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Release Date Rumours and Pre-orders Confirmed for Tomorrow [Update 2]

The moment we’ve been waiting for? Maybe not but UK pre-orders do begin tomorrow.

3DS Buzz reader jkat107 took this photo on their iPhone and sent it to us.

3DS Release Date

The photo shows a Gamestation shop window display stating the 3DS release date as 1 March 2011.

Shortly after we received the picture SoulSilver, messaged us in the 3DS Forum to tell us:

Just got these texts through on my phone:

“UPDATE on 3DS. GAME/Gamestation will be taking £10 deposits on Nintendo 3DS from tomorrow in store. Thanks”

If you’re interested in seeing the full photo we were sent, here it is. It doesn’t add much, just includes the advert below it so you can see it in the context of a shop window. They’re going to have to drop that DSi XL price now!

Update 1:
Neil from GAME/Gamestation has been in touch to tell us it isn’t one of their posters but confirms pre-order rumour. He says;

Just seen your post that has the photo of the ‘Register Your Interest’ for 3DS poster in one of our stores.

Wanted to let you know that sadly, we don’t know the date of launch for the 3DS in the UK yet and the date on the image sent to you isn’t actually on the poster we sent to our stores.

Obviously, I’m not sure what store that picture was taken at but unfortunately, the information has been added to the poster by someone incorrectly.

Cover-up story? Possibly but probably not. Either way, Neil has confirmed that 3DS Pre-orders will be available from GAME and Gamestation starting tomorrow!

Update 2:
We’ve had a follow up from the person who sent the photo. They say:

Hi this is not a fake poster I took the pic in gamestation derby I am a big nintendo fan and would not do a fake poster wants the point do you not think it’s funny we broke the news and out of the blue 2mow they are takeing deposits yours jkat107

And later added:

If you have a look at gamestation web site put in 3ds it comes up with the release date 1/03/2011

Which is true.

By on 7 January 2011
One day Adam had a vision, and that vision was in 3D. After a while his eyes started to hurt so he looked away from the vision and started making a website about the 3DS instead of playing it, and so 3DS Buzz was born.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Is this Gamestation?

  2. Kiko100 says:

    OH MY FU–ING GOD!!! I hope it's the same for USA 😀

  3. MSSoulBlader says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGG this is totally wicked I can't wait

  4. 3D Gamer says:


  5. Deathmore says:

    That's not right, 1st March is a Tuesday UNLESS Nintendo are doing are doing a simultaneous west release, like most games do when they are released on Tuesday

  6. Archie says:

    I reckon that the 1st makes sense… it will get gamers excited because they're getting it sooner, plus it's a rememberable date. Just hoping it's right!

    • Tutan says:

      You are a smart guy

      • Dong says:

        Wish I found your cards last year when I really ndeeed them! Hope I never go thru anything like that again but I will remember your blog if I do and they are not in the stores. I agree they need to be in stores. My local head shop would definitely sell them.

  7. madara300 says:

    cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Stephen says:

    It's Gamestation, you can tell by the font in the bottom right. GAME does not have this.

  9. ccsdc83 says:

    Does that mean US will get an even earlier release date? I know Europe usually get's stuck waiting after that territory historically with anything video game related.

  10. Tutan says:

    Finally we have a release date THANK GOD!1st March 2011

  11. Alex says:

    Any word on UK pricing yet?

  12. Gravy says:

    Right Before My Birthday…YAY!

  13. Gleeok says:

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu YEAH

  14. Gleeok says:


  15. Saad says:

    awsome. It's finally hereCan't wait till 1 March, though I hope this is not a scam

  16. Saad says:

    hey why is the release date on a poster in a window
    I reckon Gamestation r gona be in big trouble

  17. Kooper says:

    Interesting date – that's a tuesday, and it's normally a friday that new stuff comes out on in the UK. Still, if it's true, that's great, and we won't be getting it too far after US!

  18. Jam says:

    yes cant wait!!!!!!

  19. SkyOtic says:

    Love how it says: "new analogue depth slider" whilst referring to the slide pad. Although I'm excited, I still think this will be some kind of placeholder date…

  20. Any news on the price?

  21. Matthew says:

    I thought it'd be late March. Still good. Maybe I'll get it in the Easter holidays, or as soon as possible if it's going to be like with the Wii.

  22. Evil Lemons says:

    Awesome! Is that a definite release date then, or just an estimated one!? Either way – Awesome! I just bought myself a DS Lite, in really good condition, before it gets harder to get them 🙂 Need one for my GBA games, hehe!

  23. eric says:

    god i hope this is true
    been waiting to get my hands on one for too damn long
    (kinda feel like cartman did when he was waiting for the wii in south park)

    • Escola says:

      I have trained three artitss even with indifference of an oppositional host: they have survived. I am not as difficult as I seem in commentary: but if you observe the world they will listen to nothing less: and perhaps they have not heard me: until they can hear no more from me.Perhaps I am giving you open entrance into thoughts you are not ready for,and will ignore. I would have to say that adults ignore: while children observe wisdom. I would have to say that my children’s speech: like mine. has been imprisioned.

