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Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness port coming to 3DS?

Japanese magazine scans strongly suggest the return of the GameCube Pocket Monster adventure

It’s been less than a week since Shigeru Miyamoto hinted about future 3DS remakes but we’re already seeing evidence of another potential Nintendo port in the works.

Convincing-looking photos of an unnamed Japanese magazine show what looks to be the first details of a 3DS port of the GameCube Pokémon adventure named Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

The game’s spiky-haired protagonist (whose default name was Michael) prominently features as does a 3DS system showing Agate Village, a town that appeared in both Gale of Darkness and it’s predecessor Pokémon Colosseum.

Details are slim as the Japanese text has yet to be translated. However, a quick look over official assets released for the original game (see below) reveal identical in-game screenshots used in the magazine article. With this and Miyamoto’s comment in mind it seems clear that the project is a remake rather than a sequel.

It wasn't hard to find the exact same screenshots released for the GameCube original floating around the Internet.

While it’s interesting to see a GameCube game being ported to the 3DS I can’t understand why this one would be first Nintendo would bring over. After all, XD was originally met with lukewarm reviews and failed to capture the scope of the portable Pokémon adventures. Let’s hope they implement significant improvements to it in the transition to the 3DS.


GameCube screenshots sourced from 1UP, GameSpot and Bulbapedia

By on 27 April 2011

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  1. Naja says:

    this game was awesome 😀 i really did enjoy it.been wanting to get this again.

  2. Samrat says:


  3. Samrat says:

    I don’t believe it, anyway. The thumb pad is blue, and as we all know it is WHITE.

  4. thecookieclub says:

    they should do colsueum first before this one.

  5. Me . . . again says:

    2 reasons it’s fake:

    1) In other screens of the same page the thumb slider thingy is blue suggesting that in this picture it has been tinted.

    2) If you can find those pictures on the internet then it’s simple:

    Not all bad news though, i remember the game being really short, unable to collect all pokemon and only the pokemon up to R/S. Nintendo wouldn’t give us another port, they’re too nice!!!

    • NO! says:


  6. Smashboy says:

    Why not battle revolution? Atleast that had Sinnoh pokemon! I dont wont to go back to using Hoen pokemon 🙁 I hope its a remake instead of a port.

  7. FairyBoy says:

    They will never do this. XD was a dumb spin-off, as was Colosseum. If they’re gonna make a new portable pokemon game, it’ll likely be a sequel to black and white, or an RSE remake.

  8. Sam says:

    I hope they make a remake but make it look realistic like this one that would be cool…they could still keep the idea of shadow pokemon, that would be cool, or an Emerald remake and i would die!

  9. Kriffix says:

    Hey I’m a translator at
    We confirmed this to be a fake yesterday.
    Theres also fake Pokémon Mystery Dungeon shots floating around which I have also confirmed to be fake.


  10. Joshawott says:

    Why is this circulating around the internet? It’s obviously fake. It’s 3DSblog’s inability to accept it as such that is why it hasn’t been shot down sooner.

    Look at the 3DS model in the scans. The 3DS image used in these ‘scans’ has a blue circle pad, unlike the final production model. Also, the artwork of Michael is the exact same art from when XD was released; considering how TPCi have updated artwork for mere third versions (compare Brendan and May from RS with Emerald, and compare Dawn, Lucas and Barry from DP with Platinum), it seems very unlikely that they wouldn’t even change the pose.

    The timing of the scans ‘leaking’ doesn’t match either; the Dengeki DS issue with details on the new game isn’t out until 21st May – I doubt that issue is even *printed* yet, never mind distributed. CoroCoro magazine probably came out last week (as it is usually released on the 15th), and if there was any news, we would have heard about it around the 10th.

    tl:dr version: FAKE!

  11. Smugleaf says:

    that’s been found fake almost everywhere,but who really knows. there’s also the mystery dungeon scans floatin around. the slider on the 3ds is blue, which were only on the e3 3ds models. the sliders are grey on the blue units now. (reason to be fake.)

  12. Joshawott says:

    And then they’d have to include the 263 species of Pokémon that have appeared since this game, including the alternative forms and shiny forms. It would be far too much work.

  13. Cal says:

    Never bothered with the GameCube, so it’d be nice if this was coming to 3DS so I could have a try 😮 But I’d prefer RSE remakes, I’d love to say Hoenn was my favourite, but I really liked all the games up until Hoenn, and Sinnoh and Unova aren’t bad 🙂 But anyway, a 3D version would be well received, by me anyway! 🙂

  14. Thomas Ballais says:

    This would look cool. But I dont really need it. I enjoyed XD but I finished it. So great for people who didn’t play XD but I dont want antoher port. Unless it’s something I have never played. Like Starfox.

    ps: Oke we know it’s not the real 3DS. But it’s a prototype. And maybe they made this game early, so you have to use the old 3ds. So this may be real.

  15. Joshawott says:

    @Thomas Ballais
    Then why has every other 3DS game announcement and advertisement used the standard grey-circle pad? That’s just looking for am excuse for this to be real.

  16. DryYoshi says:

    People should stop posting the name of this game, else I see alot of XD emoticons.
    But it’s weird that the sceenshots are EXACTLY the same.

