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Rumour: Super Street Fighter IV 3DS To Connect To Nintendo’s New System?

Does a recent statement about 3DS connectivity reveal plans for the long-rumored Wii successor? Read and speculate inside.

Now that Nintendo’s 3D handheld is out of the factory line and into the sweaty hands of gamers worldwide, many have speculated just what the company plans to do with their Wii console. After all, it wouldn’t do for the Big N to keep supporting the aging hardware (especially with no new games out for the foreseeable future) when their new handheld is (arguably) more powerful. Many industry “experts” have already speculated that the announcement of a Wii successor is quickly upon us. But one comment by a man known to leak out info like it was free candy may have given us the biggest hint yet.

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has gone on record saying that his most recent game, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, will have a connectivity feature to an unnamed video game system. Ono went on to say that he can’t divulge any further details until three months from now, which would conveniently place the announcement at this year’s E3 event at Los Angeles.

wii mock

The simplest and most reasonable explanation would be that Ono is referring to some sort of upcoming interactivity with the 3DS and the Wii, perhaps further compounded by releasing a Wii version of Super Street Fighter IV. But with the Wii continuing to lose momentum and the expectations for a high definition successor increasing by the day, the timing does seem perfect for Nintendo to finally announce their newest console, be it an upgraded HD version of the Wii or a brand new system that’s powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

It still remains speculation at this point, but it can be said without a doubt that Nintendo will have something big planned for this year’s E3, 3DS or otherwise.


By on 7 April 2011

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  1. DryYoshi says:

    This would we awesome!

  2. Gameinator says:

    That would be cool! (Dam, so close to being first)

  3. AbuJaffer says:

    This is GREAT news. Even if it’s only connectivity with the Wii, this is great. ^_^

  4. William Marshall says:

    If there is a successor, I don’t think I’ll pre-order it until Sony has released their latest. Don’t want to seem like I’m jumping ship with nintendo here, but I’d like to know what I’m getting before I do.
    It would be interesting for the President of Nintendo to appear from a cloud of fake smoke holding a new device (see E3 2010) except this time, he would be dragging a TV with him too. ;P

  5. fail says:

    tht wii looks SO FREAKIN AWESOME

  6. Okami says:

    That Wii-mockup is so bad. Nintendo would never design something like that. Weird shape.

    High hopes for a new system though. A HD screen give a so much better picture with a HD source to output. A HD Zelda would be so good… And Metroid? Oh, a metroid prime-good-looking Metroid would be amazing.

  7. Nintendo-fan-boy says:

    Awesome! O_o

  8. F says:

    I’d hope the Wii’s successor betters the Xbox 360 and PS3 since It’s entering a new console generation!

  9. btj says:

    It looks like an alarm clock.

  10. Johnn¥ says:

    Wouldn’t this hurt 3DS hardware/ software sales?

  11. Zach says:

    Wii2 = (my geuss)
    Processing just inching above the 360’s
    HD Graphics slightly behind the PS3
    Wireless nunchuck
    $60 games
    Huge third party support. (overshadowed by 1st party.)
    And (Insert new revolutionary idea here)

  12. Marquis says:

    All for that except for the second-to-last.
    I’d prefer first and third-party to be on equal ground.

    And if the Nunchuk was wireless, it wouldn’t look like much of a Nunchuk anymore. Maybe they’ll call it “Analog Remote” or something.

  13. AbuJaffer says:

    Zach :
    Wii2 = (my geuss)
    Processing just inching above the 360′s
    HD Graphics slightly behind the PS3
    Wireless nunchuck
    $60 games
    Huge third party support. (overshadowed by 1st party.)
    And (Insert new revolutionary idea here)

    Doesn’t seem like Nintendo. They’ve had the stronger hardware in all but the Wii/DS. So I’d expect that trend to continue.

  14. SwimyGreen says:

    As powerful. The Wii was barely more poewrful then the PS2. It needs to be at least a couple years ahead of the PS3 to stay alive.

  15. Mark says:

    Nintendo’s next console isn’t likely to be just as capably as PS360 for several reason. To understand why you merely need to have some understanding of how far technology has advanced since Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles launched and Nintendo’s own little quirks.

    First Wii’s successor would utilize far more modern architecture for its CPU and GPU than either the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. It would be rather easy for Nintendo to launch a console again at the $250 US launch bracket with more modern processors and be noticeably more powerful than PS360 and still end up making profit from day one. Individuals need to remember that both current HD consoles are about six year old tech.

