well, it states if we enter “W4KRK4XH”, we get Gold Seed.
    But we don’t know where we enter this password yet.
    In the previous games, we could enter passwords to unlock Wonder Mail.
    Wonder Mail passwords are 39 characters length (In Sky) while this password
    is 8 characters length.

    I bet if there is no place to enter passwords for items (Similar to Wonder Mail), there
    would be a shop to redeem password codes.

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