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Square-Enix Revamping Original Dragon Quest Monsters for 3DS

Originally known in the West as Dragon Warrior Monsters, we’ve got a refreshed edition of the GameBoy classic with new critters and new features hitting 3DS in 2012!

Ah, Dragon Quest. The grandaddy of JRPGs, rife with puns and peculiarity, yet also finely honed with cool classes and strategic turn-based battles. Western exposure to the franchise to any meaningful degree has been quite rare until recently, but with releases like Dragon Quest IX and the upcoming Wii game with a surprising gameplay twist, it would seem Square-Enix is happy to share the goodness on a global basis.

It’s therefore Slime-tinglingly good news to discover that one of the original spinoffs from the series, the Pokemon-esque Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland, has been announced by Square-Enix to be seeing a new lease of life on the handheld perpetual-splendour-device that is the 3DS.

Dragion Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D


Revealed by Andriasang, details are thin on the ground regarding the revamp, including whether or not it’ll head to our hemispheres. It’s unknown how much of the game, originally a GameBoy Color release, will be altered, what if any 3D effects can be expected, or even if the original sprite-based art will be retained, or instead refreshed with polygons.

What definitely is made clear is that this rerelease of the 1998 game will see new features added. With the DS recently seeing Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional in Japan, it would seem all the monsters from that new game will be lovingly crammed into Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D.

Not just this, but all-new creatures are said to be included, as well as storyline elements that weren’t in the initial release. The game is vaguely scheduled to release some time in 2012, which would be infuriating were there not oodles of other things to be keeping us busy just around the corner.

A brief recap for those not familiar with the franchise; Dragon Quest Monsters games are handheld Pokemon-like monster-battling critter-collect-’em-ups, bolstered by legions of beasties from the Dragon Quest franchise and with the ability to blend creatures together to form even more powerful brutes. Several instalments of the series are available, including on DS, and they’re often considered worthy counterparts to the Pokemon franchise.

Hopefully we can all experience this for ourselves if the game makes its way beyond its homeland. Don’t let us down, Square-Enix!

By on 18 September 2011
Salubriously silly indie-novelist Tony likes Nintendo, doodling cartoons and various rambunctious shenanigans. His handheld of choice is the Cosmo Black 3DS, he tweets nonsense over on @HeyTonyOfficial, and a Norwich coffee shop has named a sandwich after him.

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  1. Rok says:


    This in one of my favorite games of all time.
    FUUUUUU229&*#^$*($&(*$()@#)@# I want this nowwwwwwww

  2. Joseph says:

    More remakes…

  3. pasta power! says:

    The kid on the article picture looks like a cabbage patch kid O_O

  4. akellyz says:

    we need new games,no more remakes , where r the new ideas?

  5. pasta power! says:


    I know? Right? I get it, some people flip out when their favorite game gets 3D and portability, but a new game would be nice. Super Mario 3D Land is like the only 3DS game thats not so much of a port from the mario series, but games like pokemon rumble blast, Sonic generations OOT 3D and Starfox 64 3D are a lot like other games in the series. I’m not saying these games are bad, they are actually amazing, it would just be nice to have something fresh for the 3DS.

  6. artum says:

    i never play him end will be nice to see remek so…come-on!

  7. Rok says:

    What’s wrong with remakes? most people that own a 3DS today didn’t play most of them,
    It’s been so long since people played these games that it doesn’t matter that they are remakes. most of then anyway.
    Don’t tell me that you actually remember every single game you played as a kid, and by remember, I mean to a level that playing a remake makes you feel like you play the same thing over again.

  8. Jon says:

    @akellyz and pasta power!
    Well, Rumble Blast is a bit like its Wii predecessor – but those two games are absolutely nothing like the rest of the Pokemon series, and Blast is actually a lot bigger (and, I think, a lot better) than the first one.
    If you’re looking for new content, Nintendo’s pre-TGS show had a ton of stuff for you – sure, there’s no official news of any of it coming to America, but that’s very likely for some of the games.
    Meanwhile, Level-5 is having their Vision event next month, where they’ll be showing Time Travelers and Layton vs. Ace Attorney, among other things, two completely new and “out-there” games for the 3DS.

  9. shawn says:

    WO! 8 bit to 128 bit LoL

  10. Peter says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite handheld game of ALL TIME!! Please localize this game Squeenix!!!!

  11. Grort says:

    Bless Square-Enix! Two Dragon Quest spin-offs for 3DS! That means 3DS will be able to play loads of Dragon Quests: Dragon Quest IX, IV, V, VI (All four are DS) , Dragon Quest Wars (DSiWare/Eshop), Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3 (3DS) and now this! That’s 7 Dragon Quests compatible with 3DS!!!! Brilliant

  12. pasta power! says:


    I know, I know. I am well aware that pokemon games and rumble games are very different brawler games, unlike other pokemon games. And I haven’t played some of these remakes, I was just saying some new game would be nice. Sorry that I sounded kind of….disrespectful. 🙁

    Plus, I loved starfox 64 3D and OOT 3D just as much as I will love new games. 🙂

  13. artdito says:

    to be honest dragon quest joker 2 was my dream of how to play pokemon in new gen and gold and silver remeks was awesome white pokewolker,white must have one to is standard

  14. Geonjaha says:

    DQM Joker games are nothing compared to these original ones. Cant wait for this. I really hope they retain the 2D Landscaping technique as opposed to the 3D view like in Joker. What I hope for even more is that this game comes to Europe, and that it does so before 2013 D:

  15. s-t-m says:

    Glad they are remaking this, I hated the fusion system of joker.

  16. Rose says:

    100% thrilled to see this pop up. I was looking for translations for dragon warrior monster 1+2 and then the other one that was never released to the western world when I stumbled across something talking about a remake. You have no idea just how excited I am to hear this. I cannot wait for it to come out, even if it never hits the western side someone will try and make a patch for it… though I’d like to just be able to buy the game personally <3 ^^ now least i can show people that this game was the game to play back in the day instead of most being like what was that?

  17. Lucia says:

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