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Rune Factory 4 Casts You As An Amnesiac

But JRPG sterotypes aside, there’s some fresh detail-goodness to be had down on the farm, hurrah!

We recently met the medical duo set to patch you up when things go awry in Rune Factory 4. As charmingly as the game is shaping up, we’re still awaiting more details… and it seems, at last, they’re forthcoming.

The game’s producer, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, recently held a fan Q & A, the transcript of which has appeared on the MAQL website. Luckily for Western eyes, Siliconera have translated the transcript and brought the details to the masses. Splendid!


"Wait, I thought YOU brought the bungee cord?"

It transpires that, true to JRPG form, you start the game with no memory. How do you lose your memory? By falling out of an airship, of course. We knew something was suspicious about that thing!

The town elder finds you and, as is the way when finding amnesiacs, installs you as the resident prince/princess. Wait, what? Well, never one to turn down a cushy gig when it’s placed in your lap, you’re soon setting about increasing the town’s ailing tourism ratings. To that end, some degree of customising the town is expected, to get more visitors spending time in the village.

The marriage system, as well as the infamous marriable bosses, has a boyfriend/girlfriend mechanic. This means it should feel more natural as love gradually blossoms, rather than simply being a number crunching game of bribing a potential spouse with turnips until you can pop the question.

Character models and maps are fully 3D, and it’s stated that weather effects such as snow and rain will be quite the visual treat when viewed in stereoscopic 3D. Sounds fancy!

There’s also some mention of various characters being various sizes, though Hashimoto-san patiently explained that numbers aren’t finalised as of yet.

Rune Factory 4 hits Japanese stores on July 19th. It’s shaping up to be quite the rural RPG treat, though a Western release date remains unconfirmed.

By on 4 May 2012
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  1. J says:

    Oh man this is just too good! I shall wait patiently for a release outside of Japan but now I’m more excited for this game! I hope they announce a date soon.

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