Esports was and is a formative tournament that saw players from all around the world. As it was new and innovative, people went on to accept every single aspect of the same since they knew that it is something of a great deal. With foundations and current demand being so strong, one also thinks about the future. That brings us to our question or the central theme of this article. What does the future hold for Esports? Well, to answer that question, we dug up some vital information, so go ahead and read it out.

1. Politicization

Stars and brand endorsements have all come together and offered a lot of attention to Esports. As a result, the kind of fame that it enjoys has gone beyond a point with the entire world knowing about Esports. Since popularity has always proven to be an essential point for political movements and other kinds of agendas, social justice activists will emerge on conceivable topics and then proceed to influence esports. To make matters specific, we would like to quote the example of Ng Wai Chung shouting out pro-Hong Kong slogans during the recent Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament.

2. Training Programs

Be it the Olympics or any other major event, training programs which are sponsored by the state have always come into the picture. The same level of thought has reached Esports as a move to develop players and raise their skills. Since Esports have also been considered to be included in the Olympics, things tend to make a lot more sense. Sponsored training programs will be able to help individuals who have an inclination to the same and can develop various skills to nurture and grow their potential.

Training Programs

3. College Programs

From the current set of statistics and analysis reports, it is quite clear that college programs are significant sources of revenue. When compared to the rest, these programs have churned out bigger crowds with major attractions being football and basketball. So it would make sense to continue this trend and generate more levels of income. Hence college kids can be thrilled about the same because Esports might strike at their doorstep anytime soon.

4. A Players’ Union

For many years, we have not come across a player’s union of sorts with Esports. But things might change since social and economic leverages are not the same. Individual players and teams will be able to feel the power in their hands as they move up ahead to create something using the same. But one cannot entirely fall for the same because Esports has also nurtured players into another meaningful direction. The platform has given them various opportunities so you can expect positive outcomes as a sign of return.

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