    Just how far beyond the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 it ends up being comes down to what resolution their aiming at. Nintendo loves 60FPS once they go HD they’d want to maintain that frame rate in a native HD resolution be it 720p or 1080p. Usually once their own developers needs are meet by a piece of hardware it doesn’t change unless internally at Nintendo they decide to add a new function, but Nintendo really seems to want 3D party support so that little quirk that has lost them support in the past may not happen. To not be disappointed though its best to expect something around two times the capability of the current HD consoles, which would be lowest amount of horsepower I see happening.

  16. Nintendofan says:

    I find them a little too late. They lost the trust of the ”core” Gamers and they wont easily chanche back. It would be cool if Ninty and Sony would make something together.
    Wait hear me out. Many people here are pretty ”core” and that’s what they miss in Nintendo. Sure Nintendo makes better games and addictive. (not like multimedia Sony who just makes games with violence to make money. Because they are not Ninty who actually is a company you can love.)

    ”Fuck you Microsoft, you’re not allowed here.”

  17. Pseudonymous says:

    Oh, Ono. You trolling again? Or possibly not? Aaah.

  18. naked gamer man says:

    EXCUSEEEEEEE Miiiiii, why would a nintendo home system released now or future be less POWERFUL dumb word to discribe performance than ps3 x360 toe to toe more likely kick both there asses combined tech has moved on theres tiny cheap system on chips that make ps3 look obsolete toe to toe with ps3 would be completly dumb

    innovation and petformance reqiured….

  19. naked gamer man says:

    the wii cpu family is at 45nm and now supports system on chip and a 128bit ring bus and upto 16 of them on a single chip powerpc 768fp each core twice as powerful per clock and 5 instructions per second vs 2 on every other 32bit soc cpu avalable today 2x new powerpc 32bit would kick a 4xcore arm a9s ass in its sleep best 32 bit soc cpu in the world BASED ON Wii cpu…I DO MY RESEARCH

  20. Nononono says:

    Nononono NOT a Wii2 in HD or whatever.. I dont want more Wii.
    Make a new console with with a game remote like SNES and Gamecube! 😀

  21. croxyndul says:

    can’t wait for e3 woooh!

  22. naked gamer man says:

    great graphics AND HD resolutions no such thing as HD graphics

  23. Got Miruku desuka? says:

    I think the window for an HD Wii has already surpassed. If I were Nintendo, I’d consider partnering with Sharp (who makes the 3D screen) for an Android/3DS hybrid phone. Or maybe not, I dunno. I just think consoles are heading into uncharted territory where they are in danger of becoming a niche product.

    Nintendo could make an affordable HD Wii at the same price point as the Wii was at launch and it could have superior visuals to 360/PS3. But Sony/MS could easily come out with even superior boxes… or maybe not considering both have invested heavily in motion gaming.

    I was super critical of Kinect at first, but having bought it and used it I really think a ‘controller-free’ experience should be considered by any Wii successor. The Wii remote plus itself is pretty good as is. Sony can hype their ‘superior’ Move all they want. I bought it and returned it. It’s precision is dialed way over the top to robotic proportions (meaning you need to be a robot to have any fun with it… humans not being very precise to begin with). Basically all the technical advances of Move are used to do pretty much the same thing Wii remote plus can do with the aid of pointer calibration (and remember, Move still needs calibration… a lot)

  24. L0LFAQ says:

    Lol, the Wii2 mockup up there looks like a tab chewing gum xD

    Also, this means that the Nextendo is close, so it’s great news for me.

  25. Rawr says:

    nuuuu! I only just got a wii – and I can’t afford a new one AND a 3DS! Can’t they just wait like, another year? :/

  26. Smart Kid says:

    c’mon nintendo, let the wii live a couple years longer! *sob* *sob*

  27. :):):) says:

    It dosen’t have to be called “the wii 2”. Have you ever heard of the “gamecube 2”. I havn’t

  28. shawn says:

    RE: AbuJaffer

    Doesn’t seem like Nintendo. They’ve had the stronger hardware in all Wii/DS…

    Uh! Master System was supperior to NES SNES was inferior to NEO GEO. N64 was inferior to Dreamcast and Gamecube was inferior to Xbox1. All of Nintendo handhelds were Inferior to the other guys. Nintendo alway had the weakest but cheapest hardware.

