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Super Mario 3D Land Outperforming Galaxy Within First Year

He might not have gone interstellar for his 3DS adventures, but Mario’s handheld shenanigans have already outclassed his Wii sojourn at retail.

Mario’s had plenty of presence on the 3DS, particularly recently, but one of his most fondly received games on the system has been Super Mario 3D Land. Aiming to blend the approachability of the classic 2D games with the sprawling inventiveness of the 3D ones, this title saw Mario suiting up and taking to the stage in a variety of inventive worlds.

It turns out that the much-beloved game is even more beloved than initially thought! Siliconera has pieced together some pretty interesting information regarding the first thirteen months at retail for both Super Mario 3D Land and the Wii’s magnificent Super Mario Galaxy. It turns out the heroic little plumber’s 3DS adventure is outshining his first Wii space adventure.


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It transpires that in the last thirteen months, Super Mario 3D Land has claimed a splendid 8 million sales. Comparatively, the Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy clocked up 7.66 million sales in its own thirteen month debut.

Interestingly, the West seems to be the strongest contributing factor to Galaxy‘s success. 3D Super Mario titles don’t perform as well as they do internationally in Japan alone, whereas Super Mario 3D Land purposefully blends the 2D and 3D ideologies of Super Mario games. As a result, Japan responded to it much more favourably, and this helped give it the edge.

All in all, it’s a strong debut indeed for Super Mario 3D Land, though it’s almost a shame in a way that this implies less gamers got to enjoy the phenomenal Galaxy games. 3D Land changed up a fair few things that were otherwise standard practice in 3D Super Mario games. With the Wii U now upon us, it’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo continues with 3D Land‘s way of doing things if and when a 3D Super Mario Wii U game is announced.

By on 3 February 2013
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