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Two Really Cool Looking 3DSes

I don’t know if that’s the real plural, but they’re still really cool.

New looks for the 3DS are pretty damn interesting; so far we’ve had Pikachu, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, The Legend of Zelda, and others adorn our most beloved of handhelds. Today, we’ll show you two new looks for the 3DS; one official product and another from a rather creative individual.


The first comes from Capcom: A Monster Hunter themed case for your 3DS XL to get you ready for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s release next month. Like the look of it?


Our second 3DS look of the day comes to you via Tiny Cartridge and MegaKx, featuring a vinyl decal to turn your red 3DS XL (though they’ll stick to anything) into a Pokedex. The kit looks pretty great for budding Pokemon trainers eager to prepare for Pokemon X and Y this October.

How do you like these? If you have a custom 3DS, why not send us a picture?

By on 2 February 2013
Adam Sparks is a 24 year old goofball who just happened to get a job writing for you fine folk. He is a fan of many things ranging from fantasy novels like Mistborn to eSports like StarCraft 2; and he's just as passionate about both! There is a special place in his heart for pandas and Darkwing Duck.

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