There have been many new titles in VR gaming recently that provide an immersive experience to the gamers. Games like Half-Life: Alyx and No Man’s Sky are competing with AAA games today to provide realistic gameplay. In terms of quality and gameplay, the VR games are still lacking some key elements, but in future, we can expect to see such bugs disappear.

There is a wide range of VR headsets to pick from. You can select your budget and pick a headset that can work with your system to enjoy VR gaming. VR headsets from different manufacturers can provide a different kind of experience, so it is up to you to pick what you are comfortable with. VR experience for beginners can be a bit daunting until they get used to it. Here we have a list of the games that will suit the beginners as well as experts.

Half-Life: Alyx

This game is a step from Valve to bring the favourite Half-Life world into virtual reality. It involves shoot outs, solving puzzles, and an interesting story consisting of aliens and soldiers. Even though Valve took time to come up with the next half-life sequel, it is among the best VR experiences that gamers can expect to play today.

Half-Life: Alyx

No Man’s Sky

This is a space exploration VR game that takes you on a journey to discover new worlds while you travel in your spaceship. When you start exploring, you will find more items that will help to upgrade your ship. It is an endless journey with plenty of worlds and creatures to learn about.

Beat Saber

This arcade game has been getting a lot of attention lately. It is a fast, kinetic rhythm game where the gamer slashes coloured blocks to the beats of their favourite songs. It uses two motion controllers which can be wiped vertically or horizontally to slash the blocks and gain points. The game is similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but it is available in VR.

Doom VFR

Doom VFR is simply the VR adaption of the original reboot of Doom which came out in 2016. But there is a huge difference between PC and VR versions of the game, including its storyline. The combat dynamics are also tweaked. The game requires an open space so that you can turn around and use your reflexes to tackle enemies quicker. The latest version of this game is called Doom: Eternal which the developers have still not launched it for VR.

Doom VFR

The Edler Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Skyrim is one of the legendary games ever made. It is available on console, PC, and now in VR. The VR version gives the players a much more immersive gameplay experience. It has fully tracked motion control which helps you move your arms and block the attacks using realistic gestures. The only drawback of the game is that the VR version does not have the improved graphics that was launched with the PC special edition.

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