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Tilt your 3DS if you want to play Pac-Man and Galaga

New double pack ‘Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions’ wants you to tilt your 3DS.

Pac-Man and Galaga celebrate their respective 30 Year anniversaries within a year, and what better way to celebrate than with a new 3DS title featuring both properties. Both however, have been slightly re-imagined. Pac-Man is now a platformer a la Super Mario called Pac-Man Tilt; while Galaga becomes a 3D shooter called Galaga 3D Impact in a style similar to Star Fox.  They both come within a double pack called Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions (get it? Because its 3D!) according to Japanese Game Magazine Famitsu.

Pac-Man and Galaga


Both will use tilt controls to operate and control characters. In Pac-Man Tilt, you control Pac-Man as you tilt the areas around the yellow dot eating dude. Pac-Man can also moprh into a ball and you can tilt your 3DS to roll him around and get through areas not accessible in when you are regular Pac-Man.

Galaga 3D Impact could prove to be the more interesting of the two. You tilt your  3DS to look around the screen from your cockpit and change your view while you blast  legions of enemies.

Only time will tell if the gyro controls are going to be fun or not (or if 3D subtitles will ever stop). While no specific release is set for Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions expect 3DS Buzz to keep you right up to date.

By on 2 February 2011

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  1. adamulivi says:

    Before you say it, no more "First"ing allowed.

  2. Steven says:

    Boy I hope they make another Namco arcade pack for the 3DS. Man I remember going to Florida with my DS lit playing those games….. Well at least the 3DS can play all games. I also LOVE how u can download gameboy games now instead of carrying all of them and switching cartridges. I hope the 3DS will be a win. *cross fingers*

  3. ulquiorra says:

    tilting o.o

  4. awesomephil says:

    is it bad that even after all these years, I still want to buy a pac man game

  5. sephiroxas says:

    took you enough time XD !!!

  6. Hisiru says:

    I was hoping for a Pac Man Championship Edition 3DX or something like that but this Pac Man game seems to be something new.

  7. jgn17 says:

    That will be nice to see pacman and galaga the 3ds.

  8. Mr. Paper says:

    Sounds cool. Is there a gameplay video? ( or at least a concept video?) (third…)

  9. GameLifter says:

    Sounds cool! I have always loved Galaga!

  10. @Drewciffer says:


    ps. i love firsting in my spare time… you know.. when the lights are down… 😉

  11. Zan says:

    galaga is 3ds awsome

  12. :):):) says:

    Im ok with the new galaga but not the packman

  13. technophile says:

    is it wiered that reading about the 3DS gives me orgasms

  14. Isaac says:


    Back on topic, I very much doubt this will be worth it.

  15. AgentNick007 says:


  16. Maleo says:

    Sounds load of Eye Strain O.0
    ….Nah maybe not probably going to be pretty awesome
    Well I need to see videos or it never happened 😛

  17. serpent says:


  18. Eff Ess says:

    Okay, it's nice to have gyroscopes and tilting… but how will all the motion affect 3D view? After all, the technology relies on angles of view for the depth effect.

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