  29. Tommy says:

    @naked gamer man

    then explain the wii which was released after the xbox360, yet was just more powerful than the ps2, and less powerful than the xbox1 in some areas(the xbox 1 could output HD, even the ps2 could as well and the graphics chip in the xbox had support for pixel shaders which the wii does not, the wii cpu runs at the same speed as the xbox1 cpu, also the xbox1 supported real time 5.1 audio which the wii does not)

    what nintendo did though was take advantage of newer tech manufacturing so that they could take hardware simliar to the ps2/xbox1 performancewise and shrink it down in a very compact design without the huge heat sinks, fans that the original ps2/xbox required. also make it for much cheaper than when the ps2/xbox1 were released and sell it for an actual profit vs a loss like sony/microsoft originally did.

    nintendo could do the same for the wii2, release a system on par or a little better with the current ps3/xbox360 but utilizing much more power efficient, lower cost current hardware allowing them to have a more compact system for a lower cost.

  30. conman says:

    I hope its a portal gun that would be sweet 🙂

  31. Nollog says:

    Could also mean Nintendo are launching the VITALITY SENSOR for 3DS with an IR port.

  32. Nollog says:

    shawn :
    RE: AbuJaffer
    Doesn’t seem like Nintendo. They’ve had the stronger hardware in all Wii/DS…
    Uh! Master System was supperior to NES SNES was inferior to NEO GEO. N64 was inferior to Dreamcast and Gamecube was inferior to Xbox1. All of Nintendo handhelds were Inferior to the other guys. Nintendo alway had the weakest but cheapest hardware.

    dreamcast was ps2/xbox/gamecube generation, not n64/saturn/ps1.

  33. PaRaDoX says:

    Nintendo have enough money to make the PS3 look like a childs toy, make it happen Nintendo!

  34. austin says:

    theres a new portable playstation consol comin out called tthe psp phone…. dont believe me? look it up

  35. LG says:


    SNES was more powerful than a mega drive and the neo geo was luxury back then. also the gamecube was more powerful than the ps2 and you can’t count the dc to the psx/n64 generation. btw: the n64 was more powerful than a psx and i think it was more expensive. the games were.

    dc was in some things more powerful than ps2

    so, the weakest/cheapest isn’t a nintendo thing.

    but thewii had to be that weak, because motion controls were ar risk for nintendo, and the engineering of a better system would have cost much more. so if motion controls failed with a better console, nintendo would have lost much more than if it had failed on the wii.

    you have understand the things companies do

  36. LG says:

    Sorry, i wanted to reply on shawn, not on Tommy.

  37. zx81 gamer 1980 says:

    @Got Miruku desuka?


    controller free = utterly dumb no analog no buttons no mouse aim/point no feedback your post is like a advertisment viral monkey go away x360 is dead

    long live project butterfly

  38. zx81 gamer 1980 says:


    the wii supports 5.1 pro logic 2 and 7.1 pro logic x as did gamecube

    rogue sqodren 2 on gamecube supported 7.1 audio

    wiis cpu is at least 2.5 x faster than xbox and theres a second arm secondry work cpu dubbed starlet by hackers

    wiis gpu has 4x plus the bandwidth of xbox gpu


  39. Garland says:

    I doubt that Nintendo will announce their next gen console this year, seeing that they JUST released the 3DS a few months ago, & they don’t want people to lose focus off of that as well as affecting it’s sales yet by announcing another home gaming console on the same year as the 3DS was released.

    Maybe next E3 is when it will happen.

  40. tarantalon says:

    so many rumors from different sources look real to me. same happened for 3ds,ds,wii and xbox 360. I suppose that in the next two month, we will get more details, but dont wait that it comes out before end 2012 in EU and NA.
    At all, the support for the Wii is getting a joke…the new Wii Play,zelda, xeno and maybe Kirby this year.
    from thrid parties… Im not sure, but almost nothing, besides multi platformers like LEGO PoC.

  41. Juan says:

    ha ha, that mockup looks like a snackmaster sandwich press.

  42. Nollog says:

    austin :
    theres a new portable playstation consol comin out called tthe psp phone…. dont believe me? look it up

    The PSP phone or XPERIA PLAY is out already, babe.

  43. Rob says:

    @Got Miruku desuka?
    Considering how many cosoles are still selling across all three major companies, I highly doubt consoles will become a niche market any time soon. Games on phones are in no way comparable to a console or even a handheld console.

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