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Survey Results: Mobile Games are not Killing Consoles

A survey of gamers and tech enthusiasts suggests that, contrary to what many analysts think, mobile phone and tablet games are not harming games console sales.

Are mobile games taking over?

These days, when a heavily hyped video game does not sell as well as expected, journalists, analysts and even investors often point to it as a sign that the console industry is in decline due to the rise of casual and smart phone games. 3DS Buzz wanted to see if all-in-one mobile devices really are killing consoles.

Last month we conducted a survey to find out. Obviously our regular readers, who own the latest handheld games console would disagree with the idea that it is dying out. We wanted to ask those who had been DS gamers but it seemed, had turned their backs on the latest gaming system.

With the support of general tech and gadget websites, we found almost 300 people who had bought a DS but not a 3DS and asked them why they hadn’t. We provided 16 options and allowed participants to pick as many reasons why they hadn’t made the purchase as they wanted.

Just 2% of voters selected, “I’m happy with my mobile phone/tablet for handheld gaming.” That does not suggest that 2% had been turned off the 3DS purely because of mobile phone games, just that they stated it as a contributing factor. In total this option received just 1% of the votes. These are low figures in comparison to 34% who simply hadn’t seen enough games they wanted for the console and 60% who would like a 3DS if they had enough money to spare.

Mobile gaming is certainly on the increase, but it doesn’t seem to be stealing gamers away from consoles.

By on 25 November 2011
One day Adam had a vision, and that vision was in 3D. After a while his eyes started to hurt so he looked away from the vision and started making a website about the 3DS instead of playing it, and so 3DS Buzz was born.

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  1. Adam Ulivi says:

    If you need any more evidence, Modern Warfare 3 became the fastest selling game in history earlier this month so console gaming looks like it’s becoming more popular if anything. Over 6.5 million people bought the $50+ console game in 1 day. Mobile gaming’s biggest success, Angry Birds has sold double that number but it took 2 years and the game cost just $0.99.

    Just to be clear, mobile games (in the gaming industry) tends to refer to games on mobile phones and tablets, not portable games consoles like the 3DS, even though they are mobile really.

  2. Mr. Know it All says:

    I think people are just imagining it, though I do think too many people are relying on their phones too much, Iphone is nice for phoning but 3ds is amazing for games, 3ds is faaaaaaaaaaaaar better than Iphone, one 3ds is better than 20million Iphones put together for gaming, not so much for phoning.

  3. Samrat says:

    3DS is better than an iPhone, but I would prefer to have both… The iPhone because of the phone and other apps, and the 3DS for its sheer awesomeness.

  4. Blark says:

    People who think everyone will be playing games only on iPads and phones in 5 years are just plain wrong.

  5. ledreppe says:

    Analysts? What the f*ck do analysts know! Half the time they’re wrong. I have an iPhone and I have never played a paid for game on it, I much prefer my 3DS with its tactile buttons. I will never only use a smartphone for gaming on.

  6. 3dbrains says:

    I agree with samrat, although I have a samsung Android, it is the same situation. my phone has some good shiz on it and it is a phone too, but a 3ds is a game console, a 3D game console with great fighting games and driving games and adventure games etc.
    having BOTH is a must.

  7. Game R says:

    I would sooner pay £40 for a quality game with some depth than a 75p 5 minute novelty.

  8. Rantti says:

    Seriously nobody is going to stop playing Zeldas and buy angry birds…
    I mean, Angry b is a fun game, and many other funny
    games in appstore, but no match for console games

  9. Anon says:

    Console Games- mostly better (Though Cut the rope vs X-men: Destiny (On Wii)……. I’d go for the former

  10. F says:

    I’ve got a 4S which I might play a game on in a spare minute. I also have a 3ds which I play real games on!

  11. Premier says:

    I’m VERY satisfied with the Nintendo 3DS. Mobile games aren’t really good anyway. There’s barely any good games in fact. But that 2% chose very unwisely. They decided to go to lame and boring phone games instead of the next generation of Nintendo handheld gaming. I’m pretty sure I’m as skeptical as anyone else about that 2% being true Nintendo fans.

  12. getting a bit sick of cod says:

    again with the computer industry hating on gaming and nintendo…nintendo are to blame for this dumb gaming market,it must be stopped and games should be played on phones,tablets and pcs and have no actual gaming controls ,these people have been talking this crap from the mid 1980’s what a joke….id software even tried to say mario belonged on pc played via a qwerty k-pad ,someone please shoot me…

  13. SwimyGreen says:

    I really don’t get why smartphone games are so popular. Angry Birds for example; you are endlessly shooting birds at random towers and pigs. Only 2 smartphone games kept me absorbed more than an hour: a $1 roller coaster creator and an $8 final fantasy game I could’ve downloaded on my PS3.

    However, I admit to using my iPod much more than my DS (but I’m not playing games on my iPod :D)

  14. Misnomer says:

    What is neat with 3DS is that it is a great portable gaming experience. That being said, one cannot conveniently carry around that many gadgets. What do I carry around? my phone and my tablet? my phone and my 3DS? For the last few month, it has been my phone and my 3DS because I really like video games. However, I think that it is unavoidable that portable game consoles will have to merge with other portable gadgets somehow, unless they can offer an incredibly competitive gaming experience. I strongly hope that Nintendo will keep up.

  15. Alexander says:

    I’m not convinced we should listen to ‘analysts’ anymore. They were wrong about the DS, Wii and now 3DS. Play around with google news ‘archives’ to see what analysts said 6 years ago…

  16. Ridley says:

    No comment.

  17. James says:

    Thank you, thank you for making sense.

  18. GoodSamaritanCritic says:

    This article is a complete waste of internet space. Mobile devices are most certainly killing the handheld industry, as it has been for the past 4-5 years now. The 3DS is dying, and Nintendo will come to realize that their “20th-Century vibe” on hardware must come to a finite end.

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