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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Trailer Tantalises As Game Gets Closer To Western Release

So very many dungeons, so little time to plumb their depths…

It’s monster mayhem from Nintendo today, not only with them showing off (alongside Capcom) the newly released Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but also with a new trailer flaunting the features of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity.

The game’s already out in Japan and has been for some months now, but we’re nevertheless eager to dive into the dungeons on offer with a troupe of Pokémon pals. Take a look at what Nintendo have to showcase this time as the release date approaches!


Much fuss is being made of the random dungeon generation feature, meaning new layouts to master, treasures to collect and critters to battle every time you dive in. This is sure to add to the game’s longevity, with particularly eager players set to have the chance to download DLC to supplement their game as time goes on.

The trailer also gives some information on the ‘Jobs’ mechanic, one example of which was finding a Gothorita within a dungeon complex. This should add some extra incentive to explore dungeons as fully as possible and we’re curious as to what other Job types could feature in the final game.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Gates To Infinity trailer without showing off the Magnagate augmented reality metagame. The cameras on the outer shell of the 3DS will be able to turn any circular object into something the game can recognise as a new portal to adventures unknown. We can’t wait to have Pikachu dive headfirst into the unexplored depths of a donut.

The game hits America on March 24th, a tantalisingly tiny number of days away at the time of writing. As you’re probably aware, a certain electric yellow edition of the 3DS XL will be finally making an American appearance on that same date, making the end of this month a big event for Pokémon fans across the land.

By on 19 March 2013
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