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Would You Like A Third Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tourism Trailer?

Of course you would!

Check Out Japan’s Splendid Mario AR Cards

Mario and his buddies spring to life, pose for pictures and interact through the magic of augmented reality. Let’s hope these go global! Read more >>

Nintendo Kicks Off Europe’s ‘So Many Games!’ Promotion

Register three selected games to Club Nintendo between now and June 30th and get a fourth for free! Read more >>

Is Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Coming To 3DS?

Square-Enix is trademarking what could be a remake of the classic GBC original. Read more >>

Japanese 3DS Fans Receive Special Screenshot Site

3DS browser exclusive website uploads Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Collection screenshots straight to social media sites. Read more >>

Japanese Ace Attorney 5 Trailer Oozes Style

Capcom show off the bold new look for the series as those old sprites become full 3D characters, yet still packed with overblown personality. Read more >>

Nintendo Box Art Bi-Weekly

The bi-weekly feature on box art from Nintendo console and handheld games over the years. I will be giving five examples of great box art from Nintendo console and handheld games that are chosen by readers like you! Read more >>

New Teaser Shows Mewtwo Taking On New Form

With the new games en route, the classic Legendary learns a few new tricks. Read more >>

Nintendo Direct April 2013 – Our Best Bits!

Yoshi! Zelda! Bravely Default! Animal Crossing! OUR EYES ARE NOT WORTHY! Read more >>

New Youkai Watch Video Showcases Suburban Shenanigans

Small town fun with spirits and ghouls in the latest game and franchise from Level-5. Read more >>

Animal Crossing Creates UK Social Media Profiles

Also, a new Nintendo Direct is coming our way this Wednesday! Read more >>

Mysterious New Pokémon Clarified As A New Forme For Mewtwo

Speculation can be laid to rest as to whether ol’ tail-head is a new species or just Mewtwo in another shape. Read more >>

Animal Crossing Receiving Exclusive Nintendo Houses Via Spotpass

Our Happy Home Showcases will not just be populated via StreetPass, but via SpotPass too, as Nintendo add their own homesteads. Read more >>

Did You Get Your Swapnote Update, America?

And Europe, have you claimed your free SpotPass Fire Emblem puzzle piece yet? Read more >>

Project X Zone Receives European Release Date, First English Trailer

Oh, and some splendid preorder incentives too…