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Here, you can help create the ultimate resource for all Nintendo 3DS games. If you want to browse the wiki, the best way to do that is through 3DS Buzz Game Hub pages. You can add to and edit information in the wiki parts of hub pages via the “Edit” button.

Interested in Becoming a 3DS Wiki Editor?

The 3DS Wiki provides a convenient way to share your knowledge of 3DS games with others. Becoming part of the 3DS Wiki community can be rewarding. Not just because of our monthly prizes, more importantly, you’ll gain a warm inner glow from helping others learn from you. Still interested? If you are, read on.

The first thing you should know is that the 3DS Wiki isn’t like other wikis. Content from the wiki is integrated into 3DS Buzz Hubs. On these pages you can see how the Pilotwings Resort wiki page transfers over to the the Pilotwings Resort Hub.

Below is a guide to editing the wiki. If you have any more questions (or just want to say “hello”), pop over to our wiki forum – we welcome the chance to chat with new wiki editors in there.