A couple of decades ago, the eSports industry or even the mention of it will be utopian, however, the world has transformed beyond the wildest dreams. As far as technology is concerned, sports, esports, and betting have changed a lot and given the advent of the internet, the outreach has expanded. As of now, the total worth of the market can be estimated at $30 Billion. Video games have entered our living rooms and millions of players are choosing the games to make a career.


For any player, even though he may not win, having participated in a tournament is something that can’t be described in words. Given the complications of the event, the player is required to do something before you can jump right into it.

eSports tournamentsTo begin with, the planning needs to be proper and the addition of the gaming news will be a boon. Games like Dota, Overwatch, Smite, Counter-Strike, Street Fighter and League of Legends hold tournaments regularly, so the best is to keep an eye.


The preparation and knowledge about the games that you’re going to be participating in will be beneficial. The more skills you have at the game and if you have insights into the sports, it can help you in placing an educated bet. Similar to the case of the players in the tournaments, the best advice is to make sure that you know the game and have ample practice.

Major Esports tournaments:

eSports tournamentsGiven the abundance of tournaments held across the globe, the chances are high that you will miss most of them. However, the concentration is to be dedicated to the most popular ones such as the International Dota2 Championships, League of Legends World Championships, and Intel Extreme Masters. The regular updates and notifications about the games will let you know the information about the next tournaments.


Sportsbooks facilitate your bet and even though there is no dearth of them on the internet, the first thing that you must do is to make a comparison based on your preferences. The variety can be confusing but if you carefully study the platforms, it can help you with which one to choose.


Betting is no game of superstition but based on tactics and knowledge. The numbers play an important part and if you’re devoid of them, there is scope for you. Know the sides that are involved, their performance, and how they play against each other. Every bit of information is important and a little laziness will cost a lot in the bigger picture.



eSports tournamentsThis is the most important thing of all the process and with proper knowledge and the right step, the action can be taken. The money you’re to bet is real, so you must make sense of the data that you have and transform it into an opinion. Calculate and analyze the game. Before you bet, think a lot.



The betting industry changes a lot every day and it’s wise to keep oneself updated. Research on various sides, knowing the nuances of the game, and understanding how small action in betting can have a bigger impact, are the cues.


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