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Price of 3DS Dev Kits Leaked, Cheaper Than Expected

Ever wanted to get into 3DS game development? The cost of the special hardware you’ll need has been disclosed on the Internet, and it’s not as bad as you might think.

Nintendo 3DS Development Unit

Planet 3DS has received a leak from an “anonymous insider” about the costs of Nintendo 3DS development kits. According to them, “PARTNER-CTR” is the main development system, and “Panda” is an additional Nintendo 3DS unit designed to be used with special flash cards (it is highly likely that the leaked 3DS unit from China from last month was one such unit). You can see the prices of all the different parts of the kit in the table below:

Part #
Item Price
73058 PARTNER-CTR DEBUGGER/CAPTURE (Dual Functionality) $3,950
73065 Nintendo 3DS (Development only) “Panda” USA $324
73066 Nintendo 3DS (Development only) “Panda” EU $324
73067 Nintendo 3DS (Development only) “Panda” AUS $324
73062 Flash Card, 16 Gbits (2 GBytes) CTR $85
73063 Backup Memory, 1Mbit (128 KBytes) Flash CTR $8.35
73064 Backup Memory, 4Mbits (512 KBytes) Flash CTR $10.65

While the prices in the table may appear to be a bit on the high side to the common consumer, to game developers, they are pleasantly affordable compared to Nintendo’s long history of outrageously priced dev kits. This goes hand-in-hand with the announcement Iwata made back on September 29th about how he intended to make the 3DS a more attractive system for smaller and independent developers than past Nintendo systems. Lowering the entry cost is definitely a great way to start, and we commend Nintendo for doing just that.

By on 16 February 2011

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  1. :):):) says:

    this might help pirated games become made too, right?

  2. james_bond0014 says:


  3. Okami says:

    perhaps, but for those games to work without hacking the console too, you need to get hold of real 3DS game cartridges. And you probably need to be a registered developer to get your hands on them (and those developers flash cards cost more than to buy a non-pirated game.)

  4. lucas Perkins says:

    i just need like 7 thousand dollars how the hell am i gonna get that much money

  5. Weed says:

    Well, this flash card is probably made like a legal game so it’s no problem for the 3DS to recognize it.

  6. Kirby says:

    Cheap my @$$


  7. Johnn¥ says:

    @lucas Perkins
    Just let other people make the games, it’s much easier to let other people do everything for you.

  8. MDragon says:


    Now if only I could buy that so I can easily capture my screen like how you see others do it >_>

  9. kindricks says:

    i have become a nintendo dev. thank god i am thinking of a way for funding dB

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