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Prepare Your Pointing Fingers For Fresh Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright Details!

A true gentleman always shares the new screenshots from his Court Record, Luke.

Polish up that attorney’s badge and ensure you’re wearing your finest top hat, because some sweet deets are finally starting to emerge for the 3DS crossover bonanza that is Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney.

Wright, Layton, Maya and Luke

Though of course, a true gentleman never points, Luke.

Famitsu have revealed a host of new screens from the game, which looks to have all the eccentric characters and quirks you’d expect from an Ace Attorney or Professor Layton title. Character models are polygonal rather than pixellated, marking a unique departure for both series’ more traditional sprite-based roots (though recent Layton games have been delving into the world of modelled characters also).


Merry Maya's set to return, perky and excitable as ever.

The ever-reliable Andriasang has managed to swiftly translate Famitsu’s teasing new revelations on the game’s plot and playstyle. Wright and Layton cross paths in the mysterious ‘Labyrinth City’, a town apparently nestled in an entirely different world to either Layton or Wright’s own.

Phoenix appears to be challenging himself to new nuances in unknown judicial systems, testing his Attorney talents most Ace-ish against Labyrinth City’s notoriously complex ‘Witch Trials’.


The boys are back in town!

A few details are also revealed regarding the inhabitants of this curious world Layton and Wright find themselves within. Remember the blonde girl from the splendid announcement trailer? Famitsu names her as Mahoney, who would seem to be Wright’s client and the game’s defendant.

Mahoney in the witness stand!

Your Honour, the court finds the defendant guilty of excessive anime loveliness!

Those hoping for an epic showdown between Wright and his perpetual frenemy Miles Edgeworth… well, Edgey’s a no-show as far as anyone knows. But instead, we see the arrival of funky new prosecutor Jeeken, an armour-clad chap with a splendid sword and the typical Ace Attorney prosecutor smugness in full effect.

Prosecutor Jeeken

"Your Honour, the prosecution submits to the court the undeniable fact that I HAVE AWESOME HAIR."

There’s also talk of the so-called ‘Gunshuu Saiban’ system, which Andraisang’s translation states to be ‘Mob Judgement’. This apparently twists known Ace Attorney mechanics on their heads, with Phoenix reportedly having to face off against crowds of witnesses. It’s tricky enough convincing one witness in Wright’s adventures… will we now have to persuade several at once?

Phoenix Wright's intenral monologue

"OBJECTION! The court will agree, my hair is far more awesome than that of the prosecution!"

Unfortunately, there’s still very little word on exactly how Luke and Layton themselves fit into all this, though an acceptable guess is that puzzles are likely to be involved. Hopefully further details will emerge on their involvement in this intriguing game (which is releasing in 2012) soon.

However, in keeping with Layton’s gorgeous cutscenes in his games, Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney seems set to have voices for all protagonists, including, for the first time, Maya and Phoenix. Andriasang has more on this exciting development, explaining that the actors portraying Wright and Maya (Hiroki Narimiya and Mirei Kiritani) in the Ace Attorney movie will be reprising their roles for the Japanese game.


"Will you two PLEASE stop bickering about your hair?"

All very well and good. But what of us, in the West, far away from where this game is made? We in the West who have been so cruelly denied the second Miles Edgeworth Investigations DS game? It would seem that hopes for a Western release are on shaky ground.

But perhaps there is hope! Joystiq have reported that the UK GameStop website has a placeholder preorder page for the game (though bizarrely, at the time of writing lists it as a ‘driving’ game). So there’s a chance it could come our way! And if it’s out in the UK, surely it’d be out in Europe, and if it’s in Europe, surely it’d be out in America. I mean, it’s not as if games ever make it to one territory and not the oth–oh, wait.

Fingers are crossed that this enticing title makes its way westwards, and here’s hoping we see more of Layton’s role in all this revealed soon!

Villager Huddle!

The villagers clustered together, conspiring and scheming as they discussed whether the West was worthy of a game of such blatant awesomicity.

By on 16 September 2011
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. jason says:

    Great captions 🙂

  2. Shaun says:

    O.O Do. Want.

  3. smelly says:

    oh god this looks excellent

  4. Pseudonymous says:

    Actually, it is a driving game. That’s where the “VS” part comes into play. After a short investigative adventure, cart races will be used to decide the actual trial out.

    (Disclaimer: This message might include lies.)

  5. Wertville says:

    My guess is Layton will play the detective!

    Either way, I hope this game comes westward. If it doesn’t, then that’s the final nail on the head to get me to buy a Japanese 3DS… So many awesome games, so few localizations T.T

  6. TradeMark says:

    Please come westward!!!!! I don’t want to drool over this game if I practically have no chance I getting it.

  7. Deegan says:

    I want, I want so badddd.

  8. Tony White says:

    Pseudonymous :

    Actually, it is a driving game. That’s where the “VS” part comes into play. After a short investigative adventure, cart races will be used to decide the actual trial out.

    (Disclaimer: This message might include lies.)

    Hahahaha! xD All legal systems should be decided using comical go-kart races. It just makes SENSE!

  9. Anon says:

    I have more awesome hair!

  10. Me. says:

    This must come overseas! Even if there are less fans of these kinds of games than of the more often seen Mario games for example (although I’m not sure that I can speak for Professor Layton), Their dedication more than makes up for it!

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