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So How Much Of Your SD Card Will New Super Mario Bros. 2 Actually Take Up?

Nintendo of Japan reveals the size of NSMB2 and Demon Training downloads…

With the Japanese launches for Demon Training and New Super Mario Bros. 2 getting ever closer, download cards have begun to appear in stores giving us tantalising bits of new information! But most interesting out of the new revelations (if you can call them that) is the news of just how big the first two games to grace the big N’s retail title download service will be.


He may look happy now, but just wait until he discovers that Amazon don’t accept gold coins as a payment method…

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is the heavier of the two coming in at 2950 blocks (or just under 370MB), whereas Demon Training will only take up 1600 of your precious blocks (bang on 200MB). To give you an idea of how that compares to other handheld titles past and present, here’s a handy little chart showing the sizes of some big releases in megabytes:


While it’s worth keeping in mind that for the four central titles this is just the size of cartridge the games were released on, it’s evident that NSMB2 and Demon Training are both relatively small for two of the biggest titles of the moment.

As far as the future is concerned however, bigger games could start to hurt the wallets of those who download them – assuming they isn’t a significant reduction relative to the physical versions. A 2GB SD card costs around £5 online – not an insignificant amount assuming a £30 price tag for the average 3DS game. Let’s just hope Nintendo make it worth our while to fork out for our own storage devices, and of course be thankful that they don’t seem inclined to extort us like Sony and their PS Vita memory cards…

Will you be buying a downloadable or physical copy of NSMB2?


By on 23 July 2012
Ace Attorney nut Sam started off in the world of gaming with a PSOne at the humble age of ten, but it wasn't until he discovered the beauty of Pokemon FireRed on his shiny new GBA-SP that he became obsessed with Nintendo.

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  1. jikion says:

    I just voted in the poll to find out that nobody has voted for download yet. It’s ridiculous, it takes so much room on your SD card, and you can’t beat the satisfaction of cracking open a brand new game and popping it into your 3DS for the first time 🙂

    • Balls says:

      But you can beat the sorrow of losing your game, dropping it, someone stealing your game, forgetting your game, or stepping on your game.

      • Muppet says:

        LOL All of the above can happen to your 3DS… And once your 3DS is gone, you lose EVERYTHING! If the 3DS had some sort of account system where you could just simply log in and get all your content back; then your argument would be perfectly valid. Unfortunately it doesn’t… So the chance that I could lose everything in one go is too much for me to consider going digital at all.

        I’m the same as Jikion – I love that new game smell; The nostalgia of opening a new game, and popping cartridges into the system. Plus the choice of reselling it later if need be.

        If we could resell digital copies, lend them to friends and have an account system(like I mentioned) ; I would really consider going digital… it’s just so convenient to have all your games at your fingertips without the hassle of swapping out cartridges.

  2. mario123 says:

    It must be short because it takes up so little space.But then again it looks long if you watch the trailers.

  3. T.Finland says:

    RE: Revelations was even bigger than Uncharted.

  4. GamingFan99 says:

    who actually wants this game? looks exactly the same as every other mario game. the first few were good, the rest just suck now.

    • Captain Falcon says:

      End of your username = 99

      1999, you’re 13-14 years old.
      It’s not like you played every Mario Bros game, now did you?

      • GamingFan99 says:

        I am not 13-14, nice try though. Never thought about it that way. And yeah I’ve played most. They hardly change anything up nowadays, but I guess some people will buy anything with the word ‘Mario’ in the name.

    • Balls says:

      Nah he sucks.

  5. AshtonNextGen says:

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about finding the space tbh, a decent 32GB SD card on amazon will only cost you £18 last time I checked. (And carrying SD cards around is a lot more convenient than carrying physical 3DS games)

    My only concern is if Nintendo lives up to their promice to compete with retail prices and actually provide some great bargains down the road because the only reason digital downloads haven’t taken off as well as they should is because of the insane price tags that go with it.

    The Nintendo e-shop is a complete joke, Xbox Lives not far behind with it’s games on demand service charging £29 to £44.99 for games retailers slashed prices on years ago. PSN really isn’t so bad and I hear nothing but good things about steam but it really isn’t enough.

    Those of us who are into emulation, homebrew or flashcarded Nintendo DS’s already know digital downloads are the future. Being able to have a limitless supply of all your fave games in one small space is much more satisfying than a room filled with boxed games. Go back and try and play your old titles, PS1, N64, Genesis, NES and see how well they still function.

    I know a lot of skeptics out there fear of getting shafted and no longer being able to access their digital content once the online service goes out, which is a legit concern, but when you think about it, physical games don’t last, no matter how well you look after the disc/cartridge. A digital rom is guarenteed for life just as an MP3 vs CD/Cassette/etc

    Anyway blah, blah, the point of my rant is, Nintendo and Microsoft really need to keep up with the current market and make their prices more fairer and competitive if they ever want their service to really take off because as it stands, it doesn’t make sence how a physical copy of a game being shipped out with an instruction manual, cover art, etc costs less than a digital rom of a game taken straight from the developers hard drive.
    £5 for NES/GB/game gear games is insulting. You could download the entire NES/GB or game gear library onto an SD card and play it on your handheld, laptop or big screen TV cheaper than ANY ONE GAME there.

    We’ll play ball if YOU play fair Nintendo!

    • AshtonNextGen says:

      P.S. It sounds like I’m promoting Pirating games, I’m really not, emulation is legal provided you own a physical copy of the game, it’s just so much more convenient having every single one of your favorite childhood games in one space that can be accessed at the click of a button. (being able to switch from playing Super Mario 64 to Conker’s bad fur day to Shenmue to pokemon fire red to sonic 3 and knuckles and then minecraft at the click of a button is something physical games will -never- provide)

      How many of you are proud of your ambassador collection? 20 great games on the 3DS and you didn’t even need to touch the cartridge slot.

  6. St.Drogo says:

    I do agree with Ashton, I’ve felt the same way about the price of digital copies for years and it’s not just the digital games either. I read ebooks and I still can’t understand why the digital copies cost so close to their physical copies. I know the digitals can’t cost anywhere near what the physical cost to produce so why are they not cheaper than they are. It’s greed on the part of the sellers. They want to save as much money as they can so they can make as much money as they can but don’t expect us to save our money buying their cheaper made product. If I’m only going to save about $5 buying the digital copy of NSMB2 I’ll spend the $5 more and have somthing I can hold. Digital copies should be closer to 1/3 to 1/2 the cost less than their physical counterparts.

  7. Adam says:

    i got a 32gb card for $30

  8. NatsuDragneel29 says:

    What if you lost your SD card? You will have a problem it’s better to get the physical version and NSMB2 won’t even work on the system memory with all the apps.

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