  24. Krakkenman says:

    That could just mean that they don't know the exact date, but know that's it's coming out in March.

  25. itsobviouslymezz says:

    I think this is just a mistake, but I hope it is true! I thought we'd get it on a friday like we normally do…but if this release date is wrong I still think it's pretty close.

  26. Girl_Gamer says:

    How is this possible when nintendo havnt even announced the release date or price ?? Its probably a short term thing…

  27. will says:

    i will be depositing my £10 asap. I,ve been waiting for this console since it was announced im definatly getting it before any of my friends and family.

  28. Johnn¥ says:

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Hope this is right.

  29. I think that's just a temporary placeholder date until it's release date is announced. I just checked my calendar and realized that the 1st March 2011 is on the Tuesday, and it would be very unlike Nintendo of Europe (or at least UK) to not release it on a Friday. The only days that it could be released if Nintendo will keep their promise of a March release is the 4th, 11th, 18th or the 25th, my guess is the 18th however, if I were to guess a later date that would make sense for them to release it, it would be the 8th April since that's when most students in the UK break up for Easter.

    To be honest I prefer the Friday releases, because then you have something to look forward to get after a weeks worth of school or work and you'll be able to play around with it for the weekend 😀

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that HMV have already started preorders, however thay haven't given a date as of yet

    • Evil Lemons says:

      I like your thought behind it – the DSi was released when most people got off for the Easter holidays. Only thing is that Nintendo have confirmed that it will be released BEFORE the 31st of March, so can't be 8th of April, but to be honest I think it would have made more sense for them to release it then so as to get more sales, build up hype, etc… I am buying mine anyway, but keeping it unplayed until after my GCSE's! Lol 😀 I know I would not revise for them enough if I started to play it hehe 😮

  30. FTE says:

    I'm happy but stunned. I hope this is true. Sounds so wrong.

  31. Arham says:

    thanks for the info

  32. ahmed says:

    even game website has quoted the date as the 1st of march

  33. SoulSilver IV says:

    I was surprised to get that text through, so I will definitely get a 3DS preordered somewhere shortly.

    The other thing of interest is that the 1st March is a Tuesday, and traditionally software and hardware is released on Fridays. It’s not unheard of to get games launched during the week, but I’ve never seen a Nintendo game/system launched on a day other than Friday. =/

  34. Tyler says:

    It doesnt matter to me anyway because here in the US i preordered my 3ds at gamestop 3 weeks ago.

  35. MSSoulBlader says:

    Ohhh it’s too soon I don’t have enough money yet!!!!

  36. DinoMan13 says:

    Well, looks like it might be sooner than we think!

  37. sephiroxas says:

    Man, sick one day and I miss all of this!! This shapes up to be awesome!! Now the first march is declared to be gaming revolution day!! lol

  38. carlicool says:

    Why is there written that you´re able to watch 3D-Movies in HD ?
    Is that true ???

  39. Joseph says:

    Nice, i'm going GAME tommorow since it's the closest to my house.

  40. Heldjunior says:

    Dont get to excited…Because this could also be a release data the shop wants…

  41. DekuLink says:

    It’s funny about these release dates… The store I almost always buy games from (‘cus it’s cheapest) made it available for preorder right after it was announced this spring…

  42. Car says:


  43. chris says:

    Will that be the same for ireland pre order?

  44. Videonerdrage says:

    That announcement poster sure likes its lies. "Ability to play HD 3D movies!"? Really, those people. It should be obvious enough that 400×240 is below 1280×720. Even if you add the touchscreen's resolution, you wouldn't even get full SD.

  45. Aaron says:

    let it be true please!

  46. james braselton says:

    hi there yes nintendo 3ds will play true 3d hd movies becuase nintendo says soo then you have doopyx also confirmes 3d hd movies and i got a aiptek i2 3d hd camcorder for christamx at 2.4 inches 3d paralax berrier screen with a resolution of 480 by 240 wich is a true 3d 720 p hd there is 320 i 320 p 480 p 720 i 720 p 1024 sorry i have a true 3d hd camcorder with less resolution then nintendo 3ds only cost $199 soo i will have 3d videos and pictuers for 3 months before any one gets 3ds

  47. @mrlakitu says:

    The release just says 2011 on the gamestation website now…

  48. 3dsaddict says:

    hey New Zealand gets the new day first so if it gets released internationally at the same time then im getting it first!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  49. ziggy says:

    I doubt it will be in the UK by that date. But I sincerely hope it will 🙂

    • Maraisa says:

      This is great reporting. This is the kind of contumimy reporting we need. Keep it coming!Of course there will always be other stories to report, but I applaud this well-written, informative account of an issue that is close to home for us who live in the contumimy

  50. Tutan says:

    Yeah this is definitely a Gamestation poster because when I pre-ordered my Nintendo 3ds I saw these posters everywhere.

  51. Kelysson says:

    Gawd some of those greeting cards are so distusging they would be perfect for a lot of people I have unfortunately known. I am glad no one is really pissing me off now but I have bookmarked you in case things change! The burning bridges cards are beautiful.

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