Nintendo 3DS

The New Face of The Nintendo 3DS

The final design of the 3DS has been revealed, and only one major detail has been changed.

When Nintendo promised only minor revisions to the 3DS’ hardware from E3, they certainly weren’t joking. So, what’s actually changed about the look of the machine? At first glance, you’d be tempted to give a resounding “nothing.”

3DS New

Spot the difference - pictures of the old 3DS protoype along with the final, confirmed edition. Not much to choose between them, right?

The very eagle-eyed amongst you, however, might have noticed that there is one little difference. The 3DS’ analog controller has had a bit of a facelift, changing from the colour of the unit to a grey colour. Why? Perhaps it’s intended to make the pad stand out more, or maybe the grey material is designed to enhance the grip. You might also have noticed that the nub does appear to be slightly smaller. This might be to allow it to be pushed further in any direction, improving the sensitivity.

Here’s another, closer look at what’s going on, complete with some Japanese annotations of the major features courtesy of Nintendo.

3DS New in detail

The new design of the 3DS in greater detail. Also a good look at the neat little stylus.

There’s also a good image here of the 3DS’ stylus. This silvery little gadget is extendable to four inches, and looks pretty slick; no half measures have been deployed here.

So, no substantial change on the design front. But this isn’t a bad thing; after all, why improve on something that was already a hit? The 3DS’ design went down well with the press and the gaming public after E3, so it’s not a big surprise to see very little change between them and now. Nintendo clearly understand the old maxim; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

By on 29 September 2010

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  1. Mark says:

    Looks fantastic! I'm loving the look of the 'Cosmos Black' version!

  2. Tom Phoenix says:

    Why did they change the colour of the slide pad? It was just fine being coloured apporpriately for the unit. This way, it really stands out in a visually unpleasing way. If nothing else, they could have picked a better colour for the slide pad, such as black.

    Also, I am SERIOUSLY disappointed that Nintendo did not respond to the only major complaint a lot of people had with the design…the positioning of the D-pad. The funny thing is, there were statements that Nintendo was looking into making changes to the D-pad. But I guess that was all smoke and mirrors.

    While this setup is alright for games involving 3D environments, games such as 2D platformers and SRPG's are going to be REALLY uncomfortable to play. =/

  3. Seph says:

    Actually, the slide pad seems to be the same size (compare it to the D-pad), the recess it slides in is larger, therefore giving a bigger range of movement. You can tell by looking at the gap between the recess and the screen and the edge of the 3DS.

  4. Fuzzles says:

    You said the slide pad was smaller, that's wrong, the indentation around it is bigger.

  5. Chris2010 says:

    Can someone translate what that picture above is saying?

  6. kallumsmart says:

    u also might realised the thing around the analogue is b igger so probs so u can move it round bigger and better

  7. Heldjunior says:

    Cant wait hope its going to be Awesome but we all know Nintendo every thing they make IS AWESOMENESSSSSS

  8. Al says:

    I agree that the new colour of the analogue pad does not look as nice, but the stylus is pretty awesome. Only hardware info left to come out officially is the CPU and RAM, but I think the demo's speak for that perfectly, they're high enough.

    • Adrian says:

      Cheap Nintendo DS Games?does anyone know of any plcaes that sales used nintendo DS games for really cheap? I’ve tried Gamestop but they are only maybe $3 or $4 difference than the game that is new. Any other plcaes anyone knows of? Thanks in advance

  9. Someone says:


    Got it! I might not know every word on it, but. . .

    3D slider (for turning 3D on and off)

    Camera (the one on the top)

    3.53 inch 3D screen (the top screen)

    Slide pad

    SD Memory Card Slot

    Telescopic Stylus

    3.02 inch touch screen

    Tag Mode Viewer

    Hope this helps! I hope the price drops by the time it comes out in N.A./Europe!

  10. Roy says:

    There was another change, they added an external microphone near the 3d cameras…

  11. JdW says:


    They made it gray, just like the rest of the buttons (notice how all of them have some gray on them) because they are supposed to be backlit…. Watched some demo vid where it showed that, just dont remember where…

  12. bananaoomarang says:


    dun da daaaaaaa….

  13. Someone says:


    The slide pad isn't only a different color and a bigger indentation, but unless my eyes are deceiving me, it's a little thicker and more like a joystick than the first model of it (the one that was at E3).

  14. Stuart Young says:


    Having looked at it again, you're right. Proportionally though, it's much smaller than the new indentation, which when it comes to wiggling it around is pretty much the same thing.

  15. Seph says:

    @Stuart Young

    Yup agreed, and also agreed with Someone, it does indeed look slightly thicker and there is a more defined bevel on the edge, probably trying to give it more grip.

  16. Ben says:


    actually thats not a microphone. that little black dot on the outside is the same black dot that was on the dsi/dsiXL – its a pink light that lights up when you are using the outside camera.

    source? the nintendo 3ds video on the japanese nintendo website

  17. Roy says:

    Ah i see ben.

    But i don't think that was on the e3 one.

  18. Someone says:

    I hope this camera has a flash, because I like taking pictures with the DSi, and I couldn't take pictures at night! I'm going to sell my DSi (it's the Metallic Blue one with the Mario game bundle) with a carrying case, a game and an SD card (since the 3DS will come with a 2 GB one, as well). I'm also selling my Game Boy Advance SP with two games, since it can play GB/GBC/GBA games on it! The 3DS is going to be the best handheld in Nintendo's history of handhelds! Too bad I have to wait four months for it!

  19. Arham says:

    the new design is actually pretty cool but the slide pad looks old. the sylus looks just plain cool.

  20. sausage says:

    The slide pad actually is smaller. It's just because the newer image is slightly blown up.

  21. Bryan says:

    there is another difference

    they added an L.E.D. light next to the camera like the dsi, and they just made the slide pad radius bigger not the nub smaller. i for one think that this thing looks extremely sexy either way. i already preordered it from gamestop, btw at gamestop there wasnt a line or anything. i just walked in the store waited for a person by a game ordered my 3ds and walked out. it was simple. it took about 5 minutes… srsly does nobody but me want to buy the 3ds (although it probably wont be a long wait for the 3DS lite) 😉

  22. Bryan says:

    nintendo should have the colors red and blue to symbolize 3d glasses and sonic and mario. i mean realy it would be cool red and blue 3ds.

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