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Project X Zone Will Be As 100% Splendid As The Japanese Version

Namco-Bandai actively confirm that no content or obscure characters will be dummied out of the global release.

Do you know how many characters and franchises are represented in the recently-revealed-to-be-going-global Project X Zone? We’ll give you a clue. There are lots. Loads. Tons. Huge swathes of them. So many characters that if they all joined hands and stood side by side, they’d form a line so long that onlookers would say, “Gosh, what a lot of people standing around holding hands for some unexplained reason.”

The complexities and licensing issues that must come from cramming so many characters into one game are truly mind-boggling. We’re still coming to terms with the fact that it’s leaving Japan at all, but according to Siliconera we’re still getting the definitive version of the game.


Ulala will dance again this summer. Groovy!

Some of the characters in the game will be tremendously obscure to players beyond Japan, and some people had obviously felt concerned that some characters might have been unable to be licensed beyond Japan at all. But Namco-Bandai has confirmed that every character, no matter who they are and which game they originate from, will be amply represented in Project X Zone in Europe, the Americas and Oceanic territories alike. If they were in last October’s Japanese release of the game, they’ll be joining up to our own fashionably late crossover parties.

What is as yet unknown is whether or not we’ll be getting the demos of the game that Japan previously enjoyed on 3DS eShops in our respective territories. Nevertheless, it’s fantastic to know that the game will cater to fans of every franchise.

We’ve got to hand it to the developers and publishers alike, they’ve really pulled quite the gladdening surprise out of their hat! With a full roster confirmed and a tentative summer release date hanging in the air, we’re looking forward to teaming up Chun-Li with Chris Redfield and Megaman with Morrigan!

By on 22 January 2013
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