  17. Josh says:

    Jhoto pokemon in the game, and Pokemon Revolution would be harder to port and it was just awful, other then the free pokemon…

  18. xemnas says:

    i would like xd gale of darkness to be remade but i doubt it will really happen by the way can someone translate the text from the scan that would may give it away and people would stop posting articles about it

  19. Kooper says:

    Why XD? Colosseum was way better, but even that wasn’t as good as a new 3D pokemon adventure could be, if only they include wild pokemon!

  20. Eternalengine says:

    In this game I hope it has all the gen iv and v pokemon rendered in 3d and new shadow pokemon and not just a port. They should similar wifi features to black and white and you can do wireless battles just like in the main series.It would be cool to have the choice to make Eevee evolve into Leafeon and Glaceon along with the previous evolutions.

  21. cajasp says:

    Hopefully they add the Sinnoh and Unova pokemon, and change the look of the main character! I don’t know why, but I’d much rather it was an anime style – it looks too cartoony!
    I doubt it is real anyway though – I want Pokémon Snap 3D, with all the new Pokémon!@Smashboy

  22. buzzkill says:

    thats fake you can tell by the 3ds the circly pad is blue not grey they wouldnt advertise it with a blue circle pad

  23. Jeffrey says:

    If I recall correctly, the original blue Circle Pad was the exact same color as the 3DS. The one in this picture is a bit brighter. I think as it is a bad scan, the color just got messed up and turned out a tad blue instead of the white color it probably has.

  24. Bulby says:

    I am actually thinking that this would be possible. Mainstream Pokemon games get released every year at around the same time, and the next one is obviously going to be Pokemon Grey, or a Ruby and Sapphire remake. XD was able to link up with Ruby and Sapphire, so maybe this new game will be able to link with the supposed remakes.

    I don’t think XD will be simple port, but a enchanced remake to be compatible with generation 5 pokemon, moves and abilities. But this is all speculation for something which could simply be a load of BS.

  25. Robinson says:

    TPCi will never release a main series game now, as it is not even a year since the release of Black and white. The May 21 reveal is most likely a spin off game that might be horrible.

  26. Ben Hawkes says:

    Really didn’t enjoy Gale of Darkness. There was no sense of journey or exploration and the substitute system for catching random Pokemon was no way near good enough. You just went from battle to battle – really disappointing.

  27. larva says:

    i wonder will pokemon gray or re sapphire and ruby be a 3d like in console versions

  28. Sean says:

    @Me . . . again

    To be fair sometimes official magazines use existing pictures to make mock ups. It doesn’t really mean it’s fake.

  29. shawn says:

    The first Gamecube remake was Ocarina Of Time:”Master Quest” so this makes the second one.

  30. asdf says:

    This is a fail article, those are clearly stock photos from the gamcube.

  31. xemnas says:

    hey adam you can take this one down i asked serebbi and it turns out its fake and very lazily done

  32. Nollog says:

    Less remakes please.

  33. Kevin says:

    This game is junk, i hope it’s not true, and too much remakes it’s just pathetic.

  34. Smugleaf says:

    you don’t know ocarina’s history do you.

  35. 3DSupper says:

    I think that the fact that this game is a Gamecube game being remade shows that the Wii 2 will come out very soon. Nintendo usually doesn’t release remakes of games that can be played on the current generation consoles.

  36. james says:

    its gona probably just be a remake for ruby emerald and saphire

  37. Bonecuss says:


  38. croxynd says:

    nothing to be excited about, that game had little re-playability factor. unless they had many new additions like maybe the 4th and 5th gens pkm in there, it’s going to be recycled garbage.

  39. ShinXD says:

    I thought it was a good game. Y’all stop hatin’

  40. kodman says:

    Where can i find the mystery dungeon pics? Even if they are fake it would be interesting to look at

  41. 3naDshS says:

    if this is real…. it will cost u 4800 points! …. i miss my game cube T_T i gave mine to charity T-T ….. wish i didnt gove my pkmn XD and colusseum T_T ….. WHYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!!??

  42. KJBNK,DJSHB says:

    FairyBoy :They will never do this. XD was a dumb spin-off, as was Colosseum. If they’re gonna make a new portable pokemon game, it’ll likely be a sequel to black and white, or an RSE remake.


  43. ShadowWolf9001 says:

    I really enjoyed this game much more than Colloseum but at the same time…. I dont think it will happen but if it does happen to be a remake, I hope they will make the ability to transfer pokemon from Black/White.

  44. Thinker says:

    Only reason i can think of is that gamefreak won’t make a new pokemon game for 3ds, because of the smaller demographic. This is nintendos alternative strategy.

  45. Mshenay says:

    @ Fairy Boy

    Lawl how ingnorent you are, those game wheres great when they came out, heck you couldn’t get all 300+ pokemon in GEn 3 [Legally] WITHOUT those games. So they where not intended to be like PBR… which btw PBR doesn’t even have a story mode which is a real shame] Rather they where there to push Gen 2 pokemon into Gen 3 games since there was not Gen 2 to 3 trading [legally]… where as now in Gen 5 you have acceses to all 5 Generations of pokemon games, without the need for a Consoule Title!

    Point being a 3ds remake of a Game Cube game isn’t realistic… but a sequal is… look at it this way we got Poke Mon Stadium 1-2 [no story] Collesum XD GoD [Story] PBR [No story]… see a pattern going on here! They should be doing a new story driven Pokemon Style game soon and if not then BOO to them xD

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