Strategy games attract a lot of gamers who like this genre because it gives them the fun of building their own empire from scratch. There are a lot of ways a strategy game can be played, which interests the gamers to find the best ways to stay ahead of others. The maps, army list, building structures, trades, and battles is what keeps the gamers hooked to strategy games. Here is a list of the best strategy games that you can play on PC.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms is one of the most trending game in this category. The theme is based on a Chinese civil war which takes place between different clans. Every character plays an important role in shaping the outcome of the war. The main attraction is that the army is filled with superhuman warriors that need training and upgrades.

Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 is a dynastic strategy combined RPG game which gives you the command of a massive army. Each character has goals and desires that make them different. It has a dramatic storyline with a simulation that can corner you into desperate situations where you will make decisions to retain the power of the kingdom. The game is free to play but has a lot of expansions that may need you to spend money on speeding up the story.

Crusader Kings 2

Total War: Warhammer 2

Warhammer 2 is a sequel to a game which was praised for creating massive battles and impressive war units. This is an improvement on the previous game and offers a lot of new things including tweaking of heroes, rogue armies, new heroes and characters, and a completely new map.

Europe Universalis 4

Europe Universalis 4 is the ultimate grand strategy game which gives you the command of a nation from the Middle Ages to 1800s. You can make decisions for the nation, handle its economy, command the armies, and build your empire. The theme is based on the real-life events of history that you can alter with your decisions. Even if the maps and the gameplay confuse you, it is still interesting to see where the story goes when you make random choices.

Europe Universalis 4

Civilization 6

Civilization 6 is a new version of the evergreen Civilization series. It is one of the best strategy games series with improved graphics and storyline in every edition. This time the biggest changes in the game is the district system which can allow the gamer to unstack cities just like unstacking the armies. It can make you think about the future while constructing new buildings in your land. There is a concept of the Golden Age and Dark Age which can keep you hooked. They also offer several bonuses and debuffs based on your development statistics.

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