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The Future of the 3DS: Hopes

A farewell article by Ben Bertoli.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing for 3DS Buzz for the long time. What do you mean you didn’t realize I left? Well, I sure did and now that 3DS Buzz is going away I figured I would share a few hopes for the future of the 3DS. The system has gone from a so-so launch to being one of the best gaming devices in the world. What do I want from the 3DS now that it’s on the high road to glory?

Special Editions

When Nintendo announced they were bringing the special edition Pikachu 3DS XL to the states I was both excited and aggravated  Why aggravated? Because I had just received a blue 3DS XL for Christmas. I was holding out for a special edition and none had been announced. With the recent reveal of the Animal Crossing special edition 3DS XL I can only hope that Nintendo of America brings more wonderful pieces of hardware to the world outside Japan. That Charazard version is pretty hot. GET IT!?

eShop Gems

The eShop was another part of the 3DS that got off to a slow start. Even though it took a while to get going it’s now a driving force for Nintendo’s funky handheld. Titles like Pushmo, Dillon’s Rolling Western, and HarmoKnight have shown us that the developers at Nintendo know what they’re doing. All I ask is that Nintendo keeps putting out quality titles for the eShop. Obviously digital purchases are becoming a big push in the world of video games, so let’s hope Nintendo keeps up. Also demos! The more demos the better.

Super Smash Bros 3DS

My first 3DS Buzz article was about how great it would be to have a Smash Bros title on the 3DS. That dream has come true. Well… at least the game has been announced. Smash Bros isn’t just my favorite fighting game (That’s right I said FIGHTING GAME) it’s my favorite series of all time. Some times the jump from console to portable system doesn’t go so well, other times it goes wonderfully. Look at Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, it’s a fantastic sequel to a game that came out for a major home console. My biggest hope for the 3DS is that its Smash Bros title will be one of the best in the series. Online play, cross system features with the Wii U, various new fighters and stages – Nintendo needs to pull out all the stops. 

That’s all I have, 3DS Buzz readers. I had a fun time entertaining you with my many list, features and new articles, but there’s a hunted mansion calling my name. Now where did I put that vacuum…

By on 29 April 2013
*Hello, there! Welcome to the world of 3DS! My name is Ben. People call me the 3DS Professor. This world is inhabited by creatures called games! For some people, the 3DS is their life. Others use them for fun! Myself… I study the 3DS as a profession. *Intro stolen from Professor Oak

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  1. Logan says:

    …Well, you were failing anyway. Thanks for the articles!

  2. SuperMario says:

    Wait, 3DSBUZZ is going?

    • Jordan Bayes says:

      Unfortunately yes. It is sad to see it go but lets remember the good times we had here rather than being sad about it going! We had a great run.

  3. ledreppe says:

    Why is 3DSBuzz closing down? I would imagine not enough readers or something. I’ll miss it, I’ve been following it before the 3DS came out! I don’t know of any other independent 3DS site, so I’ll just have to stick with NintendoLife and Official Nintendo Magazine’s site for 3DS news, but it wont be the same.

  4. AzyKool says:

    Can’t believe it’s going 🙁 I’ve also been a reader since the pre-3ds days. Been on every day since. Memories of the release date announcement and 3ds countdown on this site are springing to mind amongst other things.
    This site just became part of my internet routine. The web will feel a little empty without it.

    • Jordan Bayes says:

      It is very sad to see 3dsbuzz go but at least the forums will still be here! The forums are still quite popular and will take the place of the main site from now on.

      • Alex says:

        So if you’re already paying for the domain/server then why are the articles shutting down? :/ Btw Jordan, you were my favorite editor here 🙂

  5. Guy says:

    Is this the last 3DS Buzz article?

    Also farewell.

  6. KartRacer says:

    Well, I guess it counts. Though, the learning curb for it is a LOT less than many others.

  7. 3dsfan says:

    Iv’e been on here since Mario Kart 7 was still being worked on.It is so sad to see it go.Good luck in life,Ben

  8. BlueYoshi says:

    Sad to see that 3DS Buzz is going. Makes me wish I spent more time here… I’ll miss all the awesome articles and news! Thanks for all of them 🙂

  9. b@man(ACE) says:

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  10. NyckM (youtube) says:

    now where am i going to go for 3ds info?

  11. RichJoker says:

    I have been following this site since several weeks after 3DS was announced, and it’s going to be closed down? I’ll be missing this site.
    This site have been my internet routine, lol.
    I have to say, this site is the best site for 3DS news. 🙂

    Is this the last article?

  12. Noroc says:

    Gotta say I’ll definitely miss this site, this is usually the first thing I go to when I go on the internet. I’ve been doing so since before the 3ds as released. Thanks for the great articles!

  13. Sora says:


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