The CEO of Dreamworks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg, explained in one of his interviews how 3D, sound, and colour are the three major aspects which are revolutionizing the film industry. Dreamworks and Pixar have already switched to 3D for all their movies. The next step in the revolution is thinking about how 3D technology can impact households, and the answer is simple – Video games.

The gaming industry has been advancing in 3D gaming, creating games that are getting closer to reality year by year. Many movie directors, including James Cameron, has predicted that gaming will change everything making the ultimate immersive media in future. VR technology is the next big introduction in movies and gaming that will push 3D technology higher.


It has been just two decades since the gaming industry has achieved the milestones that no one predicted in the ’90s. In the beginning, the games were not even close to being realistic. The graphics were iconic and looked nothing like the picture on the cover of the game. The only thing which made the game seem realistic was our imagination. Today, we have games that have rendered characters and open worlds. Games live GTA V, and Red Dead Redemption 2 are huge milestones in making the games more realistic.

Gaming industry

Current Scenario

We cannot expect one to go back and appreciate the classics if they were not born in the era when gaming was just an arcade entertainment. Games like space invaders looked cool on the cover but only offered a minimalistic graphics and freedom. The developers today work to tweak their characters in the games and movies even better, to make them as realistic as possible. But, back in the ’90s, it was much more difficult even to create a well-rendered geometric object like a car or trees.

Today we have several new technologies which make 3D object development easy. The designers are now more efficient than ever in creating graphics that may require a high graphic card, but can almost look like life inside a screen. PCs and Consoles today can support the games with large sizes, and high graphics with ease and the gamers are willing to invest. Due to this, the developers do not hesitate to use every technology that is available for creating games.

The Future

The VR technology combines with 360 camera can do wonders in the film industry as well as in gaming. It can provide the immersive real-world platform that the audience can expect to see soon. There are new VR games in production already. Games like No Man’s Sky, Half-Life: Alyx, and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission are some of the VR based games that you can try out today to experience the future of 3D gaming.

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