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Saints Row: Drive By on 3DS was “never started”

A top THQ executive has confirmed that the supposed 3DS port of the sandbox crime series never even began development.

Saints Row

For a number of months many games press outlets (including us) were reporting on a 3DS port of the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network title Saints Row: Drive By. In May a representative of publisher THQ told Joystiq in a somewhat ambiguous manner that “We are not developing Saints Row: Drive By” leading most to assume that 3DS version had been cancelled along with the other two versions.

It turns out it that wasn’t cancelled at all… because it wasn’t even started.

Speaking to GameSpot, THQ’s executive president of core games Danny Bilson had this to say:

…we talked about doing a Saints Row 3DS game, but we never started it. We have a couple of other things in development on the 3DS, but we wound up not starting that and starting a couple of other brands instead. There was no drama in any of that, honestly.”

Given the amount of coverage this fictional port has received, THQ probably wishes that it was, in fact, a game. It looks like we’ll have to wait for someone else to provide us with a Grand Theft Auto-style games for system.

Source: GameSpot

By on 19 June 2011

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  1. Roy L. says:

    Well then if they mentioned they were going to make it, they’re a bunch of liars. Otherwise, it’s just been one big huge rumor apparently.

  2. Paul Douglas says:

    @Roy L.
    It showed up in Nintendo’s 2010 E3 Presser as part of their showcase of 3rd Party Support. I was hoping that meant it’d be a lock, because I love Saints Row. Alas, it was not to be.

  3. Sam r says:


  4. Venox2008 says:

    LIARS!!! it’s not nice to do so in gaming market..

  5. Wiener says:

    Rockstar should port a GTA game =D

  6. Johnny says:

    As long as it’s Vice City or San Andreas, they’re definitely the best ones 🙂

  7. drwill439 says:

    So far, its the greatest, longest running 3ds related rumor.

  8. N00b3r says:

    so, i thought they we actually doing it, but now i read this, i thought, if they never started it, then there is (maybe) a chance that they might do it. what wonders me the most is that they said ” we have some couple other things for the 3ds”. what do we expect next, a GTA 3D or another THQ game?

  9. anthony says:

    man it all abou nintendo it’s about all the games eveyone wants to play not about everything you all want because your the 1s makein it but think about others for once in your life & well continue to buy all the games you make cause remember without the buyers your nothing & rember that so next time you say your coming out with a sick ass game you better mean it

  10. Oscar says:

    man that sucks saints row drive by was one of the reasons why i bought the 3ds ive been a fan of the saints row franchise i loved the first one the second one was better and im looking forward to the third one man THQ dissapointed me a lot.

  11. richard says:

    please please please please please please please please please please please please develop saints row drive by for the 3ds it will 9999% promise it will sell out instantly

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